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The founder of Netscape and WebMD has launched a new building management app called CommandScape, an app built with cybersecurity in mind. Billionaire Jim Clarke has a capital funding for startup business which devised an app to work in both residential and commercial properties. This bold idea is set to revolutionize online-based security by increasing defenses around home electronics and will protect users against cybercrime.

According to a study by Symantec, US companies are losing more than $525 million annually because of cybercrime. Attacks against organizations, businesses, and nations are now commonplace.

According to BISNOW, the innovative new platform heightens building security and improves control systems. The online and app-based system will allow home owners and property managers to “keep an eye on assets” and manage their building from anywhere.

“CommandScape is created with cybersecurity in mind and uses encryption to allow consumers to connect to the system instantly in addition to preventing unauthorized access. Users can remotely allow or deny access to specific rooms and areas in a building,” the website states.

The app was launched on August 22 and is already sending positive waves through the tech industry. Based on the report by BISNOW, the system can “control lighting and shade, conduct video surveillance and incorporate motion detection. In the future, it will feature building management controls, including network monitoring, climate control, energy monitoring, access control, home entertainment, and multimedia.”

Experts state that this latest invention is the key to securing the safety of internet of things (IoT), preventing cybercrime, eliminating hacks, and controlling everything from one centralized location.

The increase in IoT gadgets being controlled via online platforms has led to an increased susceptibility of attack. CommandScape claims to be the answer to this problem.

Bold Business recently revealed how cybercrime and ransomware attacks are becoming a major problem in the United States, so much so that the FBI has made tackling the issue their number one priority.

house with internet

Results show that the amount US departments are spending on protecting against cyber attacks is extremely low, too low in fact. Only the Department of Homeland Security spends more that 3% of its budget on cybersecurity. Figures show that a staggering 11 federal departments spent less than 1% of their budget on cybersecurity in 2015.

Government budgets have now increased to help protect not only government systems but also the public network, but there is still a long way to go.

According to a study by Symantec, US companies are losing more than $525 million annually because of cybercrime. Attacks against organizations, businesses, and nations are now commonplace.

To help combat cyber attacks, new security measures are devised right around the world on a daily basis. As we previously highlighted, as soon as a security firm manages to protect an organization, hackers will find a way to break through.

This bold idea by one of the tech industry’s top innovators is certainly one of the best online-based security systems to be released in recent times. By securing IoT within the home or commercial buildings, including computer systems, it is by far one of the greatest proposals put forward for tackling cybercrime.

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