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The Bold Impact of Video for Business Marketing

Anyone that’s anyone knows online video marketing is where it’s at today. Not so sure? Statistically speaking, videos are involved in over two-thirds of all consumer traffic. Likewise, landing pages with video content increase conversion rates eight-fold compared to those that don’t have such content. These figures are not just impressive… they point to the need for video for business marketing.

Over 500 million people watch Facebook videos each day alone, and 85% of these are watched silently! If your business does not have an online video marketing plan, it had better get one. The following are five important online video marketing strategy tips to help get your business on the right track.

Five Tips for a Bold Online Video Marketing Strategy

Bill Gates (pictured below) was quoted more than 20 years ago when he described content as king. Not only has his bold prediction come true, but online video marketing has taken this perspective to the extreme. A video for business marketing offers the chance to not only tell a more vivid story, but it engages the viewer more deeply. But don’t forget… we still live in a time-sensitive, attention-limited world. If you’re going to use video for business marketing, then you had better get it right!

Tip #1 – Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Did you know that 20% of all viewers quit watching an online video within 10 seconds? Because of this, any video marketing strategy had better get to the meat of its message pretty fast. The best online video marketing approach lets your viewer know immediately why they should watch. Are they going to laugh, become inspired, or be educated? Make sure you grasp their attention right off the bat and give them a reason to stick around.

Tip #2 – Great Online Video Marketing Isn’t a Sales Pitch

An important video marketing strategy technique involves identifying the value your product or service offers to the consumer. Forget the call to action (sort of). Instead, appeal to the needs and desires of your audience. A video for business marketing is powerful in provoking emotions, and this connects the viewer more completely with your offering. This is why a strong online video for business marketing has its greatest appeal when it taps the heart and soul of the viewer.

Tip #3 – Take Some Risks and Be Creative

No one enjoys watching a stale, lecture-style video that simply conveys information. Good video for business marketing strategy has to entertain your audience while also marketing your products or services. Humor is a great approach to online video marketing, as is out-of-the-box creativity. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and stand out from the crowd. Being memorable is a great video marketing strategy that works.

Tip #4 – An Online Video Marketing Strategy Should Never Forget the Tags

Optimizing your online video marketing for search is just as important as it is for written content. That means your video marketing strategy should fill video description boxes with SEO tag words. This helps your video get noticed by search engine spiders. At the same time, hosting your video for business marketing on your own domain and creating video sitemaps works well also. And enabling embedding on your videos can increase inbound links. These all represent best practices when it comes to an online video marketing strategy.

Tip #5 – Being Informative is Still Essential

Yes, a great online video marketing strategy must get to the point, be engaging, and focus on its value propositions. But it also needs to be educational and informative. In an effort to have lasting appeal, consumers need to gain some valued insights during that brief video encounter. Practical how-to tips about your product or unique industry expertise are examples of knowledge you might convey through video. The best online video marketing pursuits never forget this valued pearl when interacting with customers.

Bold Businesses Need an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Genius business icons like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates understood the importance of connecting with customers in a personal way. Today, online video marketing offers this opportunity in a much more profound manner. The growth rate of mobile marketing videos is five times faster than their desktop counterparts. And roughly two-thirds of all consumers are visual learners. These are the reasons why an effective online video marketing strategy is essential in competitive markets today. By employing these five best video marketing strategies, you will boost your chances for success immensely.

Five Video Marketing Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Business