Bold Business speaks to thought leaders, industry experts, researchers, CEOs, and managers for Bold Interviews on the most current and trending topics of today. Bold Interviews features experts face-to-face providing a greater insight into the latest topics such as the future of the ACA on the healthcare industry, and ways to tackle the issue of overcriminalization. With frank and open conversations about key issues, Bold Business asks for a Bold Idea on what can be done about it. Watch our Bold Interviews below for the latest thoughts and ideas from world-renowned institutions on how to shape the future and have a positive impact on society.

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Bold Interviews: Daniel Farb, CEO of Flower Turbines a new wind turbine that is smaller, more attractive and safer than the typical huge wind turbines

Wind power is growing in the United States and that is a good thing. But, huge wind turbines are unsightly, noisy, and a hazard for birds, bats and other forms of wildlife. Farb’s new ‘tulip’ turbines are silent and safer for birds. In addition, they can be placed on typical roofs and remain effective even placed close together.
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Bold Interviews: James Copland, Legal Policy Director of the Manhattan Institute, says that many laws on the books are outdated and irrelevant.

Copland states that many old law on the books, like the requirement that fortune tellers hold a license or that cars on the road at night must be accompanied by a footman with a ladder, seem quaint and funny. But they actually bloat and damage the legal system, creating inefficiency and uncertainty, increasing the cost of compliance for everyone. Read More

Bold Interviews: Suri Surinder, CEO of CTR Factor, Inc., speaks on inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Surinder says that diversity and inclusion lead to higher profits and more productive workplaces. His company created a series of effective training materials to bring company workforces into the 21st century and become inclusive and respectful of everyone. Read More

Bold Interviews: Oren Cass, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, believes the EPA may be out of control and has gone too far.

Cass argues that the EPA has passed too many regulations that are hampering investment, while providing little to no improvement in environmental conditions. While we all want clean water and clean air, there must be a balance between cost and return. Read More

Bold Interviews: Bill Holstein, Author and Journalist, offers perspective on the sensing technologies required for self-driving cars.

Holstein is a regarded as a subject matter expert on automobiles. He points out that there is a battle going on between LIDAR and camera sensors, to determine which will be the lead system in self-driving cars. The outcome is worth billions and will affect everyone. Read More

Bold Interviews: Paul Howard, of the Manhattan Institute, provides examples of healthcare progams in other countries that work well.

Howard points to Switzerland and Singapore as countries that have efficient healthcare systems that are cost effective and popular with their citizens. Both of these countries have private medical care and insurance and better outcomes than the U.S. Read More

Bold Interviews: James Copland, Legal Policy Director at the Manhattan Institute believes that Congress abrogated their responsibility.

Copland claims that under the Consititution, Congress, and only Congress, is given the power and responsibility to make law. Over the years Congress has delegated more and more of the decision making duties of making law to the Executive Branch. This leads to problems under our democratic system. Read More

Bold Interviews: Robert Bryce, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, presents the Myth of Renewable Energy.

Bryce makes the compelling point that while renewables may be appropriate for some uses and in some places, it is not a solution for a modern industrial society. The percentage of energy provided by renewables is still miniscule, and it will take decades for renewables to become significant. Read More

Bold Interviews: Yale Fox presents a better way to rate rental properties, using an online rating system based on big data.

Yale Fox believes that renting a property shouldn’t be quite so much like a blind date. His bold idea is to create a rating system for landlords and buildings based upon a multiplicity of data sources. It is rolling out in New York soon, and may eventually go nationwide. Read More

Bold Interviews: Roy Reichbach, President and CEO of NeuLion, talks about how VR and AR are disrupting entertainment.

Reichbach believes that virtual reality and augmented reality will change the way we work and play. Entertainment is already facing disruption as live streaming of concerts, sporting events, movies and video games are becoming seeded with AR and VR features. Read More

Bold Interviews: Jack Clem, CEO of Orion Black on of the top three carbon black companies, talks about this new material.

