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Live Call Answering Is Far Better Than Automated Services

live call answering service vs. robot

Everywhere you turn, automation is being utilized to enhance efficiency and consistency. Robotics have become routine parts of manufacturing lines in a variety of industries, while chatbots and robocalls are nearly ubiquitous in the business and retail worlds. And with AI advancing with new products like ChatGPT, it’s likely that a new level of automation is about to occur. But amidst all of this, some valuable things are being left by the wayside, especially in terms of customer interactions. As automated responses increase in volume and live call answering declines, some aspects of quality are lost.

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Live call answering, often referred to as a call answering service, is where a real person responds on behalf of a business. This contrasts with automated responses common to bots today that respond using specific scripts. Seemingly, many companies are opting to forgo live call answering services, often in an effort to reduce costs. But in the process, they undermine the very aspects of their business that gave them success in the first place. In addition, the costs linked to live call answering services are minimal, especially when the advantages they offer are considered. Therefore, before your company decides to automate company responses, it’s worth examining all the advantages live call answering services provide.

Cartoon hyping live call answering service
A live call answering service beats a robot every time!

Enhanced Customer Service

One of the more obvious benefits of a live call answering service is the personal touch it provides customers. Instead of wading through automated responses, callers have the ability to communicate precisely an issue to another human being. But the enhanced customer service associated with this extends well past these advantages. Live responses lets those representing your company connect with people on a personal level. In turn, this leads to increased customer satisfaction and subsequently brand loyalty. Live call answering also communicates greater respect and appreciation for customers by your company. This too builds stronger relationships with clients and patrons. In contrast, the cold, impersonal interactions associated with automated responses are much less likely to leave customers feeling valued. Their questions might be answered or problems solved, but a relationship opportunity is missed. This is a major area where a live call answering service is superior.

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Reexamining Cost Considerations

automated responses from robots
Automated responses are the bane of our existence.

Many companies decide to go with automated responses for two major reasons. One is the potential efficiency such responses might provide. The other is to cut costs related to staffing. Not having to have a receptionist, support technician, or others readily available for customer support naturally saves on expenses. But forgoing a live call answering service because of these considerations is shortsighted. In fact, partnering with such a service through outsourcing strategies can be highly cost effective. Companies that specialize in live call answering allow businesses to keep lower numbers of staff and eliminates training costs. Likewise, the advantages their bring in customer service can boost sales that can essentially pay for these services. Automated responses are also not without their own level of investments. Scripts must be written, and technology software must be purchased or leased. When all is said and done, automated responses are not necessarily better from a cost perspective over live call answering.

Opportunities for Broader Reach

When companies choose to implement automated responses, they may not realize what they might be giving up. A live call answering service that is active rather than reactive can extend your companies reach significantly. For example, a live call answering service that provides 24/7 response coverage naturally expands opportunities for customer contact. In addition, freeing up your own staff with outsourcing agencies who handle these services invites the potential for higher productivity. These opportunity costs are often ignored when using in-house staff to manage these services. Plus, a live call answering professional who actively seeks more sales leads during down times can boost your business even more. Here again, these aspects of a live call answering service offer better chances for business growth when compared to automated responses.

Continuous Quality Improvements

Another part of automated responses that are often overlooked involves upgrades and improvements. Indeed, routine software enhancements are routinely included with these systems. But actually improving scripts and refining automated responses to optimize customer interactions is time-consuming. In contrast, a live call answering service dedicated to quality improvement pursues this constantly. Quality companies providing these services invest in training and education to ensure your company’s interests are addressed. In addition, live call answering services often employ knowledgeable, well-trained professionals in specific areas. This not only includes customer service but also tech support and appointment scheduling. And if something is not to a company’s liking, it’s much easier to make effective changes with real-live persons. In this regard, a live call answering service lets businesses perpetually refine and improve how they interact with others.

Some sort of cyborg dude answering phones
Great customer service is about making the customer happy. Can robots really do that?

Multichannel Consistencies and Benefits

With automated responses, it’s fairly easy to create the same messages through multiple communication channels. But few realize these same capabilities exist with a live call answering service. Professionals can not only be trained to render the same message on email, chat, and social media. But they can even do so with better quality, providing precisely the right message at the right time. Their personalized abilities in this regarding can actually achieve multichannel consistencies that’s richer in content. Plus, live answering services are still able to offer data analytics and benchmarking metrics in the process. And many even provide script writing services that can be tailored to specific company goals. In short, automated responses have nothing over personalized live call answering when it comes to multichannel messaging.

Finding the Right Mix

When it comes to automated responses from your business, there are situations where these are practical and the best option. But using these for all communications can undermine quality, opportunity, and potential. Many companies should use live answering call services to gain an competitive advantage in their industry. Because a live call answering services offers so many advantages, it becomes cost effective almost from the start. And companies who excel in these services can assist in helping businesses find the right mix of automation and live contact. Finding this sweet spot is where companies can truly thrive.


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