Human Achievement & Education

Human Achievement

The prospect of bold ideas becoming a reality through the innovative use of technology has never been more possible. Bold Business has selected this domain to highlight key breakthroughs by inventors, leaders, and experts who have persisted with their ideas to turn them into the Apple, Google, and Tesla of today. Paired together with human achievement is the need for greater investment in education, for example in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), in the humanities to continue to better understand people, and in vocational and apprenticeship schemes to cater for trades and professions lacking much needed talent.

In STEM for example, there is a growing number of talented scientists constantly researching and developing new ideas, making breakthroughs, applying for patents, creating prototypes, allying themselves with institutes and backers to increase commercial viability, and much more. Recent achievements include developments in robotics to help those with amputations, paralysis or disabilities. Advances in human achievement can involve how best to manage employees in a large workforce to ensure opportunity and equality for all, to grander ideas about the possibility of colonizing Mars. Whether it’s the day-to-day challenges that people seek to overcome or the loftier visions of alternative means to power the world, there are great, bold strides being taken in all directions.

Is there a limit to what humans can do?

Advances in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and robotics in particular show increasing interactions between technology and society to the point of being almost symbiotic. Such smart devices, systems and IoT are improving the way humans live, work and entertain themselves, and also asking bigger questions of what’s next for mankind. As the big issues of overpopulation get under way as well as the use of environmentally damaging sources of energy, wastage of food and water, there will be ample need for bold ideas and actions to create a better future for the next generation.

Undergraduate Research Deserves Respect

Researcher in laboratory

The power of undergraduate research in the development of science is underestimated, according to two leading professors. “Unfair biases lead to the undervaluation of the role of such research in the advancement of knowledge,” David S. Rovnyak and George C. Shields write. Inside Higher ED states that when people discuss undergraduate research, they tend to focus on the benefits for students, not what contributions the students make to help better ...

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Gravity Powered Electricity

A picture of an informatl settlement in AFrica without electricity.

Light for the Developing World Electricity is the critical form of energy for modern society. Everything relies on it, communications, information, entertainment, medicine, cooking and more. Yet, many people in the world still live in areas where they lack access to electricity. Without regular electricity, they lack basic lighting, or even the ability to power small electrical components like a cell phone, or a tablet. In these areas of the ...

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Atmocean: Fresh Drinking Water from the Sea

Waves breaking on rocks.

Serial entrepreneur, Phil Kithil, is very close to completing his bold invention: a system that creates fresh drinking water by harnessing wave power. Kithil’s company, Atmocean, Inc. has partnered with Reytek Corp. to create a system where seawater is forced by the pressure of waves onto the shore and desalinated without the use of any external energy source. There have been various methods for desalinating seawater, but this is the ...

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New Zealand Introduces Digital Tech Education

kid on a tablet in bed, with mathematical concepts surrounding him.

New Zealand is planning to use bold, offline methods to teach digital technology to children. According to Education Minister Nikki Kaye, a proposal for a new digital technology curriculum is aimed at building children’s computer fluency and skills. This would prepare them for jobs in a digital world. The new curriculum will include designing and developing digital outcomes and computational thinking. Designing and developing digital outcomes relates to the human ...

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AI-Driven Content Curation, A Netflix of Knowledge

Two heads with gears, sharing knowledge and content.

The internet has created an explosion of data and information. Although it seems that all of the information is new, what the internet has actually produced is a conduit for all kinds of information to be available to anyone who knows how to find it. The problem now is how to sift through all of that information to find data that is relevant to you. The internet age has brought ...

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Education Tech: Close the Digital Divide

People watching a webinair

Technology is dynamic and evolving, and this is especially true for education. There are three major shifts going on right now in the use of technology in education, and in particular the place of technology in the learning process. These changes are fundamental and completely changing the world of education. These bold education changes can be summarized as; shifts from delivery to exploration, from general solutions to personalized, and from access ...

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Charter Schools Score Big in New York 

boy stands in front of green chalk board at school

New York Success Academy The cause for charter schools and the privatization of American education recently scored a big victory with New York’s Success Academy (SA) winning the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. The award, which is handed out to charter networks in the US with the best academic outcomes for marginalized students, is tainted with irony – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has vocally opposed ...

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Private Research Funding: Masayoshi Son Makes History

A picture of Masayoshi Son and the Rising Sun.

Tech mogul, Masayoshi Son, has been making waves with his bold vision for the future. Like Elon Musk and other forward-thinkers, he’s designing and investing in a new world; one where people live to be 200 years old, communication is done telepathically and wired via information networks. Son is putting serious money in research, most especially in robotics, artificial intelligence, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). Reports say ...

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Impacting Education, Private Companies Step Up

Educational Technologies arranged in collage.

Ed Tech Education is an investment in human capital that is essential in the new knowledge economy. Companies and governments around the world are searching for ways to enhance education. The bold idea of ‘Educational Technology’ or Ed Tech is nothing new. The industry has been through some rough times since its inception, but with the current crisis in American education, there is renewed interest and investment. Ed Tech startups ...

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Big Rewards for College Entrepreneurs

College students discussing business

Over the past 50 years, a surprising number of successful companies have been created by college students who have yet to graduate. By combining creativity and determination and taking advantage of the resources available to them while in school, bold innovators have managed to scratch an itch consumers may not have known they had. In the process, these young entrepreneurs have made their fortunes. We look back to the 1970s ...

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