Jack Clem describes the many uses for carbon black, how it is changing everything from sportswear to tires and housings for a variety of electronic products. This amazing material provides an elegant matte black sheen and is very strong and lightweight. It is a by product of oil refining, but coming into its own as a desired material in and of itself. . Read More

Bold Interviews: Roy Reichbach, President & CEO of NeuLion, Speaks Regarding his Bold Contributions for the Augmented & Virtual Reality Industry

President & CEO of NeuLion speaks on their bold move to enable monetization for companies interested in taking augmented and virtual reality to the next level. Learn more about these augmented reality situations that can be presented to test different products in the market. Read More

Bold Interviews: Jack Clem’s Bold Idea Behind the Use of Carbon Black to Improve Transportation Efficiency

Jack Clem discusses the Bold Idea behind using carbon black to improve transportation efficiency and reduce shipping costs. Carbon black is a by-product of the oil refining process and protects against the wear and tear of truck tires, ultimately reducing costs by 10% each year. Learn more about the bold changes carbon black will contribute to the transportation industry. Read More

Bold Interviews: Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass on Climate Change

Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass discusses how corporations are overly concerned about environmental degradation and climate change, explaining that the impacts of rising sea levels won’t be experienced for another century. Check out Cass’s full interview and delve into the innovative technological advances he believes will prevent a global catastrophe. Read More

Bold Interviews: Bob Poole discussing the Lack of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the U.S.

Bob Poole discusses PPP across international airports and transportation privatization models. Discover Poole’s view on the infrastructure issues we face in the U.S. today and learn more about his bold P3 solution. Read More

Bold Interviews: Bob Poole’s Bold Idea Behind Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Funding

Bob Poole discusses President Trump’s cornerstone policies on Private Public Partnerships, also known as P3 or PPP. This bold idea transforms how we think about public sector infrastructure in terms of ROI and economic discipline, thus affecting project selection. Learn more about these values and how they can protect against the folly of government infrastructure funding. Read More

Bold Interviews: The Manhattan Institute’s James Copland on HIPAA Violations

Manhattan Institute’s James Copland discusses Congress’ irresponsible delegations that are ultimately landing American citizens in jail. Copland delves into the lack of accountability from Congress and how regulations surrounding issues like HIPPA are landing the common man in prison for petty mistakes. Learn more about Copland’s perspective on legislative regulations and how they are affecting the Judicial and Executive branch. Read More

Bold Interviews: Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute: How have Free Markets Changed the Energy Industry?

Robert Bryce discusses how hydraulic fractioning and horizontal drilling have had a transformative effect on the Global Energy Market. Effectively, the United States has increased its natural gas production by 50% over the last 10 years, thus fundamentally changing the global balance in global energy markets. Read More

Bold Interviews: Koch Institute’s Vikrant Reddy on Mass Incarceration

Koch Institute’s Vikrant Reddy discusses the enormous disparities between the U.S.’s rate of incarceration versus the incarceration rate in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Reddy also gives insight as to why we can trust these statistics and how America’s mass incarceration problem is making a global impact. Read More

Bold Interviews: Jay Walker’s Bold Action on Monetizing Flexibility for More and Better Choices

Jay Walker discusses the advent of big data creating bigger possibilities for consumer choices. Walker explains the growth in technological platforms now used by businesses and how these tech advances pave the way for flexibility. Learn more about Walker’s view on the worth and value of flexibility in the U.S. and across the global economy. Read More

Bold Interviews: Glenn Martin’s Bold Idea on advancing the correction system

Glenn Martin discusses a problematic facet often ignored in the conversation of mass incarceration; prison sentencing dictated by legislation that requires mandatory minimums for each crime committed. Learn more about Martin’s bold idea to give the power back to the judge, and thus help reduce the length of prison sentences in the U.S. Read More

Bold Interviews: Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, Founder & Executive Director of Hour Children: Bold Idea for American Prisons

