Law & Society

Law & society

The power of law reform to positively shape and impact society can be immense, but often slow to put in place. Bold Business has identified this domain to highlight current debates surrounding the law as in recent tax reform discussions, legal cases that have set precedents for numerous others, and developments in society from protests to civic action groups.

In one simple case, taking steps toward law reform in taxes to stimulate the economy is one of many areas where changes in the law could have significant impact. Others include changes in healthcare, education, social care, the economy, the environment, and virtually every aspect of society. The power of legal change can be great yet it is difficult to apply as there are usually vested interests in the status quo and an uncertainty as to where changes would lead. In addition to the power of law reform in society, is the power of education, whether to the curriculum, teaching, tools or processes. The introduction of technology in the classroom as a complement to learning and as a necessity for later life, has made the educational experience a varied one for young people who can now access more of the world at their fingertips.

Can changes to the law and the educational system be that impactful?

For example, changes in the law that guide how businesses and individuals approach taxes can greatly impact the economy. Too far one way, and businesses seek to go abroad, too far the other, and society does not receive its dues while businesses grow more successful. Law reform reflects the majority attitudes of society at the time and impact not only the economy but the every aspect of society including how we view the penal system. Considering the educational system, adapting to society’s embrace of technology is one way that education has changed in recent years. The most challenging issues that they face is not so much incorporating technology into the classroom but addressing the impact of technology on society and the relevance of material currently being taught compared to what future generations will need to know in the business world.

IBM Reverses Work-From-Home Policy

Woman on her porch with a laptop and No sign superimposed.

IBM’s plan to call its workers back to the office has created a lot of buzz. After all, IBM was an early adapter to the idea of remote work environments. The company isn’t issuing press releases titled “whoops, that wasn’t such a good idea” or “why office spaces were invented in the first place” which leaves workers and bystanders alike wondering what the big reasons are behind IBM’s about face. ...

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Thinking About Climate Change

farmer walking in grain mountains in disctance.

Climate change is big news and has many people concerned throughout the world. Even many businesses have begun to takes steps to be more environmentally sensitive and to take account of potential climate change in their plans. In this exclusive video for Bold Business, Oren Cass, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, shares his thoughts and conclusions about climate change. While he agrees that it is certainly a good thing for ...

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Drone Saves Lives, Detects Land Mines

Sign saying Danger Mines.

Landmines are a scourge of modern warfare. Even years after a military engagement, mines can continue to maim and kill civilians. New technology has been developed that can help to resolve this problem. Mine Warfare Rapid Assessment Capability (MIW RAC) is a bold new invention that can detect buried and submerged land mines. This device will be critical to saving soldiers’ lives as well as innocent civilians. MIW RAC is ...

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Suburban Crisis

A quiet suburban street.

There are a lot of advantages of living in suburban areas, such as having more space to roam around, experiencing nature, and living in peace and quiet. People often opt to live in suburbs rather than in cities. They want to feel a strong sense of community, safety, and quiet. But lately, the attributes that made suburban living the preference for most upwardly mobile families have come under attack. The ...

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Heathrow Airport Says Brexit Has “Positive Side Effects”

heathrow airport terminal in the UK

Despite economists predicting a “doom and gloom” outlook following Brexit, many international companies say it could have a positive effect on the economy and their businesses. One of those embracing this change is Heathrow airport’s largest shareholder, Rafael del Pino, president and chief of Ferrovial, the company that owns a 25% stake in the airport. He said Brexit may have “positive side effects” and stimulate growth through low-interest rates and ...

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Build a Bigger Budget Window for Economic Growth

Man builds a wider window while another looks on.

Donald Trump was sent to Washington for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was major tax reform. He promised to reduce income tax across the board, abolish the death tax, and do a complete overhaul of the system in order to make taxes simpler and fairer. One of the largest obstacles to implementing Trump’s tax reform through the budget reconciliation process is the arbitrary budget window put ...

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Ivanka Says Trump Has Bold Ideas

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Trump came to Washington to implement big change. Along the way, he has run into a few obstacles, notably the business as usual gang in the legislative branch and the permanent bureaucracy. But, according to his daughter and special assistant, Ivanka, The Donald has bold ideas for America, that will modernize government and boost the economy. Following are just a few of these ideas, that we at Bold believe would ...

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The Kochs On Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration alternative - probation

Vikrant Reddy, senior research fellow at the Charles Koch Institute, is focusing public attention on the extremely high percentage of incarceration in the United States. America imprisons 700 out of every 100,000 citizens. Vikrant Reddy poses this bold suggestion: instead of throwing everyone in jail, why not hold them accountable by having them “supervised” by the community? In an exclusive interview with Bold Business, captured at the Impact Prisons 2017 ...

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Artisan Gets Prison for Clean Air Act Violation

Clean Air Act - Environmental Regulations

The Clean Air Act dates from 1970, when many of America’s urban and manufacturing cities were struggling under a thick haze of smog. It wasn’t just ugly, smog had significant health and environmental effects. Since the passage of the Clean Air Act, which has been amended and strengthened several times, pollution levels of the six most common pollutants have been reduced 70%. It was a remarkable success, Americans enjoyed cleaner ...

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Education And Dignity Are Vital To Rehabilitation

Education in Prison to avoid recidivism

Prison Wise, Dollar Foolish – Prison Education is Not Just Humane, it is a Smart Money Move Too Sister Tesa, Opus Laureate and founder of the groundbreaking program, Hour Children, is a feisty advocate for prisoner rights. Tesa believes that humane treatment and education opportunities are vital for prisoners.   And it isn’t just because humane treatment is the bedrock of a just society. Prison conditions affect all of us. Countless ...

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