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Ed Kopko CEO and Publisher Bold Business

Welcome to Bold Business. We are excited you have found us!

We are like no other business or news organization. We are changing the paradigm of business reporting.

We will leave to others the typical reporting of profit and loss, management changes and product sales. We report on the ideas, actions and impacts that people and their organizations undertake that positively alter the world!

Bold Business Builds a Better World!

Throughout history businesses have created breakthroughs that have dramatically improved virtually every aspect of the human condition.

We call these entities Bold Business.  They boldly improve the world.

Businesses and people come up with Bold ideas.  Sometimes they or in many cases others take Bold Actions to implement these ideas.   Leaders must have courage to take risk in order to  change the world. Bold Risk Taking. The journey of Bold Ideas to Bold Impacts is not always linear.  It can take years before an idea is refined to the point of successful societal adoption.

NutritionHealthTransportationHuman AchievementCommunications and more have all dramatically changed for the better as a result of the Bold Ideas and Bold Actions that Bold Leaders have implemented. Bold Business Ideas of today will dramatically improve our futures. These ideas are nationless and come from all parts of the world. And the ideas and actions are happening at a faster pace than ever before.  Digital Transformation is helping accelerate everything.

Our mission is simple:

To encourage, communicate and enable Bold Business Ideas and Actions that Build a Better World.

We believe that businesses deliver amazing positive Societal Impact.  No matter your political philosophy, it is indisputable that businesses create these impacts through their products, wealth creation, employment and multiplier effects.   

Our stories, events and communications  are all designed to inspire others to the noble work business does for our society.  We are not political.  We like results!

We hope you sign up for our communications and are inspired to create your own Bold Business Successes!

Ed Kopko

CEO and Publisher

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