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6 Tips for Getting a Remote Job in the Work-from-Home Era

Prior to the pandemic, the number of workers who worked from home was quite small. Some reports suggest that fewer than 4 percent of all workers enjoyed remote work positions. But that changed dramatically over the last 2 years. A recent survey conducted by Bold Business showed that 93 percent of all workers prefer to work from home in some capacity. Other polls have found that more than a quarter want positions that are fully remote. Given this and notable worker shortages, many companies are now offering more work-from-home opportunities. But getting these positions aren’t necessarily a sure thing. Just like in-person employment offerings, preparation is essential for remote work as well.

There are a number of important tips for getting a remote job in this post-pandemic world. Individuals who wish to work from home must therefore make a few adjustments in their approach. This requires redesigning your resume in some cases while highlighting specific skills related to remote work. It also demands doing a bit of research about available work-from-home job opportunities. And in some instances, it may even be helpful to demonstrate a bit of autonomy and creativity. Like any pursuit, preparation is the key. With that in mind, the here are six important tips for getting a remote job in today’s current climate.

  • Tip #1 – Redesign Your Resume

Because work-from-home job opportunities aren’t the same as in-person ones, employers will be looking at different criteria. As a result, one of the key tips for getting a remote job involves changing up your resume a bit. Specifically, it is important to highlight all past remote work experience as often as possible. Include this information not only in individual positions but also in your executive summary. Likewise, be sure to comment about any successes and achievements you had virtually, like virtual hires or onboarding. And demonstrating continued excellence and productivity in remote positions also look favorable. Each of these techniques let an employer know you’re well equipped to work from home.

  • Tip #2 – Highlight Key Skills and Experience

Notably, redesigning your resume can boast specific skills and experience relevant to work-from-home job opportunities. But it is also important to go into greater detail about specific remote working talents. For example, identifying technical skills and soft skills important to remote work help employers recognize your potential. This includes prior tasks related to digital collaboration platforms, videoconferencing tools, and other pertinent software. (Read more about how videoconferencing innovations have shaped remote work in this Bold story.) Because working from home demands increased technical and communication abilities, this information must be repeatedly promoted. This is among the important tips for getting a remote job because it shows key you meet essential qualifications. This could make a difference in determining whether or not you are even considered for the position from the start.

  • Tip #3 – List Online Education and Training

Most employers find workers who invest in their own education attractive. This demonstrates not only a high level of initiative and autonomy but also a desire to improve. When it comes to work-from-home job opportunities, this remains true. However, the type of education and training you pursue can matter. If you’re seeking remote work where you’ll be using virtual tools, your experience with online learning systems should be documented. This may be formal online education programs associated with a university or e-learning systems that provided certifications. Both highlight your capacity to engage remotely in various platforms and excel. This is often one of the tips for getting a remote job that is often overlooked.

  • Tip #4 – Promote Creative Endeavors

Another one of the important tips for getting a remote job involves your ability to showcase your innovation and creativity. Employers offering work-from-home job opportunities want someone who’s passionate about their job. The more they love what they do, the more autonomous they are. And creative endeavors that demonstrate this passion make candidates more attractive. Examples of such projects include blogs, podcasts, or even websites related to your primary career interests. These types of creative expressions are virtual in nature, again showing your comfort with online tools. Plus, they show once again that you’re willing to be independent and autonomous in pursuing your interests.

  • Tip #5 – Prepare for a Virtual Interview

If you’re planning on pursuing work-from-home job opportunities, then you’ll probably be asked to conduct a virtual interview. Not only do these interviews offer convenience, but they allow employers to test out your remote technical and social skills. As a result, one of the tips for getting a remote job requires that you plan ahead for this type of interview. Be sure your camera and headset are optimally working and select a neutral yet professional background. Hand gestures should also be limited during a virtual interview. Also, allowing for extra pauses in the conversation can prevent streaming delays from ruining the give-and-take. These techniques as well as some practice in advance can go a long way in helping you land the remote job.

  • Tip #6 – Research Specific Companies

While many reputable companies now offer more work-from-home job opportunities, scams still exist as well. Because of this, it is important that you do a little research before applying and pursuing a remote job position. Many such scams involve multilevel marketing or claims processing. Or even worse, they request you invest your own money to get started. If such offers are too good to be, they probably are. Therefore, one of the most important tips for getting a remote job that’s worth your while involves doing some homework. Reputable companies will demonstrate professionalism and legitimacy in their communications and social media. And if possible, talking with some of the company’s current employees in advance may also help.

Making the Right Career Choices

When it comes to work-from-home job opportunities, not all careers are the same. Some fields, like digital marketing and customer service, are quite conducive to remote settings. Others may be more challenging when it comes to potential openings. Regardless, if you were successful at remote work during COVID, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue the job you desire. It might just require a little longer for your search for the right career position. But by following the above tips for getting a remote job, you’ll eventually have success.


