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The U.S. elections to many were shocking.  President Elect Donald Trump and the Republicans were unexpected winners on November 8.  For the first time since President Obama’s  2009-2010 years the Presidency and Congress will be controlled by the same party.   President Obama and Democrats chose to use those years to pass healthcare legislation and a stimulus as their signature policies.

President Elect Trump ran on a very different platform.  He ran on a Bold Vision for America.  His campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” was inspiring to his followers and led to victory.  In the aftermath of the election much is still being sorted out.  Will Trump and the Republicans go Bold with their policy prescriptions.

Our reporting at Bold Business shows business is the primary driver of great breakthroughs for society.  The positive impact of business on longevity, food, human achievement and more is indisputable.  Will the 2016 U.S. election help initiate another great period in U.S. development?

If Trump and the Republicans drive legislation to encourage risk taking of business and reduce regulatory burdens for companies bringing new products and services to markets, then the U.S. may be about to enter a very exciting period of Bold Ideas and Bold Actions.  If Bold Business is encouraged, America may truly be about to embark upon an innovative period of recreating itself and its industries.  It needs to do so to stay the leader in a rapidly changing world.  The alternative is stagnation and low growth.  In order to “Make America Great Again” Bold Business needs to be unleashed.  We await January 20, 2017 and the beginning of the 2 year opportunity the Republicans have.

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