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Are Landlines Obsolete? NumberAI Doesn’t Think So

Secretary on old phone and robots, illustration of Number AI

Believe it or not, the contributions of small businesses to the global economy of the United States are far better than larger companies. This is why Number AI, a startup corporation known for helping small businesses, continues to create bold solutions that would help the industry reach its prime.

In just a short amount of time, NumberAI has already proved its excellence because of the effort to evolve small and medium businesses.

Recently, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), a venture capital firm that invests in companies focusing on technology, provided NumberAI a seed funding worth $1.6 million. The raise is going to help the Oakland, California-based company develop additional features to its system, which makes landline numbers smarter.

Landlines are important to businesses, but it is already hitting rock bottom because smartphones and tablets were introduced. This is the reason NumberAI made a system called Numa. The system allows small businesses to connect their landlines digitally.

Numa is an answering bot that has the ability to respond to customers. It can also transcribe voicemail messages, and gives greetings to people. They accomplish the system by means of enabling an SMS feature on business phones.

According to Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of NumberAI, “We thought business was a very nascent spacious area to be exploited. What we’re looking to do is redefine that small business phone number. Whether it’s landline or mobile, we want to make it a richer experience. Think of it as an AI receptionist. We are going to work with the telecoms as the distribution partner for us.


From 29 million small and medium businesses in the United States, the startup company chose three businesses to try Numa.

  1. Concord Crossfit – The business is a well-known gym in Concord, California. It offers exciting programs and has professional coaches.
  2. The Trappist – Chuck Stilphen and Aaron Porter own The Trappist. They offer the finest beers at a right temperature.
  3. Homeroom – The business was founded in 2009. They offer different mac and cheese recipes for kids and adults-only beer floats. Homeroom is located in Downtown Oakland.

NumberAI is expecting Apple and Google to add phone numbers in their search results, especially in their corresponding Maps applications. This allows people to message the places directly. NumberAI is also looking forward to gaining customers from different phone providers that give businesses phone numbers.

Different Uses of Artificial Intelligence in a Company

Technological inventions around the globe reminded people that the world of fiction does exist. Companies have discovered the involvment of artificial intelligence (AI) across industries like food and healthcare. It is one of the reasons NumberAI also got involved into its growing popularity.

  • AI has the ability to automate call distribution.
  • They can enable high-frequency trading in financial and accounting.
  • Artificial intelligence is used to monitor different social media comments and decide the overall brand issues and affinity.
  • They can enhance media buying.
  • AI has the ability to lessen the production management work.
  • They can deter and detect security invasions.

These are just some of the things that artificial intelligence can offer to different companies.

In just a short amount of time, NumberAI has already proved its excellence because of the effort to evolve small and medium businesses. The funding that it got from Draper Fisher Jurvetson could advance Numa’s features, creating a bold impact not just to the company but to the society as well.


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