Communications and Security

communications-and-securityBoth industries face great challenges with the accelerated growth of telecommunications, and increasing security threats that come from an ever-dependent society on connected technology. This domain has been selected by Bold Business due to the pervasiveness of communications technology across business and society in the form of interconnected networks, smart devices, the Internet of Things, and 4G/5G developments. Security is frequently mentioned in the news as the sheer number of breaches in recent years are costing businesses their money and reputation.

With the constant introduction of new technology, standards, policies, and increasing mergers and acquisitions, businesses are having to make bold decisions and evolve quickly or get left behind. In addition to government and competitive pressure, customers are demanding better service, better value and increased security. In recent news, the impact of these various pressures has led to major industry developments. The communications industry is witnessing ever bolder mergers for competitive advantage and the security industry is facing technological challenges to increasingly more sophisticated cyber threats.

What can organizations do in the communications and security industries to compete?

Recent developments in technology and market demand has led organizations to search for ways to provide greater value to their customers in a variety of ways. Many larger organizations are looking to stay competitive by investing in research and development and buying out smaller companies who have developed innovative technology to add to their portfolios. Communications and security companies are investing heavily in technology and talent to provide better services and greater security. The proliferation of smart devices, and IoT requires the communications industry and innovative enterprises to provide greater connectivity, while the security industry develops methods to mitigate any threats that these devices pose. Bold industry moves are leading to bolder technological innovations, including a rapidly changing market where organizations move quickly to stay current.

Chinese Achieve Quantum Teleportation!

A representation of probability clouds.

“Energize!” commands, Captain Kirk. The word is emblazoned in our minds from the early Start Trek series, to such an extent that one word can summarize our entire vision of what teleportation means, right down to the flashing lights as the body solidifies and Engineer Scotty works the levers with the agility of a surgeon. Of course, back then it was the stuff of science fiction. Now, it is cold ...

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Maritime Surveillance, Newest Task for Drones

Drone in the sky above fields.

From patrolling the streets to painting houses, drones have become the most innovative invention of the decade. Now, the drone industry steps on another milestone after a contract worth 77 million Euros was given to TEKEVER’s AR5 UAS. The sole purpose of the contract is for drone mapping and maritime surveillance. The announcement of the contract was made at the recent Paris Air Show. The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) ...

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No Battery Needed, Latest Cell Phone Tech

teens sitting together on the beach smiling

Imagine a cell phone that has no battery. That means no charging, no failures, no changing batteries. It makes cell phones more easy and reliable to use. It’s a great convenience for all of us in advanced countries. But the big pay-off is in poor countries and rural areas, which often lack reliable electricity. The lack of electricity cuts them off from the information age. A cell phone that can ...

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Safety Tech Construction Workers Need

Workplace accidents, which add up to close to 5,000 deaths a year in the US, may be minimized with more advanced and accurate tracking systems. A Pittsburgh-based startup has created a bold safety work boot said to be the first “self-charging, industrial wearable”. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry has the most workplace-related accidents per year. The cases were often caused by falls, electrocution, ...

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Building a Wall in Cyber Space

graphic of a wall for IT security.

In the modern world, technological warfare is becoming more and more common – both in military, private and commercial settings. Hackers wreak havoc on unprotected devices and as we continue to build technological advancements and integrations we correspondingly continue to increase our cyber security risk levels. Fortunately, a new approach has been developed to defend systems from cyber-attacks. Akin to putting up a wall in the physical world, the Software ...

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Ransomware, Bitcoin and Cyber Crime

Picture of a lock and chain for Ransomware, Bitcoin and Cyber Crime.

Ransomware, Bitcoin, and Cyber Crime have merged into a perfect virus. Modern day cyber criminals employ a new twist on a centuries-old crime. Rather than kidnapping and holding an individual for a ransom,  hackers are using ransomware to hold computer systems hostage and demanding payment in Bitcoin. WannaCry, the world’s first ransom worm, seems to be the most vicious and pervasive cyber attack to date. WannaCry’s ransomware has attacked businesses, governments, ...

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Hacking Threats to Watch in 2017

A screen shot of hacking threats.

Social engineering has become the new buzzword in the digital sphere. The tactic is used in more than 66% of all online hacking today and is becoming a major international problem. Hackers use social engineering as a form of deception to manipulate people into handing over their personal or confidential information so they can use it for fraudulent activities. Here, Bold Business highlights the main ways in which social engineering occurs ...

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China Bets Big on Face Detection

image of facial recognition software on a man's face

China, one of the richest and most innovative countries on Earth is unleashing the power of face detection. It is made possible partly because of their huge centralized database of ID card photos, allowing them to experiment with new measures like the process of face detection. But, it is also a result of the leap in high-tech development that has taken place over the past decade in China. Once an ...

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Worldwide Hacks Emphasize Need for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity need after recent cyber attacks

Recent ransomware attacks on hospitals in the United Kingdom have shown how vulnerable healthcare organizations are to cyber criminals. In the UK, hospitals are only just recovering from the recent hacks which eventually spread across 150 countries globally, highlighting a critical need for cybersecurity investment. Ransomware is fast-becoming a new internet-based way of making money for criminals. It locks down files on infected computers and hackers demand payment to restore ...

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Introducing Aura, A Bold DIY Security System

Home security system - sending alarms to smartphones

Aura, a high-tech home security system that is based in Waterloo, Ontario, is on its way to creating a bold name when it comes to the world of do-it-yourself security system. The smart-home tech is considered as a new player but has already grasped people’s attention. Cognitive Systems, the maker of the home security device, has revealed Aura during day one of the world’s largest, annual gathering of technology companies, ...

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