Food and Nutrition

sustainable-farmingWith the population of the world growing at a rapid pace with estimates indicating a number of 8.5 billion by 2030, food is an ever-more crucial issue. This domain was selected by Bold Business to highlight the juxtaposition of the necessity for efficient food production in developing countries, versus the over-consumption of food in western countries causing health problems.

In developing countries the question is often, how can we produce more? In more economically developed countries the question is related to nutrition, more specifically how do we eat more nutritious food and not over-consume? The dilemma of food production is developing countries has led to bold and innovative ideas in sustainable farming, technology to increase efficiency and yields, dry farming to overcome water shortage, diversification to grow more kinds of crops. Bold companies look to help solve world hunger by using technology and simple methods over complicated solutions to satisfy a growing population.

How can we produce enough food and improve awareness of nutritional education for better health?

In more economically developed countries, issues surrounding food tend to cover quality and waste. The importance of education on the nutritional value of food will have a bold impact on health, quality of life and the healthcare system. By looking towards technological innovations, or even exploring simple solutions such as more widespread education, will lead to concerted efforts around decreasing food waste, which will in turn have big, bold positive impacts on society.

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Cargill Partnerships, Changing the World Through Business

a live salmon fish

Since 1865, Cargill Incorporated has been one of the leaders in food, health, financial risk management, electricity and gas, crops and livestock. The Minneapolis-based corporation is a privately held global company with a worldwide portfolio. A $40 million in investment in research and development is yielding big results. In the 2017 annual report, the company highlighted their recent successes and forward-looking opportunities.  The Minneapolis-based company made particular note of their ...

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Bezos Wants to Ditch the Fridge

Jeff Bezos kicks fridge off a roof cartoon

Amazon is making a bold move in the food delivery industry. Their latest acquisition is a food technology which allows food to be sterilized quickly using pressurized water and microwave heating. The food retains its flavor and nutrients and can be kept on the shelf for up to a year. The bold technology would be a perfect fit for Amazon’s food delivery model. The food can be prepared and on ...

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Insect Burgers Hot in Switzerland

Switzerland is set to become the first European country to sell mealworms as a food source in major supermarkets after their food safety laws were changed. These regulatory amendments are needed, as developing alternative food sources continues to be a critical problem in sustaining the ever growing population. Coop, the country’s second largest supermarket chain, has announced that it will start selling insect burgers for human consumption this month. The ...

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Yale Students Impact Food Business

Waitress holds full plates next to Yale motto

Fresh, affordable and healthy food options are at the center of several recent start-ups that have one other thing in common. Their founders are either current students or alumni of Yale University. Their companies are in sync with their generation’s trend towards health-conscious foods. They also are showing they have an eye for healthy profits. The  health and wellness market is predicted to be the next trillion-dollar industry. Healthy eating, ...

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USDA Turns to Private Sector to Make Impact

salmon and healthy food with USDA symbol

Government research institutions developed a great deal of cutting edge technology (like the Internet and satellites) over the years. But government researchers know that good ideas are not enough. Ideas that sit on the shelf, because real people aren’t aware of them and there is no one to distribute those great ideas, are wasted opportunities. These days, even the USDA is aware of the fact that it takes private business ...

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Tool for Better Health; Honest Food Labels

Labels and questions mark

Food labeling is a great idea. Who can argue with it? Trouble is, tracking exactly what is in every package of mass produced and globally-sourced food is a challenge. It just wasn’t practical. Now new technology is taking action and bringing that good idea to shoppers everywhere. Food labels will become more important in the upcoming years. Soon, the food information itself will evolve as well. The future begins with ...

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Future Food, Grown in a Lab Near You?

petri dish under microscope contents could make plant protein

It has finally happened. Scientists produced food from thin air – quite literally! It’s a bold idea which could make high quality protein available worldwide for the first time since the modern era began. Researchers from Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. developed a method where electricity, along with carbon dioxide and microbes produced plant protein. The microbes were provided ...

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Sugar Hurts Mental Health

Sugar under blue light.

Scientists discovered that sugar is bad for our long-term mental health. According to leading research, there is a strong link between poor mental health and sugar intake. Medical News Today states that sugar increases the risk of depression among men who consume significant amounts. Women are also at risk. Researchers from University College London in England, used a mathematical model to prove reverse causation, which showed that sugar can cause ...

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Whole Foods; Cashier-Less Terminals

Whole Foods storefront in New York City

Recently, Amazon bought Whole Foods, and even before the ink dried they have been receiving suggestions on how to run the wholly-owned subsidiary. Whole Food customers are used to innovation. Survey results released by ChargeItSpot show that Whole Foods customers are looking forward to the positive changes Amazon can bring. Before long those changes might include cashier-less checkouts. In late 2016, Amazon launched their first Amazon Go store. Although this ...

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Impossible Burger, Plant-Based Food Revolution

Diners eating a plant-based Impossible hamburger

The plant-based food revolution is firing away on all cylinders. The research has gone from the lab to the kitchen, and is now available in specialty stores and some high end restaurants. The goal is simple, and it is based on economics of food production, it is less expensive to raise plants than livestock. It is also being pushed by big name venture capitalists. Impossible Foods has stepped into the ...

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