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Experts Envision a Future With Humans Having Robots as Friends Cartoon

cartoon of five humans and a dog taking a selfie with an AI robot, depicting a future where humans have robots as friends
Robots and humans have been interacting for a long while now. But with the potential to have robots as friends, what will the future of society look like?

Facebook’s New Product Development Approach Is Data-Driven Cartoon

cartoon of the Facebook logo showing different scenes and people, depicting its data-driven approach in product development
Facebook continues to be relevant as it reinvents itself. Its approach to developing new products is data-driven. So, how will such a move impact its users?

Genetic Engineering Offers Power To Genetically Modify Our Kids Cartoon

cartoon of a couple shopping for traits for The Ideal Baby posted on a wall for genetic engineering or modifying their baby
Genetic engineering for genetically modifying kids is real, but it is indeed still in its infancy. How will this powerful technology impact future families?