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The Need For Faster Internet Speed Intensifies

We Need Faster Internet Speed

The internet is an integral part of ensuring a business succeeds in a competitive marketplace, therefore a superfast connection is essential not just for surfing the web or checking emails but also for other benefits.

The competition between telecom companies to provide businesses with advanced internet services and high-speed broadband is intensifying and the demand is growing exponentially.

Here, takes a look at the latest technological advances that are improving internet connections, and the services telecom companies provide to build businesses.

Better broadband enables business owners a more superior level of support for the services they require to run their operations effectively.

Greater bandwidth capacity, better video calls, larger storage, faster transfer speeds, app use, and systems run on a cloud-based platform are all necessitates in today’s technological age.

According to, the United States is lagging South Korea and Japan in connection speeds. But, as stateside companies embrace the internet and develop technologies, the gap between these nations will close in the foreseeable future.

To improve services provided to Americans and to increase the United States’ position as a leading technology hub, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has taken a major step towards making 5G connectivity a reality before 2020.

The FCC plan to “open up high-band spectrum above 24 GHz, which could set a foundation of high capacity to drive 5G connectivity and stronger Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.”

These decisions will make the US the first country to officially designate high-band spectrum for 5G use, which will send a message to its competitors that the US is ahead in the global technology race.

Meanwhile, the rise of both consumer and business demand for more bandwidth has compelled internet service providers (ISPs) to improve their infrastructures.

Wireless internet service providers (WISPs) are enabling customers a service without cables and more established satellite television providers are allowing high-speed internet connections through their already existing services.

Leading ISPs are competing to provide their customers with market leading and affordable services. A prime example of this is CenturyLink who is committed to achieving broadband speeds of at least 40 megabits per second for their customers by 2019.

As the number of internet users throughout America grows, more data is being used, and different applications are running at the same time, so the need for a faster and more reliable internet connection has never been more evident as it is now.

As technological advancements improve the options available to customers, ISPs are making sure they fight to deliver the best, fastest and most affordable internet connections on the market. Not only is this competition good for keeping costs down but also helps to promote innovation.

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