Law & Society

Law & society

The power of law reform to positively shape and impact society can be immense, but often slow to put in place. Bold Business has identified this domain to highlight current debates surrounding the law as in recent tax reform discussions, legal cases that have set precedents for numerous others, and developments in society from protests to civic action groups.

In one simple case, taking steps toward law reform in taxes to stimulate the economy is one of many areas where changes in the law could have significant impact. Others include changes in healthcare, education, social care, the economy, the environment, and virtually every aspect of society. The power of legal change can be great yet it is difficult to apply as there are usually vested interests in the status quo and an uncertainty as to where changes would lead. In addition to the power of law reform in society, is the power of education, whether to the curriculum, teaching, tools or processes. The introduction of technology in the classroom as a complement to learning and as a necessity for later life, has made the educational experience a varied one for young people who can now access more of the world at their fingertips.

Can changes to the law and the educational system be that impactful?

For example, changes in the law that guide how businesses and individuals approach taxes can greatly impact the economy. Too far one way, and businesses seek to go abroad, too far the other, and society does not receive its dues while businesses grow more successful. Law reform reflects the majority attitudes of society at the time and impact not only the economy but the every aspect of society including how we view the penal system. Considering the educational system, adapting to society’s embrace of technology is one way that education has changed in recent years. The most challenging issues that they face is not so much incorporating technology into the classroom but addressing the impact of technology on society and the relevance of material currently being taught compared to what future generations will need to know in the business world.

Reform the EPA, Oren Cass with Bold

Children holding a tiny tree and a tiny city in their hands.

Regulatory agencies like the EPA have a bad habit of trying to cure all the ills of the world through regulation. It’s like the old saw, if you give a guy a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Given this well-known dynamic, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that a group of bureaucratic regulators believe that the world needs a lot more regulations. Oren Cass, Senior Fellow at ...

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Energy Gets Regulatory Sandbox in Singapore

Solar-Powered Artificial Trees in Singapore

The tiny island nation of Singapore is set to form a regulatory sandbox where energy technologies and new business can be tested and refined before being launched to the public. The bold idea was proposed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) in the hopes of creating a “safe and conducive space” much like what was proposed and adapted in the United Kingdom. In February 2017, the UK’s Office of Gas ...

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LAPD Drone Program Sparks Public Debate

swat teams watches drone flight

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has once again proposed the use of drone technology via a one-year pilot program, despite public objections. Back in 2014, a pair of drones donated to the LAPD were stored away to an unknown fate due to several protests. Citizens of Los Angeles, many of whom were already concerned about aggressive police tactics, were concerned about using drones for surveillance. Seattle police experienced similar ...

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UN Debates Killer Robots

Robot threatening a little girl.

Experts from around the globe have come together to petition the United Nations to ban “killer robots”. According to the BBC, 116 leading robot experts have urged the UN to take action in order to prevent the development of killer fighting machines. In a letter to the international body, artificial intelligence (AI) creators, including Tesla’s Elon Musk, warn the organization of “a third revolution in warfare”. The experts state that ...

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Microsoft Upends Legal Billing

Microsoft, gavel, money

Lawyers charge their clients using a very common method called “billable hours.” For more than a decade, many companies have battled to eliminate billable hours. The method is prone to abuse, ineffective, and makes it difficult if not impossible to plan expenses. Now, different corporations have discovered alternative methods of tracking services, such as retainer services and fixed-fee, in order to cope with paying lawyers. Microsoft Corporation wants to depart ...

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Fashion War: Gucci Counters Forever 21 Lawsuit Over Trademarked Stripes

Gucci Storefront in Hong Kong

Italian luxury brand Gucci filed a lawsuit against American fashion chain Forever 21 over an alleged copyright issue concerning Gucci’s trademark stripes. This is not the first time the American fashion retailer has tangled legally with the Gucci brand. This latest battle includes Gucci filing a motion to dismiss Forever 21’s earlier lawsuit completely. In a copy of Gucci’s filing for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and unfair competition, it was ...

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China-Saudi Deal to Break Petrodollar Lock

Xi and Trump play tug of war with Salman

Saudi Arabia may partly fund itself with help from China, a senior Saudi official said in a statement Thursday, August 24. The oil-rich country is considering getting help via Chinese yuan funds, thus increasing the possibility of the two global powers forging closer financial ties. This bold idea came in light of Saudi’s recent budget deficit, as the country has already started borrowing billions of dollars abroad in the last ...

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FDA Offers Pre-Certification for Digital Health Technologies

FDA Approved stamp

Government is full of regulations for private companies to comply with. These regulations are meant to sift through all the companies which want to do business with the government. Among other things, there are accreditation procedures, which private companies have to follow and/or comply with. This is good for the government as it can expect private firms to deliver on time and within the budget. However, one problem with certification ...

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Making a Mess of Law; Congress Fails in Duty

Capitol Hill at night

In an exclusive interview with Bold Business, James Copland, Director of Legal Policy, Manhattan Institute, says that the key to legal reform in the United States is to scale back the federal regulatory state and give power back to Congress and the people. He states that a bold idea to tackle this regulatory overreach is to “return law-making to the Congress.” Copland claims that Congress today, “writes broad, open-ended statutes” and ...

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Murder Rate Reduced by Police Tech?

map with overlay showing predicted crime areas

Is it Minority Report, or a Practical Solution? The Chicago police department has come up with a bold idea to fight crime by using a computer algorithm that can predict illegal activity. If successful, it could have huge impacts in cities across the country. Chicago’s South Side police headquarters installed a newly equipped control room where officers scan digital maps to see where a crime is likely to happen next. ...

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