Bold Glance

Have a look at Bold Glance, a collection of short videos that provides you with a quick insight into one of our bold topics. Bold Glance gives you a glimpse into the latest stories of developing ideas, actions and impacts across industries. This fresh and current collection keeps you up-to-date with the newest technological developments, interesting and topical discoveries, for the CEOs, managers, and thought leaders of today. If you’re short on time, take a quick Bold Glance:

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Bold Glance: Food Fraud


Bold Glance looks at how private companies and concerned citizens are fighting back against food fraud, with new apps that make it easier..


Bold Glance: Will the Robots take your Job?


Will the robots take your job? For more than a hundred years, people have feared that robots would take their jobs. It hasn’t happened yet, and it isn’t likely to in the future.


Bold Glance: Bold Idea 30 Years in the Making Wins the Nobel Peace Prize


Watch the latest developments in nanotechnology and the 30-year journey of discovery that led to them.


Bold Glance: Are Driverless Trucks Going to Disrupt the Transportation Industry?


See how the use of driverless technology can be applied to trucks to revolutionize the transportation of goods.


Bold Glance: The Growing Market for 3D Printing


Learn about the growing market in applications for 3D printing from individualized functional products to the medical and aerospace industries.