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New e-Games Sports Network Launched by Women Gamers

Image of apple remote pointed at tv featuring GWNe home screen

The long wait is finally over as gamers all around the world have successfully found their new home. In a multi-billion-dollar gaming and e-sports industry, Gamer World News (GWNe) is here to fill critical gaps. Its free and fully independent 24/7 network showcases gamer news, e-sports, original entertainment, and latest programing dedicated to competitive, professional, and casual gamers. The network officially debuted April 26, 2018.

Not only is GWNe accessible on its official website, but it’s also available on major  platforms including Amazon Fire, AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, YouTube, and Facebook. It will soon be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming platforms. Moreover, the network is introducing its bold social media activities on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Flipboard, Snapchat, and over 200,000 worldwide publishing sites.

The network covers gaming news and e-Sports related to both the industry and up-to-date worldwide events. Utilizing Avid’s NSYNC2 motion tracking with the latest gamer engine technology, GWNe offers a mix of live, advertised, and produced materials.

GWNe features groundbreaking reviews, news, fresh gaming-related technology, scores, health and psychology articles. Viewers will also experience exclusive interviews and tips with top ranking teams, publishers, leagues, and world-renowned gamer. In addition, GWNe will provide an exclusive insider admission for special grant access to elite gaming-related content from pros and competitive gamers all throughout the world.

The Woman Who Launched Gamer World News

Gamer World News was founded by Gayle Dickie, a well-recognized and highly-respected TV syndicator and producer. Dickie is an effective executive in the TV syndication arena; She is a veteran entertainment executive with good solid affiliation in several industries such as film, television, music, licensing, animation, marketing, promotion, and packaging.

In her role as a syndicator, Dickie was regarded as one of the first female vice presidents at Blair NY and had accomplished holding executive positions at Viacom, Mattel Television Syndication, Tribune’s Television Program Enterprises, Fries Entertainment and Orion Television Syndication. While working with the highest broadcast owned-and-operated networks in the US, she managed $25 million in revenues and more than $25 million in advertising, selling some of the most popular shows in television.

With GWNe, Gayle Dickie is now making a bold new venture that reflects the global prominence of the eSports industry and the growing participation of women in it.

More and More Women in the e-Sports Arena

Currently, the e-sports gaming industry is experiencing an astounding 22% growth rate per year and is closing in on about $1.5 billion in global revenues. Furthermore, female gamers continue to play their part as the essential contributors in the industry, with more than 40% of e-sports enthusiasts nowadays being female from different parts of the world.

e-Sports is a great tool for connecting people. It brings female gamers together and half of the world’s population of gamers are women. Within the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, women tend to retreat to online gaming to relax, relieve stress, and take a rest. In fact, 60% of women state that online gaming helps them to feel really good. With more and more women participating in this industry and area of development, a lot of bold opportunities to create awesome games that cater to a wider, more diverse game players arises.

Commenting about the GWNe launching, Gayle Dickie says, “e-Sports is an undeniably explosive market that’s been underserved for far too long when it comes to quality news and original programming. My profound gratitude to everyone on the GWNe team and our valued investors for bringing this launch about as we look forward to being the true global independent leading news source for eSports pros, competitive players, everyday gamers, fans and advertisers around the world for many, many years to come.”

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