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AI-Driven Platform for Content Curation — Or A Netflix of Knowledge!

The internet has created an explosion of data and information. Although it seems that all of the information is new, what the internet has actually produced is a conduit for all kinds of information to be available to anyone who knows how to find it. The problem now is how to sift through all of that information to find data that is relevant to you. Thus, here enters the idea of an effective and innovative AI-driven platform.

What to Do with All These Data?

Indeed, the internet age has brought about access to data, which in turn has created even more data and information to be published online. The growth in the volume of information being uploaded is accelerating and it will continue to grow faster. As the data pool grows, the need to easily access the data becomes ever more important.

There is no use having all this information at your fingertips if it is going to be accessed or searched by individual people or organizations every time there is a need for it. In order to get the most out of this vast quantity of data, there has to be a way for important or relevant information to get to a person before he or she is aware of the need for it. Thus, curating data may not be enough in order to make the best use of that information.

AI-Driven Platform for Content Curation Improves Learning

The model used by Netflix, Reddit, Spotify and iTunes among many others, places content in a repository where it can then be sorted, categorized and otherwise curated for easier access by followers and users. The model used by Reddit is hierarchical and can be used in other applications. Users only need to follow the topic in order to keep abreast of the thread and discussion.

a photo of a phone with an education interface for sorting by an AI-driven platform
A central repository of knowledge could be accessible in the same way that Netflix has made video content accessible to its subscribers!

For companies, there are ways to trickle down information through the organization until it reaches those who need it. A topic authority can accelerate knowledge access by being available when specific information is needed. There are other ways to make the authority or a subject matter expert (SME) and his or her knowledge more accessible to information users.

Knowledge is power and getting the correct information to the right people is important in any organization. This fact is a competitive advantage as every successful company knows. It is not enough for people to get rudimentary training. It is also important that they continue to learn outside of training. Those who have undergone training should be able to pass along their new knowledge and skills to the rest of the group. A culture of learning as well as teaching and mentoring is necessary in the workplace in order to make the best use of data and information.

The Modern Library Needs An AI-Driven Platform

A central repository of knowledge could be accessible in the same way that Netflix has made video content accessible to its subscribers. On-demand information retrieval can make use of an AI-driven platform. AI is very effective in sorting through assorted data to discover the data required. In this sense, an AI-driven platform could aggregate, curate, personalize and create the relevant content.

  • Aggregation  The platform collates and sorts through data from internal sources, the internet, as well as external sources—including subscriptions and authority sites.
  • Curation – With AI and machine learning tools, the platform combs through the sorted data and delivers pertinent information in a relevant manner.
  • Personalization – As with a lot of customers facing AI, personalization ensures that the information received fits requirements. This can be done by surveys or through a continuously updated scan of what a particular person reads and prefers to look at.
  • Creation –Whether using AI tools or done manually, the information should be shared within the organization. Building content libraries are important for any organization in order for other team members to easily read through them and develop new skills.

Sifting through information and mining meaning out of that information is not easy. It needs a bold and innovative method to bring the needed relevant information to individuals or groups over the long term. AI and machine learning tools— such as an AI-driven platform —can be utilized to boldly accomplish this Herculean task.