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It Was a Great Year for Content Creation Apps Thanks to a COVID-Captive Audience

With so many people around the world forced to stay at home more, some notable trends emerged. People expanded their abilities to cook and prepare their own meals. Our videoconferencing skills got much, much better. And we accepted that streaming entertainment was almost as good as going to the movies. But 2020 also saw a major increase in the use of content creation apps. Users all over the globe downloaded innovative platforms that let them experiment with their own creativity. As a result, a number of newcomers to the industry have seen some remarkable profits.

The content creation trends seen this past year were not necessarily unexpected. A general movement toward greater user-generated content has been present for a few years. But with COVID-19 serving as a catalyst, these content creation trends accelerated. For businesses with the right content creation apps, the pandemic provided a wonderful opportunity to reach millions. And combined with a greater comfort level in using virtual platforms, continued growth in this sector is expected.

Content Creation Trends for Industry Leaders

In terms of content creation apps, TikTok was the clear winner for 2020. Leading all others with 82 million downloads, the Chinese-based company recorded set records. In fact, the short-form video app forced other social media leaders to shift gears as well. All major social media giants embraced these new content creation trends and launched their own versions. Instagram introduced its short-form video app, Reels, which helped its 57.5 million downloads this year. Reddit purchased Dubsmash in an effort to provide similar services. And Snapchat introduced Lenses, which uses augmented reality technology to enhance images and videos.

In considering these content creation trends, TikTok has taught us all a great deal. While short video content is attractive to users and viewers alike, all content is not the same. TikTok has thrived as one of the best content creation apps because the content users generate. Videos that are emotionally engaging get the most traction. Likewise, many subscribe to TikTok because of the quick, educational tutorials many videos offer. Applying these same concepts to other content creation apps, there is certainly room for competition. But thus far, TikTok remains king.

New Content Creation Apps on the Block

While TikTok and others received more than their fair share of attention, so did many other content creation apps. Millions of creators and viewers alike downloaded these apps and connected across the world. While the following isn’t meant to be exhaustive, it does reflect some top performers related to current content creation trends.

  • Twitch – Over the last year, Twitch has gained an incredible boost in viewers. It was already one of the more popular content creation apps. But in 2020, it saw a 61 percent increase in downloads. Basically, Twitch is a live-streaming platform for gamers and lifestyle influencers for sharing and streaming content. The pandemic essentially doubled its number of streamers this year.
  • Patreon – Patreon welcomes current content creation trends as well, seeing a 43 percent increase in users. Now valued at $1.2 billion, it serves as a marketplace for content creators where they can receive payment for content. YouTubers, webcomic artists, musicians and other content creators are flocking to this app.
  • Cameo – One of the most successful content creation apps this year, Cameo saw a 134 percent increase in downloads. The platform has tens of thousands of users who sell video content creations to others. In total, the company has earned over $100 million in 2020 from video transactions through its app.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine in its basic form is a live streaming app that is similar to Twitch. But the app provides a social broadcasting platform that is live and interactive. This means users can comment through their own content with others while watching gaming, sports, and entertainment. In addition, Caffeine also has chat features that allow users to engage one another.
  • Only Fans – This is one of the more controversial content creation apps of the year because of its actual content. Only Fans is a subscription-based platform where users can buy and sell original video content. But the predominant content available involves digital nudity and pornography. That said, Only Fans earned $300 million in profits this year.
  • Substack – Content creation trends used to be more about the written word than video. In this regard, Substack still recognizes its value. This social media app provides a platform for writers to create their own email newsletters and monetize readers. To date, the app has over 250,000 paid subscribers to content. It’s top 10 publishers also make about $10 million each year on the site.
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Content creation apps and content creation tools became essential components of a new revenue stream for many this year.

Content Creations Trends in the Future

Like working from home and other changes brought about by COVID, content creation apps are likely here to stay. However, that doesn’t mean that these platforms won’t continue to evolve and change. As the year has shown, content creators are gaining both traction and power in the marketplace and media. In all likelihood, content marketing will move further into the e-commerce arena as a result. Also, major social media influencers will undoubtedly become linked to brands as their visual merchandisers. These are content creation trends that have already been set in motion.

It is also evident that video and multimedia content will be the preferred source of information in the future. Content creators involved in these pursuits will have an increasing amount of influence. In addition, content creation apps have tremendous potential for disrupting current online education. Already, users are preferring to learn via TikTok and other social media sites for some topics. In essence, the pandemic gave content creation and significant boost, allowing many existing and new platforms to thrive. But these content creation trends were already in motion. Therefore, there’s little question new content creation apps will appear and existing ones will advance.


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