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Knee Arthritis, Huge Increase in US

physical therapist manipulates patient's knee

While weight and age are both factors in knee arthritis, researchers believe there must be something more in the modern lifestyle to account for the huge increase in the past few generations. According to official figures, the prevalence of the condition has more than doubled since the 1940s. Discovering the cause of the arthritis increase can have a bold impact on the quality of life of many people, in addition ...

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Hyperloop on Track to Reach Objectives in Test

futuristic train in town.

The Hyperloop One proved that it is making headway during its second test, in an effort to quickly become a reality. This time, the 28 foot long test pod traveled the 500 meter track and reached a top speed of 192 mph. Achieving over 3.5 times more horsepower than the May 2017 test. The theory behind the Hyperloop was first discussed during the 1970s. The idea was to have a ...

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Self-Driving Car Tested in Cross-Country Road Trip

Driver with hands off wheel of car.

A few years ago self-driving cars were just a daydream, but they’re now being tested on the nation’s roadways. Google, together with the help of individuals from Carnegie Mellon and teams from Stanford, have done great things to propel the industry of self-driving cars forward. Now, many companies have stepped into the lime light and ventured into the autonomous car industry. One specific company is Torc Robotics. The Blacksburg, Virginia ...

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Digital Tech for Mental Health Development Is Slow

brain illustration on surreal background.

In the great health care debates, mental health is often one of the first items to be cut. The uncertainty has led to a situation in which there has been relatively little innovation and modernization over the years. Yet, it is a field in which technology could be hugely helpful, saving cost and improving lives. Many of the bold ideas that could impact mental health are already used in other ...

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Pods; Cure to Traffic Jams

aerial view of Dubai roads where driverless cars will be tested

An innovative new start-up from the Middle East is set to go global with its driverless electric pods after receiving a $350 million cash injection from investors. Experts are hailing the designs, produced in collaboration with a Californian-based firm, as the answer to traffic congestion. This is a bold idea that could change transportation not only in the Middle East, but every major city across the world. Founded in 2012, ...

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Edovo Tackles Prison Education

Prisoners with tablets prefilled with education materials

Getting former inmates back on track after being in prison for years has always been a big problem. Lacking marketable skills, it’s often difficult for ex-convicts to get jobs that allow them to support themselves and their families. They are generally prohibited from receiving any sort of welfare benefits or student loans, so they are often left with very few options. A startling amount end up back in jail. Evanston, ...

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Murder Rate Reduced by Police Tech?

map with overlay showing predicted crime areas

Is it Minority Report, or a Practical Solution? The Chicago police department has come up with a bold idea to fight crime by using a computer algorithm that can predict illegal activity. If successful, it could have huge impacts in cities across the country. Chicago’s South Side police headquarters installed a newly equipped control room where officers scan digital maps to see where a crime is likely to happen next. ...

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Red-Tape Derails Hyperloop?

Hyperloop runs into red tape.

Elon Musk’s bold idea for a subsonic train may not be as far-fetched as it seems. The stuff of science fiction, surely; but in the end analysis, perhaps more science than fiction. In 1863 Jules Verne wrote a novel called “Paris in the 20th Century.” His projected 1960s setting described a dystopian future where culture lagged behind technological advances. Among the many technological wonders were internal combustion powered cars, powered ...

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Tool for Better Health; Honest Food Labels

Labels and questions mark

Food labeling is a great idea. Who can argue with it? Trouble is, tracking exactly what is in every package of mass produced and globally-sourced food is a challenge. It just wasn’t practical. Now new technology is taking action and bringing that good idea to shoppers everywhere. Food labels will become more important in the upcoming years. Soon, the food information itself will evolve as well. The future begins with ...

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Future Food, Grown in a Lab Near You?

petri dish under microscope contents could make plant protein

It has finally happened. Scientists produced food from thin air – quite literally! It’s a bold idea which could make high quality protein available worldwide for the first time since the modern era began. Researchers from Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. developed a method where electricity, along with carbon dioxide and microbes produced plant protein. The microbes were provided ...

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