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Honeywell Is Strengthening Cybersecurity By Establishing COEs

Virginia M. Rometty, the Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM, once mentioned that “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” This kind of statement is causing powerhouse corporations like Honeywell Cybersecurity to work harder and prevent serious troubles from happening.

The multinational conglomerate company is known for providing control systems and security solutions to different industrial sectors. With its projected revenue of $40.5 billion, Honeywell has the ability to prevent cybercrime damages that are expected to cost the world up to $6 trillion annually by the year 2021.

In order to strengthen cybersecurity, the New Jersey-based company has recently launched the very first industrial cyber security center of excellence (COE) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to Jeff Zindel, the Vice President, and General Manager of Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security, “This COE is the first of its kind dedicated to developing world-class industrial cyber security expertise for our customers in the region. It provides a safe, real-world environment to learn in, allowing us to innovate and augment industrial cyber security skills.”

Zindel further explained, “The center is also a critical part of Honeywell’s network of global Cyber Security COEs dedicated to improving industrial cyber security for critical infrastructure, information technology, and operational technology (IT/OT) convergence, and digital transformation.”

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world when it comes to technology and all-things-digital. The city of superlatives has a strong public prosecution, thanks to the Federal Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes that handles cybercrime activities across the UAE.

Because of Honeywell’s help, the counter-attack for online criminal offences in Dubai will be more efficient than ever.

The COE is considered as a safe off-process facility where a team of industrial cyber security experts will examine and determine process control network threats and vulnerabilities. It is also going to be a hub where they will guide customers with real-time attack simulations and offer advanced customer consultations.

The new center of excellence in Dubai is living up to its name because the COE has a top of the line equipment that include:

  • Physical plant process
  • Distributed control systems
  • Latest industrial cybersecurity software and solutions
  • Data analytics
  • Networking apparatus that can support the following: Workshops, Training sessions, Cyber-attack simulations, Demonstrations

Another reason why Honeywell established an industrial cyber security in Dubai is that they wanted to support the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, a strategy that wants to reinforce online defenses among industries.

Honeywell Also Wants A COE Facility In Singapore

The work of Honeywell in its UAE headquarters is quite impressive, but Dubai is not the only place that will experience the digital prowess of the multinational conglomerate company. As a matter of fact, Singapore should’ve been the first place for Honeywell’s first COE location but for some reasons the works are still ongoing.

The expected center of excellence in Singapore will serve as an exceptional innovation platform for securing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), critical infrastructure protection, and smart industry in the region of Asia Pacific.

Zindel said, “Honeywell’s major investments in new industrial cyber security technologies, services, and advanced research – including this new center of excellence in Singapore – will further strengthen our ability to secure and protect industrial assets, operations, and people.”

Companies That Are Fighting Cyber Crimes

Raytheon – Raytheon is creating a name in the defense industry. The Massachusetts-based company creates engineering technology for government in the area of electronics and defense in the USA.

Thomas A. Kennedy is the Chairman and CEO of the company that was established in 1922. Raytheon has a projected revenue of $375.6 million.

Mimecast – The London-based internet software company is an email management portal that provides cloud email services for archiving and continuity emails.

Peter Bauer is the Co-Founder and CEO of the company. It has an estimated revenue of $232.6 million.

Cisco – Headed by Chuck Robbins, Cisco is a force to be reckoned with because of its ability to design, develop, and market internet protocol-based networking products for information technology and communications industries.

The California-based company was founded in 1984 and now, it has a projected revenue of $48.1 billion.

CyberArk Software – CyberArk Software is serving the IT services industry as it is focused on offering account security solution for retail, energy, financial, and healthcare markets.

Udi Mokady is the President and CEO of the company that was founded in 1999. CyberArk Software has an estimated revenue of $235.8 million.

Sophos – The England-based company is a well-known creator and seller of computer security hardware and software that provides data and security protection for various businesses.

Kris Hagerman is the CEO of Sophos that was established in 1985. The company has a projected revenue of $446.7 million.

These are just some of the companies that have been helping Honeywell fight cyber and internet crimes around the globe.

Honeywell is deemed as one of the most popular companies in terms of innovating systems for cybersecurity. Its COE facility in Dubai will definitely create a bold impact not just on the industry of cybersecurity but also on the society.



GlassPoint Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery: Using Solar Power to Drill for Oil

GlassPoint Solar—a company with headquarters in Fremont, California—is set to partner with Aera Energy—a gas and oil producer—to put up the biggest solar energy project in the U.S. This integrated solar project will use innovative solar energy to power oilfield operations. With the GlassPoint Solar enhanced oil recovery tech that will be used in the Belridge Solar project, the companies are hoping to make efficient use of the power and reduce the overall carbon emission that the operation produces.

The site will be located in California at Belridge oilfield. According to the official company statement, the plant is expected to deliver the biggest peak output of energy from any solar plant in the state. Ben Bierman is the COO and acting CEO of GlassPoint. He stated that their partnership with Aera Energy reflects their commitment to innovation, as they are aware of the ever-growing need of oil-consuming customers all over the world. Their company’s solar steam tech was created in California and was perfected in the Oman desert oilfields. They are using six years of experience in Oman to drive this new California expansion. They will be putting everything they learned and achieved into this new endeavor.

GlassPoint Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery & The Belridge Solar Project

Solar energy is one of the most used renewable sources of energy and is very beneficial in helping the environment as it doesn’t cause any air or water pollution. It also doesn’t create greenhouse gases.

There are several solar power pros and cons. However, the advantages mostly outweigh the negatives. One of the biggest drawbacks of solar energy is that it isn’t as efficient since it can’t collect power during the night. However, as solar energy is free and has lower operating costs, it can easily be sustained.

The Belridge Solar project will have an 850-megawatt solar thermal facility producing steam at an annual rate of 12 million barrels. It will also have a 26.5 MWe photovoltaic facility to generate electricity. The steam from solar energy is expected to reduce the natural gas presently in use in oilfield operations. With this facility, the project to save around 376,000 metric tons of annual CO2 emissions, equivalent to the output of 80,000 cars.

Low-Cost Renewable Energy by 2020

According to GlassPoint, its GlassPoint Solar enhanced oil recovery tech will supply low-cost renewable energy for oil extraction operations. To extract the oil, steam is injected into the oil reservoir heating the oil before pumping to the surface. Both companies are expecting to break ground on the new power plant sometime in the first half of 2019. They aim to have the plant up and running by 2020 when it begins producing steam and energy.

Right now, GlassPoint is working on Miraah, which is a landmark project that they are doing together with the Petroleum Development Oman or PDO. Once done, this project will be able to create more than a gigawatt of peak thermal power. This fact makes it one of the biggest solar power plants anywhere in the world. The company established Oman as its regional HQ back in 2012. The biggest shareholder of the company is the Royal Dutch Shell and State General Reserve Fund (SGRF), which is the biggest sovereign wealth fund in Oman.