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Blockchain for Pentagon Cybersecurity

The sophisticated blockchain technology behind bitcoin transactions could soon be adopted by the Pentagon to prevent cybercrime.

(DARPA) has recently signed a deal with Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) to develop a “secure, non-hackable messaging and transaction platform for the US military.

According to News Factor, the online currency could be drafted by the Pentagon as a way to mask US military technology, communications and purchases.

Analysts say that using blockchain could dramatically improve online security across the military which will prevent megahacks, tampering and cyberhijackings of aircraft, computer systems, vehicles or satellites.

“Particularly alarming to US defense analysts are Chinese intelligence collection operations aimed at commercial transactions, which have been highlighted as a growing threat to US national security with the American military personnel, national security decision-makers and critical infrastructure entities increasingly targeted,” the website writes.

A recent research memo published by the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies states that “our dependence on foreign supply chains is a reality that policymakers will have to contend with in an increasingly open global economy.”

Reports suggest that the military has already begun experimenting with blockchain to combat threats, “essentially a decentralized digital ledger system, or database, stored in multiple copies across a large group of users.”

Over recent months, the military’s interest in blockchain technology has caught the eye of investors. The market for blockchain tech vendors accounted for $75 billion in 2017, and analysts predict that in 2019 it will reach beyond $108 billion.

Pentagon Recognizes Need for Cybersecurity

In recent months, the Pentagon and US NATO allies have been moving forward in a discreet fashion to develop military focused programs and apps that use the capabilities of blockchain to increase security.  The US military is one of the first militaries in the world to start using the technology, and so is NATO who are reportedly testing the technology to improve efficiencies across logistics, procurement and finance.


The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has recently signed a public/private partnership deal with Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) to develop a “secure, non-hackable messaging and transaction platform for the US military.”

Blockchain technology will ensure that the data being sent is hack proof by decentralizing messages from the point of data. According to sources, DARPA is a government test case for blockchain which if successful will extend out into other government agencies. Joel Neidig, Director of research and development at ITAMCO, said: “We are excited to work with DARPA to develop the latest in military grade encryption software using blockchain technology. We look forward to offering an enterprise solution for secure messaging to the industry.”

Cybercrime has become one of the most important topics in the United States over recent times. There were rumors that the Russians hacked the US elections last year, and the FBI stated earlier this year that they would make fighting cybercrime one of their key goals.

Blockchain is a bold idea introduced nearly a decade ago. It is the system behind Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies. Now it is creating impact beyond those original test cases, to provide secure records across cyberspace.

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