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Bold Product Recommendations: The Top 15 Must-Have Products for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurs, there are a few common traits that most generally share. Overall, they’re independent thinkers who are willing to take risks to achieve their goals. They are also creative and innovative in their mindset, and they thrive on challenge. Interestingly, however, these same characteristics can also make it tough when it comes to entrepreneur gift ideas. Fortunately, there are a few must-haves for entrepreneurs that they’ll certainly appreciate. With that in mind, the following lists the top 15 products for entrepreneurs to consider for making the new year a productive one.

  1. Peel iPhone Case – For iPhone user, this is one of the necessary products for entrepreneurs. Peel makes excellent iPhone cases that come in a variety of styles and colors. Likewise, they also embrace a minimalist design without sacrificing quality and durability. In fact, Peel’s iPhone cases are only 0.02 inches thick, making them the most ultra-thin cases around.

  1. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones – Whether in a coffee shop, on an airplane, or in a busy office, noise-cancelling headphones are great entrepreneur gift ideas. These made by Sony also offer Bluetooth wireless technology, dual noise cancellation, and extra bass when listening to music. And they’re also compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control systems.

  1. Oflamn Overnight Travel Bag – Travelling is something many business individual do on a regular basis. And they can never have too many overnight travel bags. If you’re looking for entrepreneur gift ideas, then this Oflamn travel bag is worth considering. It has great storage capacity without being too large. It’s also stylish, lightweight, and comes with a toiletries bag.

  1. Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board – Despite advances in technology, many business individuals still love their dry erase boards. That’s especially true for those who prefer visual and kinetic learning. This one by Lockways also includes magnet so messages can be attached as well. For the business person who doesn’t have one, this is among the go-to entrepreneur gift ideas.

  1. Soopii Quich Charge 3.0 Charging Station – Everyone has multiple devices these days, but entrepreneurs tend to have more. Therefore, this Soopii charging station is one of the ideal products for entrepreneurs. It is clean, compact, quiet, and stylish while providing 6 short cables for a variety of devices. Plus, Soopii’s patented system ensures devices will be charged super-fast.

  1. Nulaxy Ergonomic Laptop Stand – Many business individuals find themselves sitting way too long when working. Because of this, Nulaxy’s ergonomic laptop stand is another one of those great products for entrepreneurs. In addition to being adjustable, it also accommodates a wide range of devices and laptops. This is a great gift for those more health conscious.

  1. Serman Brands Slim Leather Minimalist Wallet – For male entrepreneurs, this Serman Brands minimalist wallet is a great consideration. Not only is it made of genuine leather and slim in style. But it also has a built-in money clip and is naturally stylish. This product is always good to keep in mind for entrepreneur gift ideas.

  1. Bean Box World Coffee Tour – This is one of the best products for entrepreneurs who love coffee! Bean Box provides 16 expertly-curated coffees from around the world for them to try. Tasting notes and brewing tips are included, and both whole bean or ground coffee options exist.

  1. Nouvati Mug Warmer – On those cold winter mornings, it’s nice to have a warm beverage waiting for you. With Nouvati’s superior technology, that’s exactly what this mug warmer will do. It keeps any beverage hot for hours while also servings as a candle warmer as well.

  1. Harry & David’s Gourmet Entrée’s Club – Looking for entrepreneur gift ideas that really impress? This 3-month subscription to Harry & David’s Gourmet Entrée Club will likely do the trick. For busy entrepreneurs unable to cook, this subscription provides delicious monthly entrées that can include ham, lobster, and more. Who knows? They might find it’s something they want to continue on their own all year long.
  1. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle – Anyone who’s busy knows how easy it is to forget to hydrate each day. This is often true for entrepreneurs as well. Therefore, one consideration for entrepreneur gift ideas is a smart water bottle. This one by Hidrate tracks water intake and also “glows” when it’s time to hydrate more. That’s one less thing someone has to think about throughout the day.

  1. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser – Stress is no stranger to most entrepreneurs, which is why an essential oil diffuser is a good gift choice. Such products for entrepreneurs create a soothing environment ideal for good decision-making. And they can also enhance sleep and rest, which is also important. This one by Asakuki offers 7 different LED light colors as well as multiple mist nebulizer modes.

  1. Ridge the Commuter Weatherproof Backpack – Those running their own business seem like they’re always on the go. That’s why this “commuter” backpack is excellent when it comes to entrepreneur gift ideas. Plus, Ridge offers one that’s not only weatherproof but provides multiple accessory features and an anti-theft design.

  1. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker – There’s no doubt most entrepreneurs burn the candle at both ends. But having time to true exercise or get adequate sleep may be tough. That’s why a Fitbit Inspire fitness trackers are great products for entrepreneurs. Not only can it help track activity but provide a nice reminder for some healthy habits.

  1. BUBM Electronics Organizer – Most business gurus rely on their electronics, and many have an abundance of gadgets. But keeping these organized and east to find can be a challenge. Therefore, one of the best entrepreneur gift ideas is an electronics organizer. BUBM makes several that come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit specific preferences.

Coping With Medical Staffing Shortages – Healthcare Organizations Exploring Their Options

Even before the pandemic, it was well recognized that a future nursing shortage was inevitable. The average age of nursing populations was getting older, which meant a high number would retire in the coming years. Likewise, an aging population would require more intensive medical care, which increased the demand for medical staffing. But these shortages developed much faster with the help of COVID. Not only has the stress of managing a pandemic led to early retirements. But even younger staff members are leaving for new careers. As a result, healthcare organizations are trying to find how best to deal with these dilemmas.

