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Connecting Through Humor – The Top 10 Funniest Corporate Brands

When it comes to advertising and marketing, the goal is to connect with customers while getting a message across. But this can be more challenging than it sounds. Consumers have become much savvier in detecting a “sales vibe.” As soon as the alarm goes off, customer defenses are up, making it more difficult to connect. One of the best ways to address these challenges is through the use of humor. In fact, being one of the funniest brands on social media can earn your company a huge following. Not only do humorous companies more easily attract attention, but their customers also tend to share and repost their message for free. This is why investing in a bit of comedy is important when it comes to advertising.

Funny social media posts and ads are powerful ways to form strong consumer relationships. Humorous companies produce content with the intention to not only sell but to also entertain. As a result, customers are much more tolerant of these approaches to digital marketing. (Read more about how digital marketing is vital for business growth in this Bold story.) Content that makes people laugh also tends to be better remembered, which is a tremendous plus in the marketing world. That’s some of the funniest brands enjoy some of the strongest brand images in the world. With that in mind, the following lists the top 10 funniest corporate brands and a few of their advertising messages. After sampling a few, it’s clear why customer flock to their social media for the occasional laugh.

  1. Charmin – As you might imagine, selling toilet paper can be an uphill battle. There’s nothing really sexy about TP, unless of course there’s a pandemic-induced run on the stuff! But hats off to Charmin for turning the other cheek, so to speak. Their decision to invite all things bathroom-related into the conversation certainly makes them one of the most humorous companies. And their #enjoythego campaign helped make them one of the funniest brands around today.
  1. Old Spice – All you need to do is read Old Spice’s slogan to recognize it as one of the humorous companies. It reads, “The original. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.” By taking an over-the-top view of masculinity, Old Spice gained perhaps as many female followers as male. Millions of consumers wait patiently for the company’s next ad campaigns and social media posts. By not taking itself too seriously, Old Spice definitely ranks as one of the funniest brands today.
  1. Netflix – Without question, Netflix has had its ups and downs in the last few years. (Read more about the post-pandemic plight of Netflix in this Bold story.) But one thing that has remained steady is its commitment to being one of the funniest brands in advertising. Not only does it create memorable memes on its social media posts regarding its content. It also has no problem poking some fun at itself and its millions of binge-watching enthusiasts. In the process, Netflix convinces viewers indulging in their favorite shows is not only ok but the norm. That’s why Netflix and chill is a thing!
  1. Wendy’s – If you enjoy a little tit for tat, then you’ll appreciate why Wendy’s made the list of the most humorous companies. Wendy’s has no problems “getting into it” with its rivals like McDonalds and Dunkin. In fact, Wendy’s has so many great comeback one-liners on Twitter, it’s impossible to keep count. For example, one customer posted that he wants Wendy’s while his girlfriend wants McDonalds. What was Wendy’s response? “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” These timely and consistently humorous posts are why Wendy’s is definitely one of the funniest brands around.
  1. Denny’s – Another one of today’s funniest brands is Denny’s. The company’s ads and posts embrace different strategies at different times. Some of its content is silly puns that verge on the border of dad humor. Others make fun of the latest social media and pop trends in relation to their breakfast foods. In each case, however, tantalizing images of scrumptious pancakes and the like appear. Consumers follow Denny’s because it’s one of the most humorous companies. But it’s the visuals that convince them to plan a visit.
  1. MoosejawMoosejaw has self-declared itself “The most fun outdoor retailer on the planet.” Thus, it starts with the assumption that it’s one of the most humorous companies around. And Moosejaw backs it up with some of the more unusual and random posts around. One simply stated, “I miss dinosaurs,” while another cheered that Pluto was once again a planet. Their off-the-wall humor aligns well with their outdoorsy, off-the-beaten path image. Perhaps they are indeed the funniest brands out there today.
  1. SparkNotes – Perhaps, not everyone recognizes SparkNotes, a company that provides literary summaries of the classics. But students appreciate its services as well as its humor. SparkNotes approach is to add a bit of sarcasm at times to making study less serious. For instance, it recently offered some alternative titles for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Some included “A Series of Bad Decisions by the Danish Royal Family,” and “And That’s Why You Should Never Eavesdrop.” That’s why thousands of students recognize it as one of the funniest brands.
  1. McDonalds – Given that Wendy’s upped its game as one of the funniest brands, McDonalds has had little choice. But then again, it had no problem and has also been appreciated as one of the more humorous companies. Its tagline states Grimace is a personal friend, and tweets have kiddingly begged customers to stop sharing sexy Hamburglar photos. But it also has no problems indulging in some humorous self-pity. One popular social media post stated, “It’s always ‘when is the McRib coming back’ and never ‘how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account’.”
  1. Progressive Insurance – While several insurance companies might be considered among the funniest brands, Progressive takes the cake. Their ads that counsel new homeowners from not becoming their parents are priceless. The core message? Progressive can’t protect you from becoming your parents, but it can protect your home, auto, and life. The humor sucks you in, the message sticks around long after.
  1. Snickers – For many years, Snickers has ranked among the most humorous companies in advertising. Its ad campaign, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” was among the funniest and most convincing campaigns around. Funny clips showing people as whiny, weak or angry celebrities made for some great humor. And at the same time, slammed home Snicker’s ad message that their candy bar was a quick-fix for hunger. It remains one of the funniest brands around today.
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Humorous companies with “fun” baked into their brand have an edge in marketing and, often, business.


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