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Synthetic Biology – Pushing The Boundaries Of Healthcare

Synthetic Biology helping patients

Synthetic biology is at the forefront of developments in various important fields, healthcare being just one of these areas. This branch of science is expected to make a bold difference to medicine with on-going research in healthcare, projects in waste remediation, the life sciences, as well as the creation of specialty chemicals. Researchers believe that by pursuing advancements in this hybrid discipline, where they boldly redesign biological components and systems, ...

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The Kochs On Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration alternative - probation

Vikrant Reddy, senior research fellow at the Charles Koch Institute, is focusing public attention on the extremely high percentage of incarceration in the United States. America imprisons 700 out of every 100,000 citizens. Vikrant Reddy poses this bold suggestion: instead of throwing everyone in jail, why not hold them accountable by having them “supervised” by the community? In an exclusive interview with Bold Business, captured at the Impact Prisons 2017 ...

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Is Flexibility the Next Uber?

Is Flexibility the Next Uber?

Jay Walker isn’t one to think small. He founded Priceline, one of the earliest, most profitable and most disruptive digital companies of the entire internet era. He established a price busting consumer friendly commerce platform, at a time when 99% of us thought that a platform was a place where the speaker could stand.   So when Walker says he has identified an entirely new asset class, which he calls ...

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Trump Rolls Back Sustainability Regulations

Challenges of sustainability

In what many consider a time of political uncertainty, many proponents of sustainable development are asking if sustainability is sustainable under the Trump administration. But many opponents are taking the opportunity to state that sustainability itself is unstable as a concept, and pushing for the removal of environmental rules and regulations. Unsustainable Sustainability Since assuming office January 20, 2017, the Trump Administration has lost no time in corralling the Environmental Protection Agency ...

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AI Is On Its Way To True Superiority

AI advancing against humans - AlphaGo

AlphaGo, created by Google’s DeepMind team, has made a monumental step in positioning artificial intelligence (AI) against the human mind after defeating Lee Sedol, a professional Go player from South Korea. The software won the series against Sedol 4-1. The bold victory made it clear that AI development continues to advance and improve, and can now compete against the human mind. The contest between a man and a machine was ...

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The Power Of Private

PPP Infrastructure development - private investment

PPP Can Transform America The world is buzzing with the news that Saudi Arabia pledged to invest $20 billion in U.S. infrastructure. Since Donald Trump took over as President, he has repeatedly promised to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure projects across the nation. It is central to his plan to drastically reduce unemployment and jumpstart the U.S. economy. Yet, many have questioned where that $1 trillion will come from, particularly ...

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Worldwide Hacks Emphasize Need for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity need after recent cyber attacks

Recent ransomware attacks on hospitals in the United Kingdom have shown how vulnerable healthcare organizations are to cyber criminals. In the UK, hospitals are only just recovering from the recent hacks which eventually spread across 150 countries globally, highlighting a critical need for cybersecurity investment. Ransomware is fast-becoming a new internet-based way of making money for criminals. It locks down files on infected computers and hackers demand payment to restore ...

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Inequality In Healthcare Services Linked To Low Life Expectancy

Healthcare inequality leading to low life expectancy

The inequality of health care services and programs may be the culprit in the life expectancy rate for Americans. This was revealed in the study made by The National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (NRC/IOM).  Studies show that Americans are the least healthy among its European counterparts – even as the government spends more on healthcare programs. Further, the mortality rate among Americans due to diseases, accidents or injuries ...

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Artisan Gets Prison for Clean Air Act Violation

Clean Air Act - Environmental Regulations

The Clean Air Act dates from 1970, when many of America’s urban and manufacturing cities were struggling under a thick haze of smog. It wasn’t just ugly, smog had significant health and environmental effects. Since the passage of the Clean Air Act, which has been amended and strengthened several times, pollution levels of the six most common pollutants have been reduced 70%. It was a remarkable success, Americans enjoyed cleaner ...

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Education And Dignity Are Vital To Rehabilitation

Education in Prison to avoid recidivism

Prison Wise, Dollar Foolish – Prison Education is Not Just Humane, it is a Smart Money Move Too Sister Tesa, Opus Laureate and founder of the groundbreaking program, Hour Children, is a feisty advocate for prisoner rights. Tesa believes that humane treatment and education opportunities are vital for prisoners.   And it isn’t just because humane treatment is the bedrock of a just society. Prison conditions affect all of us. Countless ...

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