Sister Tesa Fitzgerald encourages us to “pull out all the stops” when it comes to advocating for a prison system that includes education and vocational training, as well as a program that would keep family ties together. Sister Tesa’s bold idea to reduce the harm of mass incarceration in America also includes transition programs that would help reincorporate prisoners into society after their jail time is completed. Read More

Bold Interviews: Reuben Jonathan Miller’s Bold Idea on Prisons

Reuben Jonathan Miller proposes a formal review of the laws and legislation penalties that help curb recidivism. Miller considers ending mass incarceration and the hurdles we face when reducing the prison population. Learn more about Miller’s bold ideas on changing the correction system and his bold thoughts on closing Rikers prison for good. Read More

Bold Interviews: Bill Clough, CEO of CUI Global, Speaks on the Intro of New Tech to the Natural Gas Industry

Bill Clough discusses the use of Gas Chromatograph technology to measure the quality of natural gas throughout the American system. Clough notes the importance of monitoring the inconsistency of gas due to its various sourcing such as Libya and Russia, as well as the inconsistencies produced by fracking in the United States. Read More

Bold Interviews: Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, Founder & Executive Director of Hour Children: Bold Idea? Treat Prisoners Humanely

Sister Tesa Fitzgerald speaks about her work with Hour Children, a nonprofit that provides resources, child care, and educational opportunities for imprisoned women and their children. Sister Tesa highlights the necessary resources and continued support required to help prisoners transition from incarceration back into society. Women are especially vulnerable to this transition, as they often face societal and cultural stigmas as well as the loss of their families. Read More

Bold Interviews: Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass on Clean Air Act

Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass discusses his Bold Idea on reforming the Clean Air Act. Learn more about how a modest approach of regulation can result in protecting the clean air we have while still supporting business owners. Discover the importance of using appropriate pollution technology without relying on outdated rules written during a time in America when air pollution was a major problem. Read More

Bold Interviews: Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute: Is Big Wind Bad Wind?

Robert Bryce explains the scandal and travesty of wind energy, the huge investment that it consumes through land use, and the size and quantity of wind turbines needed to generate sufficient energy. Bryce also highlights the danger to wildlife, especially to birds and bats, something often overlooked by the environmentalists. Read More

Bold Interviews: The Manhattan Institute’s James Copland on Overcriminalization

Manhattan Institute’s James Copland discusses possible reasons behind the rise of “overcriminalization” and explosion of federal laws that can result in criminal offenses to the unaware citizen. Copland hopes for the resurgence of four bills brought together by both the Dems and Republicans to address these issue, which was stymied by the Obama administration. Read More

Bold Interviews: Koch Institute’s Vikrant Reddy on the U.S. Prison System and Criminal Justice Reform

Koch Institute’s Vikrant Reddy breaks down the criminal justice system into 3 factions: public safety, human dignity, and the magnitude of costs. The expense alone of locking someone up in Texas, for example, costs $50/day, whereas probation costs $2/day. Reddy notes how mass incarceration as a means of punishment is counterproductive, leading to more recidivism, not less. Read More

Bold Interviews: Paul Howard of the Manhattan Institute Speaks on What Will Happen to Americans on ACA.

Paul Howard, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, discusses how to Americans currently covered by the ACA will be covered by other means in a new private system that will reduce costs and increase availability. Read More

Bold Interviews: Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass on a Cleaner Environment

Manhattan Institute’s Oren Cass speaks with Bold Business about the incredible gains the U.S. has achieved in its quest for a cleaner environment. However, Cass questions whether we have reached a point of diminishing returns, where further gains mean even greater economic costs to America’s job market. Read More

Bold Interviews: Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce on Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy

Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce underscores America’s rich participation in the global energy market, delving into the international recognition of Texas-based exports of liquid natural gas to Kuwait. Bryce also highlights the folly of relying on renewable energy exclusively to meet current energy consumption demands. Green energy is a losing battle. Read More