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Which Energy Source is Tops for the Future?

Bill Clough, CEO of CUI Global, spoke to us at Bold Business. Clough is an innovator in the energy industry, searching for ways to make the energy business more efficient. Clough believes that natural gas is going to be the strongest player in the energy industry for some time to come, because it is clean and abundant.

Clough’s company CUI recently signed agreements in both Italy and France, where renewable and green energy are undergoing rapid development. He notes that the European nations are innovating on numerous fronts, with investment in biomethane and hydrogen storage, in addition to solar and wind. These newer resources may bear fruit in time, but for the next generation at least, fossil fuels are going to be an essential part of the energy mix. And of these, natural gas is the obvious candidate to be the leader.

He is not alone in his estimate either. Forbes has discussed the merits of natural gas as have dozens of other journals and publications. Natural gas is far cleaner and more efficient than coal. Of energy plants shut down in the past several years, 80% of them were coal-fired plants. They are being replaced by natural gas-fired plants.

Energy - Natural Gas - Bill Clough

In addition, from the perspective of the United States, natural gas is cheap and abundant. Almost all the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced within the country, there is some importation of natural gas from Canada, but it is almost precisely balanced out by exports of natural gas to Mexico. Contrast this to the fact that almost a quarter of our oil usage is still imported almost fifty years after the Oil Crisis and creating a perpetual trade imbalance.

And with the development of efficient liquefied natural gas shipping facilities, experts anticipate that over the next decade up to 20% of the natural gas produced in the United States may be exported. The U.S. is already the largest producer of natural gas in the world, having recently surpassed Russia. It may in time become the largest exporters a well.

Natural gas currently provides 29% of the energy in the United States. It also used to generate 33% of our electricity. Yet natural gas use is poised to grow by 25% over the next 25 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Association. As mentioned, natural gas is often the choice to replace coal-fired electric plants. In addition, natural gas is going to be used increasingly in clean manufacturing and the chemical industries.

While Europe is moving forward quickly on a variety of intriguing green energy sources, such as biomethane, it will be decades before these alternatives can make a large contribution to the global energy picture. In the interim, natural gas is plentiful, efficient, and cleaner than other fossil fuels.

Beyond Nutrition: Understanding the Psychology Behind Eating

Nutrition is about more than simply eating to stave off hunger pangs, it is of course about the quality of the food eaten. However, researchers are also presenting a bold concept when it comes to nutrition, suggesting that other factors should be considered and encouraging people to take a long hard look at when, how, and why they eat.

According to the Seattle Times, understanding the underlying psychology behind eating will help people follow better nutrition. It negates the notion that food is food, and that proper nutrition depends only on the food a person consumes.

  1. What Time You Eat is Important

It is important to keep to a schedule when eating in order to train your body to eat at regular times. The body becomes hungry just before it is time to eat. However, if you have an irregular schedule, your body rhythm gets messed up. You would either eat too much or not at all. Either way is not good for your health.

  1. Your Reasons for Eating Affects How Much You Eat

Stress eating can lead to overeating. Depression, food cravings, boredom, a need for comfort, as well as impulsiveness also contribute to overeating. If you find yourself in this predicament, you would not be mindful of what you eat, nor notice that you are already full. Stressful situations have a profound impact on overeating or for consuming sugar-rich and salty fare. Everyday Health reports that this has a direct effect on the continuing rise of obesity in America.

  1. How You Eat Determines Your Satiation Levels

Nutrition - eating with friends - eating healthy foodIf you eat with a mindset to enjoy the food, you would eat only until you are full. Being mindful of your eating and the food you eat helps to keep you from consuming more than what you need. Instances where you are surrounded by junk food also trigger a need to eat, even if you are not hungry. According to a Huffington Post article, mindful eaters have been proven to have healthier body weights, were less susceptible to eating disorders and had a more developed sense of well-being compared to those who simply wolfed down their meals.  People are encouraged to chew their food slowly in order to explore and fully appreciate the taste, smell, texture and combination of flavors.

  1. Carefully Choose Where You Eat

When you eat at your desk, amid clutter, or any reminder of stress, you are distracted from the primary activity. In this environment, you might miss clues telling you that you have had enough food. There is also a feeling of well-being when you eat well in a good environment, surrounded with intelligent conversation, in clean surroundings. British researchers revealed that the location where one eats impacts awareness, memory, and attention. Being distracted when eating also causes people to eat more and eat more frequently afterwards.

  1. There are Patterns to Eating

Keep a journal to keep tabs on all these details. In order for your journal entries to be effective, you have to keep track of what you eat, what time, what you were craving, how much you ate, how you felt, and what your motivation was. With an objective journal, you would be able to see patterns of behavior or triggers for specific behavior. Bad behavior or eating habits can be seen beforehand and you can change your habits when you recognize these patterns.

Taking a long, hard, and honest look at a person’s eating behavior and patterns is a notable suggestion which will make bold impact in people’s health over the long run. Americans are growing heavier and becoming more unhealthy as the years pass due to increased food consumption and lack of physical activity. These two are truly a lethal combination and steps, no matter how small, must be taken to prevent this from getting out of hand.

New Transportation Algorithm-Based Software Cuts Delivery Times

Algorithm-based transport management systems and data learning technologies are becoming essential in the last-mile delivery race in the United States. Last-mile delivery services are now key to the growing e-commerce market, as more consumers shop online and order their goods from home.

According to McKinsey&Company, the cost of global parcel deliveries amount to about $70 billion a year, with Germany, China and the United States accounting for more than 40% of the market. Not only is the market huge, but it’s expanding, with annual growth rates of between 7% and 10% seen in markets like the United States, and in others by more than 100% in recent years.

Speedy motorcycle delivery from algorithm-based softwareWith the increase of e-commerce, consumers have become extremely important to the parcel-delivery market, which was once dominated by businesses. Consumers now choose their product provider based on the quality and speed of the delivery services they provide. Retailers are working hard to deliver the best solutions and offer effective delivery services.

A new algorithm developed in South Korea, named Vroong Engine, is set to revolutionize the market. It’s designed for high logistics efficiency for clients by applying mathematics to the costs and risks of delivery services. According to the founder, delivery firms are essential to providing high-quality, on-time services at reasonable costs. The Vroong algorithm reduces the headache for these providers by allowing “multi-loading of parcels with different destinations in accordance with a deliveryman’s capacity and the income he or she wants to earn”.

“multi-loading of parcels with different destinations in accordance with a deliveryman’s capacity and the income he or she wants to earn”

According to the Korea Herald, there are currently around 13,000 motorcycle drivers used for the delivery service in Korea, using both freelancers and full-time workers, to cater for the growing need for delivery speed. Vroong technology is helping to streamline and improve operations in Korea, and the business has become so successful that it is set to expand into other markets.

A newly signed partnership with Singapore has seen Vroong expand into other territories and the service will soon appear in Japan and Turkey, other territories like China and the United States are strong possibilities for future growth.

The firm’s ultimate goal is to develop the technology as a logistical platform that operates on its own, which allows the customer to search through an all-encompassing internet search engine, then have their item delivered through the same platform.

It takes bold ideas like these to revolutionize the already successful e-commerce market, and to ensure online retailers can deliver their goods as quickly as possible.