Communications and Security

communications-and-securityBoth industries face great challenges with the accelerated growth of telecommunications, and increasing security threats that come from an ever-dependent society on connected technology. This domain has been selected by Bold Business due to the pervasiveness of communications technology across business and society in the form of interconnected networks, smart devices, the Internet of Things, and 4G/5G developments. Security is frequently mentioned in the news as the sheer number of breaches in recent years are costing businesses their money and reputation.

With the constant introduction of new technology, standards, policies, and increasing mergers and acquisitions, businesses are having to make bold decisions and evolve quickly or get left behind. In addition to government and competitive pressure, customers are demanding better service, better value and increased security. In recent news, the impact of these various pressures has led to major industry developments. The communications industry is witnessing ever bolder mergers for competitive advantage and the security industry is facing technological challenges to increasingly more sophisticated cyber threats.

What can organizations do in the communications and security industries to compete?

Recent developments in technology and market demand has led organizations to search for ways to provide greater value to their customers in a variety of ways. Many larger organizations are looking to stay competitive by investing in research and development and buying out smaller companies who have developed innovative technology to add to their portfolios. Communications and security companies are investing heavily in technology and talent to provide better services and greater security. The proliferation of smart devices, and IoT requires the communications industry and innovative enterprises to provide greater connectivity, while the security industry develops methods to mitigate any threats that these devices pose. Bold industry moves are leading to bolder technological innovations, including a rapidly changing market where organizations move quickly to stay current.

Laser Tech Gets $17 Million for Defense

stylized female astronaut firing laser weapon

The US Defense Department is investing $17 million into high-tech laser technology that has the power to disrupt communication systems, destroy enemy drones and eliminate mortars. The energy lasers also provide the military with portable, less costly weapon options on the field. This bold idea may be an important asset to America’s defense capabilities and help improve military firepower in case of war. Senator Martin Heinrich, a member of the ...

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Blockchain for Pentagon Cybersecurity

futuristic chain links

The sophisticated blockchain technology behind bitcoin transactions could soon be adopted by the Pentagon to prevent cybercrime. According to News Factor, the online currency could be drafted by the Pentagon as a way to mask US military technology, communications and purchases. Analysts say that using blockchain could dramatically improve online security across the military which will prevent megahacks, tampering and cyberhijackings of aircraft, computer systems, vehicles or satellites. “Particularly alarming ...

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Drones Boost Security for President

Black drone in blue sky.

When people hear the word ‘drone’, what comes to mind is that it is revolutionary. The impact of a drone in people’s everyday lives has blossomed over the years. Drone technology has exceeded expectations, from taking bizarre selfies to spying on others. Now, the industry of unmanned aerial vehicles is starting to realize practical uses like securing and saving lives. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is deemed ...

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$1.5 Billion Drone Market, Eyed by GCC

Drone approaches Riyadh

The drone market is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2022. This has created an opening for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, colloquially known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), to secure a significant role in the advancements of drone technology. This presents the GCC massive opportunities for telecoms growth in the next five years, according to Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), a global consultant ...

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Censored Internet; Is China Really Pro-Business?

map of china with no VPN graphic overlay

When it comes to internet access and social media, China is not usually one to conform. Their world-famous Great Wall of China has a virtual counterpart, dubbed the Great Firewall, which is causing a lot of chaos locally as well as globally. With the country’s next major political gathering on the horizon, companies worldwide are wondering how yet another government crackdown on Virtual Private Networking (VPN), will affect businesses in ...

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Microdrones Complete BVLOS Test Flights

Drone flies over lake and mountains.

Drones have taken a giant leap from being a mere idea to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Drones give us the ability to see farther, capture different kinds of data, and analyze that information in new ways. Sure, it was possible in the past to fly a plane over a farm field with infrared technology, but it was too expensive to be deployed for a typical farmer. Drones make this type ...

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Apple Patents Secret 911 Function

Apple has filed a patent securing a discreet way of calling 911 from a smartphone using fingerprint technology. This latest technological advancement will allow the user to call 911 by using a different fingerprint than what is used to open the device. According to USA Today, a sequence of touches or even a unique way of holding the handset can secretly activate a 911 call, which won’t light up the ...

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Food Fraud App First in China

Seafood on a platter

YPB Group, an Australian company, launched a bold anti-fraud technology which can help fight food counterfeiting. One of its main uses will be in checking the quality of olive oils for export to China. This is expected to become an industry standard for invisible tracking technology which can be used not only for food but for other products as well. PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) has revealed that olive oil, alcoholic beverages and ...

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Chinese Achieve Quantum Teleportation!

A representation of probability clouds.

“Energize!” commands, Captain Kirk. The word is emblazoned in our minds from the early Start Trek series, to such an extent that one word can summarize our entire vision of what teleportation means, right down to the flashing lights as the body solidifies and Engineer Scotty works the levers with the agility of a surgeon. Of course, back then it was the stuff of science fiction. Now, it is cold ...

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Maritime Surveillance, Newest Task for Drones

Drone in the sky above fields.

From patrolling the streets to painting houses, drones have become the most innovative invention of the decade. Now, the drone industry steps on another milestone after a contract worth 77 million Euros was given to TEKEVER’s AR5 UAS. The sole purpose of the contract is for drone mapping and maritime surveillance. The announcement of the contract was made at the recent Paris Air Show. The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) ...

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