The transportation industry is adapting to a technological storm of development with smart devices installed in cars operating GPS and a number of other features to enable connectivity with other devices. Bold Business has selected transportation as a domain to draw attention to the impact of technology to the industry and its effects on society, from driver-less cars to smart traffic lights.

There are growing numbers of hybrid cars, electric cars, and now driver-less cars. The introduction of more efficient and automated delivery systems with self-driving trucks and drones operating in the fast food industry. Not only are the vehicles themselves undergoing drastic change, but the environment around is also seeing improvements from technological developments in artificial intelligence such as smarter traffic by creating a system of information sharing between connected devices.

How do all these developments in the transportation industry affect society?

Using technology to improve vehicles through smarter, interconnected systems, will mean less time spent on commutes, less money spent on gas, and less pollution affecting the environment. Therefore, improved technology for vehicles is an important step to improving many aspects of people’s lives, with more people getting to their destinations, more money saved for other uses, a better environment for everyone to enjoy pollution-free, and more efficiency and convenience all round.

LIDAR for Driverless Cars, Bill Holstein Speaks

An intersection with graphics illustrating lasers.

We’re all anxiously waiting for the day when driverless cars arrive. It’s a bold idea that has been long promised, but generations have gone by with little in the way of results. Suddenly, we feel we are on the cusp. The bold idea is about to have bold impact. But, there are key issues remaining  in the driverless car debate. One of the most critical is sensing technology, or how ...

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Trump Transportation Department Clears Way for Driverless Cars

Trump in front of a freeway.

The Department of Transportation just released guidelines on autonomous vehicles. This is the Trump Administration’s first formal statement regarding autonomous vehicles. The new guidelines help to standardize and create a framework that will allow autonomous vehicle technology to move forward and for the United States to continue to hold a leadership role in the industry. This is a bold action that will have sweeping effects on the economy. A Vision ...

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Super Sonic Jets All Clear for Take-Off

Supercsonic Jet over North America

Superman has a combination of both speed and power, epitomized by flying effortlessly at great speeds. What if this fictional capability, the ability to fly incredibly fast, anywhere in the world, becomes real? The Trump Administration wants to make that reality, launching a program to develop Super Sonic Jets, also known as SST. These jets will be more advanced than the failed Concord, with new systems to reduce noise and ...

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Hybrid Supercar from Aston Martin

New hybrid hyper car

Supercar maker Aston Martin has announced that it will produce an “electrified lineup” and use hybrid tech over the next ten years. This bold idea follows hot on the heals of Volvo announcing that they will have an electrified lineup by 2019, and signals a lean toward an environmentally-friendly future. Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer said that the firm is making the technology optional rather than standard. “We will be ...

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Driverless Bus Trial at Sydney Olympic Park

Driveless bus with Australian map and kangaroo

The concept of autonomous vehicles is nothing new. We are rapidly developing better smart cars and these innovative vehicles will be littering the streets before long. Buses driving next to you with nobody behind the wheel may sound like a futuristic movie scene, but it’s becoming a reality much sooner than we think. At one time this was little more than a bold idea, now cities around the world are ...

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Los Angeles Uses ‘Smart Boot’ Technology To Collect Unpaid Parking Fines and Fees

car boot on a tire

The city of Los Angeles hopes to collect more than $21 million in fines and fees for illegal parking and other traffic violations. The city hopes to accomplish this with the help of a new ‘Smart Boot’ car locking technology. The city originally stopped using car boots back in 2009, replacing them with traditional car towing services. The technology consists of a car boot which can be unlocked with the ...

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Hyperloop on Track to Reach Objectives in Test

futuristic train in town.

The Hyperloop One proved that it is making headway during its second test, in an effort to quickly become a reality. This time, the 28 foot long test pod traveled the 500 meter track and reached a top speed of 192 mph. Achieving over 3.5 times more horsepower than the May 2017 test. The theory behind the Hyperloop was first discussed during the 1970s. The idea was to have a ...

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Self-Driving Car Tested in Cross-Country Road Trip

Driver with hands off wheel of car.

A few years ago self-driving cars were just a daydream, but they’re now being tested on the nation’s roadways. Google, together with the help of individuals from Carnegie Mellon and teams from Stanford, have done great things to propel the industry of self-driving cars forward. Now, many companies have stepped into the lime light and ventured into the autonomous car industry. One specific company is Torc Robotics. The Blacksburg, Virginia ...

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Technology Prevents Train Crashes

Trains have largely been displaced by cars, trucks, buses and planes within the United States. Trains as an option for traveling is typically used as a last priority, except for those who commute daily from the suburbs to the city. In Europe and parts of Asia, particularly Japan and South Korea, there are modern high-speed train systems which commuters prefer for the faster travel time, comfort, and excellent service. In ...

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Pods; Cure to Traffic Jams

aerial view of Dubai roads where driverless cars will be tested

An innovative new start-up from the Middle East is set to go global with its driverless electric pods after receiving a $350 million cash injection from investors. Experts are hailing the designs, produced in collaboration with a Californian-based firm, as the answer to traffic congestion. This is a bold idea that could change transportation not only in the Middle East, but every major city across the world. Founded in 2012, ...

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