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Introducing Aura, A Bold DIY Security System

Home security system - sending alarms to smartphones

Aura, a high-tech home security system that is based in Waterloo, Ontario, is on its way to creating a bold name when it comes to the world of do-it-yourself security system. The smart-home tech is considered as a new player but has already grasped people’s attention.

Cognitive Systems, the maker of the home security device, has revealed Aura during day one of the world’s largest, annual gathering of technology companies, displaying new shopper products. The bold concept of Aura is useful for a world revolving around smartphones.

“When we realized that our technology could understand motion by seeing how the patterns in wireless signals change in a home, we knew we had something special”

The founders of Cognitive Systems, Oleksiy Kravets, Taj Manku and Hugh Hind got the idea for Aura when they oversaw the development of a supercomputer chip with CPUs, which can track wireless networks.

Manku said that, “When we realized that our technology could understand motion by seeing how the patterns in wireless signals change in a home, we knew we had something special.”

Aura has the capability to spot someone who is walking through the radio waves of a Wi-Fi. It does not require sensors on doors and windows, or even motion detectors in every rooms.

A bold fact about Aura is that it is more advanced than old-school motion sensors because a single pair of Aura sensors can detect movement through big sections of a multistory house.

According to Stacy Tozer, Marketing Strategist, Cognitive Systems, “The second Aura detects something, it will start recording so that people can see it in real time.”

Aura Home security system using WiFi signals and alert system

The home security device initiates what the wireless signals in a house normally looks like. Every time an Aura uncovers movement by an unknown individual in the residence it sends an alert to the smartphones of the owners. The has mentioned that Aura is programmed to acknowledge the smartphones of the people living in a home.

The new device is being compared with other well-known security systems like Monitored System, Unmonitored System, Wireless Alarm Systems, and Electric Current Home Alarm, which are four different types of security systems mentioned by Do It Yourself. Just like other home DIY systems, Aura uses battery power. It can also detect motion and set off an alarm.

Aura has some disadvantages as well because they cannot have root access to other security systems and inform authorities if something bad happened. Despite some holes, Aura’s bold action of innovating security systems is a great achievement in keeping people aware and safe.

The bold concept of Aura is being noticed by a lot of people. Having a high quality security system is what the world needs and with Aura’s continuous success, there is no doubt that the device can be integrated with other features.

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