Digital Transformation

Digital-TransformationTechnological developments are constantly challenging businesses to adopt and adapt to keep up with market demand and competitors. This domain was selected by Bold Business because of the wave of digital transformation that businesses are embracing either voluntarily or not to get left behind. The use of cloud-based applications and storage enables more access to tools at a cheaper cost, marketing automation systems, content management systems, databases, and numerous other technological developments to target a digitally savvy audience are increasing and becoming more sophisticated.

The digital transformation of businesses across industries sees executives and managers quick to engage with technology that will improve the performance and reach of their capabilities. This transformation comes with both great challenges and opportunities where organizations need to overcome legacy systems that are slowing them down in order to benefit from the increased productivity that comes from digital activities.

What does the digital age mean for businesses and for individuals?

Many businesses have spent recent years transitioning from traditional business methods to digital practices. Managers are looking at how to incorporate new technology into existing infrastructure and processes. Some managers are looking to either completely replace old models and fully embrace digital technology or to gradually introduce digital platforms and practices as an enhancement to their current systems and processes. Digital technology offers businesses the flexibility to choose how to modernize their operations and increase their market reach, while maintaining focus on security. The digital age will see bold innovation from enterprises looking to provide businesses with the latest and greatest capabilities and from businesses creating bold solutions to incorporate new technology into their systems, if not completely transform.

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Maryland Establishes UAV Test Center

graphic of an driverless car.

Autonomous technology is one of those news buzzwords that’s beginning to take hold in reality. In Cumberland, Maryland, an interstate agency is promoting an exciting new venture that involves building an autonomous technology testing center. The center will be used to test both driverless cars and drones. The Potomac Highlands Airport Authority, an interstate agency in West Virginia, has recently announced that they voted unanimously to fund half of a ...

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Apple Seeks Patent for AR Glasses

Man with augmented reality glasses

Apple has filed a patent to secure the rights to a new pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses. Designs outline how a pair of semi-transparent glasses, like a funky pair of reading glasses, can pair with a smartphone and transport the user into a virtual reality. According to Fox News, users will be able to walk around wearing the glasses while the technology will show information about an object when ...

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Google Launches SOS Alert Feature

Car wreck with emergency crew

Google has announced that it will include an SOS Alert feature on its popular Google Maps service providing users with accurate and timely notifications regarding nearby catastrophes. According to the Express, Google Maps will host up-to-date information about terrorist attacks, unfolding natural disasters, and other crisis within close proximity to the user. Handsets will receive regular updates from local authorities, news reports, emergency telephone numbers and other useful information to ...

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AI Dreams the Future

Chess board, door, space, human, futuristic surreal graphic.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been given its very own imagination by Google’s DeepMind. The London-based designers have created two distinct types of AI that use imagination to perform tasks and plan ahead. The team found that AIs with imagination perform much better than those without. DeepMind researchers outline their latest findings as “a new family of approaches for imagination-based planning.” According to MSN, researchers say imagination is crucial for ensuring ...

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Brandless; A Bold Move in E-Commerce

no brand tax sign.

“A good name is better than great riches.” It might be a cliché, but more often than not for companies large and small, it is a truth to live by. BrandlessTM is an e-commerce company that provides high-quality and essential, yet unbranded products. The company sells all their products for a whopping fixed price of only $3, a bold move that has cost-conscious consumers turning their heads. The start-up company ...

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Telepathy Hat? Silicon Valley Says Yes

Telepathy could become a reality within eight years, thanks to the brainchild of a former Google executive. Mary Lou Jepson has revealed she’s on the cusp of a significant breakthrough after creating a high-tech telepathic hat. According to CNBC, Jepson believes she will achieve the impossible by creating technology that will allow humans to communicate telepathically. Jepsen is highly regarded in the scientific community. She’s a former professor at MIT ...

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Create Your Own VR World with Google Blocks

Guy with Oculus Rift and VR worlds.

It will soon be possible to build your own world. Blocks, a new virtual reality (VR) app developed by Google, will allow users to immerse themselves within a 3D existence. Google claims they have created the commercial answer to a working knowledge of 3D modeling software. It doesn’t take a computer genius to use Blocks, it’s made with the everyday user in mind. Creators have developed six simple functions: Stroke, ...

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AI Charts the Retail of the Future

A store with a computer screen showing products highlighted.

The AI-Enhanced Shopping Experience Investors and retailers are betting that the more pleasant and personalized the shopping experience, the more likely the consumer will buy. And that is what merchants and investors want—happy shoppers busily buying—keeping those goods and services flowing. Enter artificial intelligence (AI). Investors are already betting big on AI startups, $4.9 billion in 2016.  This year, a good chunk of investment is going towards startup technology to ...

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Robots Take Over China

Row of robots in front of China map.

China has gone all in, embracing robot technology in place of human workers. Never mind the initial investment, businessmen here are looking at the long term benefits: higher productivity, output, and of course, profit. Bloomberg recently reported on China’s expanding robotics revolution. Robots which replace factory workers cost a hefty 40,000 yuan ($5,850) each, but factory owners are more than willing to invest in machines which can do the work ...

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Better Sports Tech With Houston Astros

batter from houston atsro swings a sports tech bat equipped with the blast motion

Professional athletes are embracing the digital transformation. Tech is now being used in sports for a whole lot more than stats. In the past, bold innovations and tech equipment were just used to mine through big data generated by sports games.  Now, however, there are a plethora of sensors and monitoring equipment coming onto the sports tech scene. They are all designed to analyze and improve athletic performance. In Major League ...

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