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Building a Wall in Cyber Space

graphic of a wall for IT security.

In the modern world, technological warfare is becoming more and more common – both in military, private and commercial settings. Hackers wreak havoc on unprotected devices and as we continue to build technological advancements and integrations we correspondingly continue to increase our cyber security risk levels. The good news is that there is a software defined perimeter solutions to protect us.

Cloud, IoT and mobility will drive massive [Software Defined Perimeter] proliferation over the next few years.

A new approach has been developed to defend systems from cyber-attacks. Akin to putting up a wall in the physical world, the Software Defined Perimeter system, as launched by Verizon Enterprise Solutions, creates a protective layer around any commercial or organizational network.

A Virtual Wall for Cyber Security

The Software Defined Perimeter system works by isolating communications between applications and user’s electronic devices. The process of keeping critical applications and resources invisible until a user’s device is authenticated provides a great mechanism for the identification of network-based cyber-attacks before they can do any harm whatsoever.

In other words, there is a virtual wall constructed around an organisation’s applications and resources which are penetrable only by those with authorized devices.

More Secure Solutions

illustration of cyber defense using software defined perimeter solutions.

The senior principal analyst for ESG, Jon Oltsik, voices his opinion that “cloud, IoT and mobility will drive massive [Software Defined Perimeter] proliferation over the next few years.” He also mentions that the lead up to this development has been going on for quite some time, that this easily scalable, secure solution for business is a sort of next-level achievement in a line of thinking for the cyber security experts.

This helpful new feature in cyber security has already taken off with several companies (including Verizon Enterprise Solutions) offering it as a Software as a Service solution. The system can be deployed with relative ease by professionals and can protect the simplest through to the most complex networks.

Speaking on behalf of Bold Business, we are looking forward to this level of security becoming available to personal users on business worldwide.


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