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Disney to Pull Content from Netflix

Tablet with Disney streaming video on it.

Netflix has been around for 20 years in the entertainment industry. It delivers video-on-demand and streaming media in various forms, primarily online, but they still have a legacy DVD rental service. At this time, Netflix has become the de facto leader when it comes to streaming services. But now, a much bigger player wants to do the same. Walt Disney Company hardly needs introduction, there is scarcely anyone alive who ...

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Microsoft Upends Legal Billing

Microsoft, gavel, money

Lawyers charge their clients using a very common method called “billable hours.” For more than a decade, many companies have battled to eliminate billable hours. The method is prone to abuse, ineffective, and makes it difficult if not impossible to plan expenses. Now, different corporations have discovered alternative methods of tracking services, such as retainer services and fixed-fee, in order to cope with paying lawyers. Microsoft Corporation wants to depart ...

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Fashion War: Gucci Counters Forever 21 Lawsuit Over Trademarked Stripes

Gucci Storefront in Hong Kong

Italian luxury brand Gucci filed a lawsuit against American fashion chain Forever 21 over an alleged copyright issue concerning Gucci’s trademark stripes. This is not the first time the American fashion retailer has tangled legally with the Gucci brand. This latest battle includes Gucci filing a motion to dismiss Forever 21’s earlier lawsuit completely. In a copy of Gucci’s filing for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and unfair competition, it was ...

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Hospitality Industry Embraces AI

People at hotel pool

Hoteliers and restaurateurs must strike a balance between giving great service for all the customers with exceptional attention to small details. The rooms may be all the same, but the guests expect that service customized to their needs. That’s why Hospitality is a prime example of an industry which should make good use of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It has a steady stream of available information about individual ...

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Drones Boost Security for President

Black drone in blue sky.

When people hear the word ‘drone’, what comes to mind is that it is revolutionary. The impact of a drone in people’s everyday lives has blossomed over the years. Drone technology has exceeded expectations, from taking bizarre selfies to spying on others. Now, the industry of unmanned aerial vehicles is starting to realize practical uses like securing and saving lives. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is deemed ...

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Nederland, CO, Going 100% Renewable

Mountain town and lake

The quiet town of Nederland, Colorado, with roughly a couple thousand residents, has committed to a bold action that presents a competitive challenge to the rest of the state, as well as the US – maybe even the world. They’re aiming for 100% renewable energy use by the year 2025. It may be just one little town, but if this bold action is successful, it could have bold impact across ...

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FDA Offers Pre-Certification for Digital Health Technologies

FDA Approved stamp

Government is full of regulations for private companies to comply with. These regulations are meant to sift through all the companies which want to do business with the government. Among other things, there are accreditation procedures, which private companies have to follow and/or comply with. This is good for the government as it can expect private firms to deliver on time and within the budget. However, one problem with certification ...

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Facebook Fights Fake News

smartphone screen with Fake News banner

Most people receive at least some form of news from their Facebook feed. That’s great, because it can be posted, read and shared very quickly. Unfortunately, misinformation, also spreads rapidly through the platform. Due to this ongoing problem, Facebook will now employ a team of fact checkers to search for fake news, and publish their findings online. This bold move is a response from the social media site after it ...

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Los Angeles Uses ‘Smart Boot’ Technology To Collect Unpaid Parking Fines and Fees

car boot on a tire

The city of Los Angeles hopes to collect more than $21 million in fines and fees for illegal parking and other traffic violations. The city hopes to accomplish this with the help of a new ‘Smart Boot’ car locking technology. The city originally stopped using car boots back in 2009, replacing them with traditional car towing services. The technology consists of a car boot which can be unlocked with the ...

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Britain to Ban Sale of All Gas and Diesel

View of the London Skyline

Nitrogen oxide is the global warming culprit that has been ignored by many, unfortunately, for a very long time. This element has led to huge costs to both the environment as well as human health. People who have been exposed to nitrogen oxides for a long period time may experience respiratory issues, lessening their lung function and limiting an active lifestyle. Reducing human exposure to nitrogen oxide is a bold ...

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