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Mobile Gaming Market: Now an Empire on Its Own?

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Consoles and personal computers dominated video gaming. Avid players would spend a considerable amount of time and money purchasing and even collecting gaming devices. However, their reign might end soon. The advent of the countless innovations in mobile gaming market is a game changer.

Utilizing mobile phones to play video games has led to the proliferation of the mobile gaming industry. Despite having the disadvantage of playing on a small screen, and sometimes a low processing power, games on smartphones made a huge come back to win over popular PC and console games.


Newzoo says the global market value of the gaming industry will reach $137.9B this 2018. The company is the number one market intelligence provider. Equally, other reports also suggested that 51% of the said value would come from the growing industry of mobile gaming.

How Did Mobile Gaming Market Oust Console and PC Games?

Experts say that one of the reasons why the mobile gaming industry is continuously gaining popularity is the fact that players find it more relaxing and more entertaining. Anyone can play mobile games, especially that they’re handy. As expected, that feature opens to a wider market.

statistics of console, pc, and mobile gaming market

Just like Newzoo, Electronic Entertainment Design & Research (EEDAR) also conducted a study focusing on the sector of mobile gaming. According to the research, people play mobile games because they enjoy passing time, which is favorable if you have a handy gadget with games installed.

These are just some of the reasons why mobile gaming is becoming people’s ‘go-to’ activity. There are over 190 million mobile players in America alone and they spend 23 minutes every day playing video games on their phones.

Scott Rigby, a Clinical and Social Psychologist from the University of Rochester, says it is important to know why many people enjoy playing mobile games.

In his book entitled Glued to Games: How Videogames Draw Us In and Hold Us Spellbound, Rigby said that “We all have basic psychological needs. These needs operate all the time – when we are at work, or when we are engaging in a softball league or on weekends while we are – playing a video game. These needs are always operating. Games perfectly target several of these needs.”

Nintendo Trying to Bridge the Gap

Gamers who use anything from Game Boy to Wii, they know Nintendo as a multinational company that delivers top-of-the-line consoles and has been catering the video game industry. To date, the Kyoto-based company is experiencing success because of its newest product called Switch.

Players have already embraced Switch just as they have supported every other console by Nintendo. Its officials are aware of the trend stemming from mobile games, which is why they are now trying to bridge the gap between the markets of console games and mobile games.

Nintendo wants mobile players to experience the games that Switch is offering. Nintendo Switch Online will launch for as low as $19.99 per year beginning this September.

Steve Black Jr., a podcaster, and a live streamer says, “I think the real selling point for the new games are the online features. With games like Pokemon GO existing and doing online so seamlessly, it would be great to have an even easier way to play with others from your home.”

The smartphone application aims to improve the online experience for compatible games like Splatoon 2, which is a popular Nintendo game in Switch consoles.

Top Mobile Game Developers and Their Product

The continuous demand seen in the industry of mobile games are opening doors for many developers. The following are some of the top developers currently creating a bold impact on the gaming industry:

  • Cubix –A leading mobile application company that specializes in both development and customization. Salman Lakhani founded the Columbia-based company in 2008 and he is also currently the CEO. It has a projected revenue of $7.1 million. Cartel Poker is its famous game.
  • Zco – The New Hampshire-based company was established in 1989 with John Olapurath as the president. It provides digital marketing, SEO, web, and mobile game application. Zco has an estimated revenue of $9.5 million. Dugout Dice is its well-known game.
  • zGames – It has a well-rounded platform for smartphone games and also caters to desktop, tablets, and smartphones. The Founder and CEO of the company is Chris Howard. It was founded in 2008. Happy Chef 3 is one of its most famous applications alongside Banana Blitz. The company has an estimated revenue of $5 million.
  • Fan Studio –Established in 2008, the startup is a specialized game development and mobile application company founded by Andrei Buta. It has a projected revenue of $4.8 million. Gym Tuck and Rhythm Rooms are two of the best developments of the company.
  • Fgfactory – Aleksandr Adamenko is the CEO of the Fgfactory and was founded in 2010. It covers consulting services and mobile game development. The estimated revenue of the company is  $5.4 million. Fgfactory is known for its mobile games like Steves Castle and Mission Zoo.

“Big things come in small packages.” This quotation best describes what the industry of mobile gaming market is doing right now. Moreover, as long as there are players and mobile game developers who are willing to participate, the industry will continue to flourish because people are seeing the real potential of the supposedly small market.

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