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Investors Line Up For Education Tech Company EverFi

EverFi - Education Tech Software

Some startups have problems attracting investors. While other startups are all too eager to go public, even before they have shown their true worth. And then there is EverFi – a bold, digital startup which aims to further education technology. What makes this Washington, D.C. based Saas education tech company unique is that it is not in the business in order to go public. So far, it also has no ...

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Technology Is Key To Reducing Education Costs

Tech to help reduce education costs

An Irish lecturer and online learning program manager is proposing a bold and unconventional solution to rising higher education costs: strengthen distance and work-based learning courses. In an Irish Times report, Brian Mulligan of Ireland’s Centre for Online Learning at Institute of Technology based in Sligo says technology is essential in reducing education costs and keeping the population educated. For example, at the world’s first non-profit, online university called University ...

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Global Key Rail Projects – Not Just Hyperloop!

Rail Projects - Transportation

2017 and beyond is set to be an important year for transportation, not just on land but also air and water. However, one avenue of transport that interests us the most is rail. Amid news that construction of the first Hyperloop project has begun in Toulouse, France, and other locations around the world are set to follow suit, below are a few of the latest innovative rail projects cropping up ...

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St. Louis Airport Gets Privatization Clearance: DOT looks to Unleash Private Capital for Infrastructure

image of st. louis airport green sign

In what may be an important signal about how $1 trillion of infrastructure spending will be financed and implemented,  the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today has given the city of St. Louis the go-ahead to explore selling the city-owned airport to private owners in a Public-Private Partnership (P3). The airport badly needs modernization and upgrades yet funding has been stalled from governmental sources.  Estimates of the financial investment were ...

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Preparing Healthcare Workforce for Tech Advancements

Technology training for healthcare workers

The healthcare industry needs to embrace technological change. New technologies are being integrated into processes across the industry and at all levels, making it vital for the healthcare workforce to learn how to use them. The training of workers needs to keep up with these rapid technological advancements. The workforce must be educated to use technology that administers care, empowers patients, and uses shared data to improve the provision of ...

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Corporate Bond Markets Start Using Digitization Tools

Digitization of trading - corporate bond markets

Stock markets have been using automated trading tools for a long time now. Nowadays, the digitization of these programs buy and sell more stocks on their own and without any human intervention, than human initiated sales. Even with the successful implementation of automated sales programs for the stock market, these bold tools have not been implemented as much in bond trading. According to The Economist, one reason why automated trading ...

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Utility-scale Renewable Energy Gains Traction In The US

Utility-scale Renewable Energy Gains Traction In The US

Many businesses are looking to commit to buying renewable energy. Starbucks, Microsoft and REI are a handful of companies making commitments to using solar and wind energy to drive their operations if only there were better access to it.

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Digital Printing Takes Packaging Design To A New Level

Digital Printing Takes Packaging Design To New Level

In a world full of distractions, getting a product noticed can be a big problem for a marketer. Bold, vibrant and eye-popping print, photo-realistic graphics coupled with frequent design changes, keep the packaging and message fresh and are more necessary than ever if a product is to stand out among the competition. Using traditional printing methods, such an undertaking can be very expensive and downright unfeasible for smaller companies, which is ...

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Fighting Bank Fraud With Biometrics And AI

image of a secure payment login on a woman's laptop

Online bank fraud has increased ten-fold over recent years. The number of hackers and fraudsters targeting banks has risen sharply as the security measures put in place to protect people’s accounts aren’t matching the speed in which computer geniuses can gain access. According to internationalbanker.com, online fraud is costing banks $15 billion each year, outlined in the 2016 Javelin Identity Fraud Study. In 2015, there were 13.1 million instances of ...

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Mobile Phone Security Questioned As Google Finds Another Vulnerability

Detecting vulnerabilities in mobile phone security

In another case that highlights the importance of mobile phone security, Google’s Project Zero has found a chip vulnerability in a commonly used Wi-Fi chip in Android and iOS devices, Digital Trends reported. Built by Broadcom, the Wi-Fi Full MAC chips are used by mobile devices for Wi-Fi communications. The Wi-Fi tasks on cellphones are usually offloaded to such chips in order to save on battery life. Unfortunately, there is ...

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