Of course, burnout from caring for COVID patients isn’t the only reason medical staffing shortages exist. Like other sectors, the healthcare industry is being affected by the “Great Resignation.” Thousands of workers have resigned from their jobs after the pandemic provided an opportunity to reassess their future. Likewise, for nurses specifically, new lucrative opportunities as a traveling nurse has also played a role. Many smaller healthcare organizations struggle with a nursing shortage, being unable to afford temporary staffing solutions. With this in mind, it’s important that hospitals reassess their situation. And in the process, consider a different approach in dealing with today’s medical staffing challenges.

“Small to medium-sized hospitals generally have dozens of full-time openings, and the large health systems have hundreds of full-time openings.” – James Quick, President, SimpliFi

A Snapshot of Medical Staffing Shortages

In looking at the recent projections, the next few years for medical staffing look to be difficult ones. Over the next 5 years, the number of healthcare workers needed will increase by 1 million. This is more than a tenth of the number of healthcare workers employed today. In addition, surveys suggests that about 6.5 million individuals will leave their positions by 2026. However, there will be less than 2 million workers to replace them. These reflects a serious gap between labor supply and demand in the years to come. Therefore, it’s essential healthcare organizations plan now in anticipation of these developments.

Some nurses in protective gear sitting around
Two years into the pandemic and there is a nursing shortage–how are healthcare organizations solving this riddle?

While shortages exist in all medical staffing areas, a nursing shortage appears to be the most substantial. In 2022, there will be about 100,000 nursing positions open across the nation, and this figure is expected to increase. The American Nurses Association anticipate about 500,000 nurses will retire in the coming year. All in all, this means more than a million nurses will be needed to address the nursing shortage adequately. Given current availability, this isn’t likely to happen. Thus, other strategies will need to be considered in order for hospitals to meet patient care expectations.

“The nurses who haven’t left, who have stayed with their facilities, they are seeing these other people come in now who are making more money. It provides a tense working environment.” – Carrie Kroll, Vice President, Texas Hospital Association

A Perfect Storm of Causes

As is often the case, there is no single cause for today’s present medical staffing challenges. Without question, the pandemic played a major role, leading to high levels of stress and burnout among healthcare workers. But even if COVID had never appeared, the healthcare sector would be dealing with a nursing shortage and other staffing issues. This is because aging patient populations are increasingly demanding higher amounts of care. Likewise, nursing student numbers have fallen well short of existing nurses who are retiring. Plus, a significant number of medical personnel are choosing medical freelance positions. In short, demand has been consistently rising while supply has been contracting. (Read more about digitization and the world of healthcare freelancers in this Bold story.)

In addition to these issues, some select hospitals are struggling to compete for nursing hires. Given the number of vacancies available, temporary medical staffing agencies have recently thrived. Traveling nurses, in particular, are reaping the benefits of these developments as salaries have climbed dramatically. A few years ago, a traveling nurse made between $1,000 and $2,000 a week. Today, however, the salary range for a traveling nurse is between $3,000 and $5,000. For smaller healthcare organization, such fees are beyond their financial abilities. As a result, larger institutions are having less of a struggle than smaller ones.

“…[O]rganizations are taking a step back and thinking about using LPNs and CNAs and looking at all the different types of staffing models. They’re going to have to staff differently because you just can’t find enough RNs.” – Rachel Polhemus, Senior Partner, WittKieffer

Solving the Current Medical Staffing Dilemma

While the ideal solution for medical staffing challenges would be increased labor supply, this isn’t likely to happen soon. Instead, agile healthcare organizations must be creative and innovative in their strategies. Some hospitals are therefore relaxing some qualification requirements to accommodate their needs. Specifically, many are using nursing assistants, CNAs, and LPNs to fill RN positions to address the nursing shortage. Similarly, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are being utilized as primary care providers more. With adequate oversight and training, these are reasonable approaches.

Other strategies involve a more long-term approach to retaining talent in hopes of reducing the number of vacant positions. In this regard, healthcare organizations must create positive workplace environments that support, challenge, and reward staff. Likewise, knowing nurses might leave for more lucrative travel nursing positions, adequate compensation must be provided to deter resignations. These strategies won’t completely solve the nursing shortage and medical staffing issue. But they can ease the burden for talent demand in a market with limited supply. As is always the case, efforts to retain existing talent is much less costly than recruiting and training new staff.

Choosing the Right Medical Staffing Services

Inevitably, healthcare organizations will need assistance in addressing issues related to medical staffing. Unfortunately, many temporary staffing agencies are taking advantage of the current labor market. These agencies are charging high fees and awarding personnel high salaries. Using such agencies may therefore be impractical for many healthcare organizations. However, reasonable medical staffing services do exist. Thus, in addition to the strategies mentioned above, hospitals should seek staffing services that meet their budget and needs. Without a doubt, the next several years will be challenging given the medical personnel and nursing shortage. But the right approach can help healthcare organizations survive and eventually result in a more secure situation.


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