Food and Nutrition

sustainable-farmingWith the population of the world growing at a rapid pace with estimates indicating a number of 8.5 billion by 2030, food is an ever-more crucial issue. This domain was selected by Bold Business to highlight the juxtaposition of the necessity for efficient food production in developing countries, versus the over-consumption of food in western countries causing health problems.

In developing countries the question is often, how can we produce more? In more economically developed countries the question is related to nutrition, more specifically how do we eat more nutritious food and not over-consume? The dilemma of food production is developing countries has led to bold and innovative ideas in sustainable farming, technology to increase efficiency and yields, dry farming to overcome water shortage, diversification to grow more kinds of crops. Bold companies look to help solve world hunger by using technology and simple methods over complicated solutions to satisfy a growing population.

How can we produce enough food and improve awareness of nutritional education for better health?

In more economically developed countries, issues surrounding food tend to cover quality and waste. The importance of education on the nutritional value of food will have a bold impact on health, quality of life and the healthcare system. By looking towards technological innovations, or even exploring simple solutions such as more widespread education, will lead to concerted efforts around decreasing food waste, which will in turn have big, bold positive impacts on society.

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Big Six Food Trends

shopper buying organic food

Food trends go in and out of fashion just like the latest clothing lines. The success of a new food product isn’t always judged by how innovative and cutting-edge it is but by how popular it becomes. David Jago, Director of Innovation and Insight at Mintel International, says some of the most innovative products aren’t best-sellers, and in most cases, are short-lived. According to Food Business News, Jago and his ...

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Campbells Acquires Pacific, Organic Option

bowl of organic soup

One of America’s largest food brands, Campbell Soup Co. has purchased organic soup firm Pacific Foods for $700 million. Pacific Foods is renowned for producing organic soup, broths, meals, shelf-stable plant-based beverages and side dishes. Campbell’s will keep the Pacific branding, according to Food Business News. The acquisition, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions, signals the global consumer switch to healthier foods. The latest official figures state that ...

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Future of Food

Organic hydroponic farm

More than 7 billion people inhabit Earth. Because the population continues to rise, companies are searching for ways to provide the people of the world with the physical necessities they need to lead healthy fulfilling lives. A variety of organizations are gearing up for what the future may bring. Food is of course the big one. For over 200 years it has been accepted dogma that food production expands arithmetically ...

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Driverless Farm Vehicles and Vertical Planting

Illustration of vertical farming in future.

Showcase at the Farm Progress Show 2017 There is plenty to look forward to at the annual Farm Progress Show on August 29-31, 2017 at the Decatur-Macon County Fairground in Decatur, IL. Instead of showcasing the biggest pumpkin, or longest strand of string beans, the event tackles the big issues surrounding agriculture technology which include automation, driverless trucks, and non-traditional farming methods. Considered the largest outdoor farm event in the ...

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Probiotic Beer Has Arrived!

a photograph of different beers in various glass mugs

Healthy lifestyle meets craft beer; with the introduction of a brew containing live probiotics! Hallelujah, we all needed an excuse to drink more of the good stuff. The demand for beverages with probiotic strains has increased dramatically in recent years. It is fuelled by health awareness and by the widespread opinion that probiotics are a healthy addition to the diet. At the same time, craft beer and microbreweries have been ...

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Perfect Pizza with Robots – Zume Takes Off

A robot holds a pizza.

From the healthcare industry to medicine, robots are creating a stir. In the latest food news, they are now invading restaurants. Even the pizzeria is not safe. Zume developed a new robot to make the perfect pizza. Robots have slowly been invading the world of food prep for some time now, but the complications of working with ingredients that vary in size and shape, such as onions or bell peppers ...

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Clean Meats: When Meat is No Longer a Viable Option

a plate of fake beyond meat made from plants

Clean meat is a product cultured from a plant base. This is a bold and innovative method of producing meat without raising livestock. For all intents and purposes, when clean meat is harvested, cooked and served, it looks, feels, and tastes like real meat from animals grown on a farm. Good Food Institute is a leading research proponent on clean meat, as well as other plant-based alternatives for meat and ...

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Disruptive Food Technology Changes Shipping and Storage

Researchers from MIT are pushing the envelope of food technology with a bold new concept: shape-shifting pasta. These are flat sheets of gelatin and starch that can be programmed to turn into 3D shapes when introduced to water. Wen Wang, research co-author and member of Tangible Media Group, explains that there’s more to their project than just making pretty pasta shapes. Their “culinary performance art” is looking at ultimately reducing ...

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Urban Farms in China: Tech Provides Food Stability

Urban FArms Key food source in China

China’s pollution problem isn’t going to get solved anytime soon. Citizens believe that urban farms may be one part of the answer. Urban farms reduce damage to the nation’s ecosystem due to deadly carbon emissions. This has led local scientists to adopt bold and unconventional farming methods to secure the country’s food supply. In a country with close to 1.4 billion people, China’s agricultural scientists could soon be dependent on ...

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New Faux Meat Startups In San Francisco

Food startups go faux

There is a bold new food revolution starting in San Francisco, and this time it is almost all about protein. The sales in various animal protein products are worth about $200 billion in the United States alone but a new wave of faux meat products is on the horizon. On top of the race to deliver new plant-based protein production methods, there are also other factors which make this a ...

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