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The Century Link and Level 3 merger news is proof – the demand for connectivity is going to increase exponentially and businesses have to catch up with the need. The acquisition of Level 3 is another Bold Action in the Communication Industry’s need to quickly grow and expand to meet the demands of digitization. From IoT, Smart Cars to Virtual Reality, there is a relentless and increasing the demand for connectivity.  The Centurylink-Level 3 $34 billion merger deal is another large communications industry consolidation following Time Warner and AT&T’s $108 billion recent deal announcement.

Level 3 is one of the largest providers used by internet services including Netflix Inc. and Google to route traffic across the web, operations that would bolster CenturyLink’s core offerings to businesses.  The combined company will be better positioned to handle the growth of new applications and uses for bandwidth in business and everyday life.

With the demand for connectivity growing so quickly, bandwidth providers are rushing to solve the capacity issues.  More actions are certain to follow.

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