National Pierogi

October 8th, 2021

Bold Business Celebrates Cultural Diversity on National Pierogi Day

Join Bold Business in celebrating diversity and inclusion on National Pierogi Day! With a world so rich in cultural diversity, it should come as no surprise that pierogies get their annual time in the spotlight. After all, observers of National Baklava Day, National Bratwurst Day, Cinco de Mayo and more tap into different culinary traditions that highlight who we are and where we come from.


“Culture is an important part of the DEI commitment. Having a strong Polish upbringing has provided me with a lifelong commitment to celebrating culture of all kinds. Today’s National Pierogi Day activities at Bold are a fun way to bring people together and celebrate our cultural diversities.”

– Ed Kopko

See our National Pierogi Day Press Release




On Guinness Record

The Guinness Record for making pierogi was set in 2019 by Beata Jasek from Kraków. She made over a thousand pierogi (1066 to be exact!) in one hour, the equivalent of making one pierogi every 3.4 seconds!asas

Pirates race

Pittsburgh holds a pierogi festival and a pierogi race during every home Pirates baseball game after the 5th inning. During this race, contestants in pierogi costumes compete for a pierogi prize.

largest edible pierogi

The largest edible pierogi was made during Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana. It was a 92-pounds huge pierogi.

US pierogi consumption

Two thirds of the yearly US pierogi consumption in an area that includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Detroit and parts of New England.

pierogi on ebay

In November 2005, a woman claimed she had an image of Jesus Christ seared into the side of a pierogi she made. Her family placed the pierogi on eBay and netted $1,775

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