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China Is Making History With Bold Infrastructure Plans

China infrastructure takes off

The Chinese government has launched an economic and geopolitical plan on a grand scale with its infrastructure ambitions. And it’s not just a plan anymore, the famed “One Belt, One Road” project has officially started being put into action by engineers, bankers and laborers all around the world. The project aims to extend China’s economic influence and connection with the global community. It is currently achieving this goal by investing ...

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Uber Takes Its Future To The Skies

Uber develops flying cars

Uber has bold plans to introduce flying cars by the year 2020. The vision of Uber was presented in Elevate Summit, which is an event that involves panelists and speakers who conduct research for the use of future airspace. General aviation companies such as Bell Helicopter, Pipistrel, Mooney, Embraer, and Aurora Flight Sciences have all announced their partnerships with Uber. “Flying cars have been promised for decades, but are arriving ...

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Cal Tech and Skylift Team Up on DARPA Challenge

SkyLift and Caltech on DARPA drone challenge

The Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT) Commissions Skylift Global for its Drone Projects DARPA’s Request: To develop a drone platform that could traverse an obstacle course at 60mph for 10 minutes. One more thing, this drone also had to carry 100 pounds. The test flights took place on Friday, May 12, 2017. California Institute of Technology, working with Skylift Global, successfully accomplished the mission, they ...

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Retailers Get To Know Customers With Unacast

50% of businesses use Proximity Marketing.

Unacast, a forward-thinking advertising firm based in New York, has been leaving bold impressions in the field of marketing. The startup business, founded by music streaming influencers Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette, is just in its third year, and has since been showing great promise. Unacast’s proximity-based advertising can help businesses be recognized by consumers in the real world. According to Thomas Walle, Co-Founder & CEO of Unacast, “There needs ...

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New Faux Meat Startups In San Francisco

Food startups go faux

There is a bold new food revolution starting in San Francisco, and this time it is almost all about protein. The sales in various animal protein products are worth about $200 billion in the United States alone but a new wave of faux meat products is on the horizon. On top of the race to deliver new plant-based protein production methods, there are also other factors which make this a ...

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Can ‘Batmobile’ Help NASA Win Space Race To Mars?

The ‘Batmobile' Help Win NASA The Space Race To Mars

Hidden deep within a secret cave somewhere in the United States (actually, the privately-run Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex), two brothers have been working hard to create a ‘Batmobile’ vehicle (actually, a full-size rover) capable of exploring Mars. Marc Parker and his brother Shaun have been working on the project since November 2016. Marc insists the rover isn’t funded by NASA, but is a collaboration between a privately-owned television network ...

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When Automation Can Actually Mean More Jobs

Automation and the modern workforce

The introduction of automation or artificial intelligence (Ai) in the early 90’s in the workplace was viewed with skepticism, fear and reticence, even labeling it as a destructive tool that will eventually cut down the need for employing ordinary workers in a conventional manufacturing setting, In late 2014, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking adamantly expressed his concerns in a forum about artificial intelligence, baring a more deep-seated, different reason: that automation, ...

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For Drone Businesses, Problem Solving Is The Key To The Future

Flexibility and drones

Creative Use of Off-the-Shelf Sensors and Robotics Gives Robosynthesis the Edge The drone business is attracting a huge amount of attention and business investment, as venture capital and technology companies scramble to capture a piece of a pie that is projected to be nearly $130 billion within a few short years. New technologies, like better batteries, sensors, and software platforms have opened the possibilities to a world of mobile robotics ...

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Thanks To AI The Future Of Education Is Personalization

AI allows education personalization

The rise of the machines is happening across industries and carries with it both benefits and concerns. What bold impact will artificial intelligence have on education? In recent interviews with Edtech Magazine and Smithsonian Magazine, Joseph Qualls, clinical assistant professor at the University of Idaho’s College of Engineering and AI expert, expresses his bold ideas on personalization in education through the use of artificial intelligence. AI has the potential to ...

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Calico, Google’s Secret Health Venture

Health venture - Google Calico

Four years after it started, there are still many questions revolving around Google’s startup health venture, Calico. It has guaranteed many great things like beating age growth but until now, there is no word about its latest development. The innovative approach of Google to venture on health gave people high hopes. At present time, the ambitious mission has stonewalled every information from their side. Calico is concentrated on comprehending aging ...

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