Smart cityThe importance of infrastructure on society is not lost on governments and enterprises with developments in smart systems for improving traffic flow, self-driving vehicles to benefit the individual driver but also the trucking industry, and technological advances in solar power made more commercially viable with improved designs. This domain was selected by Bold Business to bring attention to important developments in infrastructure as ways to improve access for both businesses and the individual.

The power of infrastructure to enable a society to progress is paramount, from well-maintained roads to electrical power systems, from the construction of more energy-efficient homes and commercial properties to the extension and improvement of sanitation and drainage systems.

How will existing infrastructure cope with incorporating new developments?

The challenge with extensive existing infrastructure is maintenance and deciding whether to improve the status quo or to completely overhaul in order to benefit from new designs. Of course, one is more immediately affordable than the other. In some ways, developing countries are able to benefit from expanding their infrastructure and networks in recent years using the latest technology, while more developed countries are beginning to be left behind with older infrastructure. The pace of development will see choices being made in the foreseeable future to invest in re-development in order to stay ahead.

Construction Disrupted by Digital Technologies

Futuristic city envisioned

The construction site of the future, envisioned by Balfour Beatty, looks like a scene from a science fiction movie. By 2050; robots are the builders, using yet to be discovered materials. Drones fly overhead monitoring building progress and gathering data. The data is analyzed in the cloud and instructions are sent to the machines to avoid problems and set the next steps in motion. Humans are still in the picture, ...

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Sustainable Roads, the Future Comes to Georgia

The Atlanta Skyeline from 85.

Imagine driving to and from work without hitting a single pothole. Well that possible future might be closer than you think. With many focused on ground-breaking car technology it is easy to disregard the highways themselves as having only a supporting role. However, one group is now at the forefront of a new innovation. ‘Superhighways’ boldly take a step into tomorrow with sustainable resources that can help cut infrastructure costs ...

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Rosatom Builds Nuclear Research Center in Vietnam

Palace in Hue Vietnam

The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM) is set to build Vietnam’s Centre for Nuclear Energy Science & Technology (CNEST). CNEST will have a nuclear reactor and a multiple-function cyclotron. Along with bold and modern nuclear facilities, the technology complex will also have a research and development laboratory. The development stemmed from an agreement between Vietnam and Russia signed in 2014. The research and development complex will be used for ...

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Network Technology Gets Boost from Carbon Black Tech

Representation of a nanocomposite

Monitoring micro fractures on airplane parts and checking the physical integrity of infrastructure has now become much easier and more accurate thanks to carbon black tech. Researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed a bold and innovative type of sensor based on nanocomposites. These can be used on flat or curved structural surfaces and networked to deliver data in real-time. It is a lightweight material with a low-cost ...

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Jamaica Explores Public Private Partnerships

Doctor in front of a Jamaican Flag.

Jamaica, like many countries, has a problem when it comes to housing for healthcare workers and other critical emergency personnel. The problem is that these careers generally offer a reasonable salary, but remains difficult to attract workers to regions that are very expensive, or very poor. And because of the front-line nature of emergency preparedness, healthcare workers are needed in every town, neighborhood and rural community. Even Jamaica is having ...

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P3 Can Solve U.S. Infrastructure Problems

Modern bridge in Slovakia

P3s are the hottest ticket there is when it comes to U.S. infrastructure funding. No other system offers the people of any country new and well-built infrastructure without those shiny new roads and bridges costing a dime. P3 is a great way to fund infrastructure that costs the public nothing and doesn’t create debt either. It seems like such a win-win situation, one wonders why the United States isn’t grabbing ...

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Private Investment Funds Technology & Infrastructure

Picture of digital devices and the cloud.

Trump’s first presidential trip abroad showcased a Saudi Arabian commitment to invest in $20 billion in a Blackstone investment fund targeting infrastructure projects. This investment shored-up the Trump campaign promise to “build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, seaports, and airports.” Private Investment Turns to Technology & Infrastructure The 2017 report from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives overall U.S. infrastructure a grade of D+. Writing ...

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P3 for Infrastructure Funding, Bob Poole Speaks Out

Highways system at night

In the United States, we are confronted with government failure and corruption on a daily basis. Infrastructure may be the most glaring example. You can’t leave your home without being confronted with bad roads in appalling repair, and government buildings are shoddy and poorly maintained. US airports? Don’t even go there.  The cost to repair and upgrade an entire nation in shambles is simply astronomical. The government does not have ...

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Privatize Air Traffic Control for Safer, Better Air Travel

Safer Travel will result from privatized Air Traffic Control

During a recent event in the White House, President Donald Trump signed a letter of initiative in order to privatize America’s air traffic control system. The bold idea is not new. In 1987, the Commission on Privatization of President Ronald Reagan identified air-traffic control as ready for outsourcing, but the said idea failed. Now, the Trump Administration is hoping that its proposal would be passed in Congress. Broken. Horrible. Antiquated. ...

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China Is Making History With Bold Infrastructure Plans

China infrastructure takes off

The Chinese government has launched an economic and geopolitical plan on a grand scale with its infrastructure ambitions. And it’s not just a plan anymore, the famed “One Belt, One Road” project has officially started being put into action by engineers, bankers and laborers all around the world. The project aims to extend China’s economic influence and connection with the global community. It is currently achieving this goal by investing ...

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