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The Rising Demand for Content Writers and Video Marketing in Businesses

The Rising Demand for Content Writers and Video Marketing in Businesses

Over the last few decades, businesses are increasingly turning to professional content writing services to help them market more effectively. However, with all the options available, one might wonder, why is content marketing important? It is significant because it works. When compared to paid search ads and traditional promotions, quality content generates three times as many leads. Also, when compared to other efforts, content marketing has a conversion rate that is six times greater. When you consider that writing quality content is also 60 percent less expensive, you will appreciate why content marketing is so important. However, what you may not realize is why it’s so effective and why its rising demand will likely continue.

Companies are Turning to Writers and Video for Their Future
Companies are Turning to Writers and Video for Their Future

Content Marketing is About Customer Experience

The days of product promotions and sales ads are not what they used to be. Consumers now see an average of 5,000 ads per day. This figure more than doubled in the last three decades. What customers want today is authenticity, transparency, and a relationship with a business and their products. This is where effective content writing comes into play. Part of the rising demand in content marketing is a need for user-experience writing or UX writing. UX writing provides much more than traditional content and information. Based on design marketing concepts, UX writing creates customer personas for better interactions. It also seeks to identify which customer problems are being solved by the product while communicating brand character. Persuasive, conversational content is much more effective in connecting and motivating consumers. This is a major reason why content marketing is important and in demand.

New Areas Requiring Content Marketing Services

Better content for reaching customers and connecting with them extends beyond product descriptions and company profiles. The use of artificial intelligence for automated “bots” is another reason why content marketing is in high demand. When it comes to content, more conversational and authentic communications drive better customer retention and satisfaction. Thus, businesses are seeking quality content writing professionals to provide such language for their bots. Certainly, design “techies” are needed to create these AI bots.

However, so are content marketing writers who can create conversations and anticipate customer situations and responses. Interestingly, some of the best conversational content services come from individuals with acting backgrounds. The rise in automated consumer services also explains why content marketing is vital for businesses today.

Just-in-Time Expectations – For Customers and Employees

Time is one of the most precious commodities for customers today, and so is information. Likewise, everyone has come to expect access to information when he or she wants it. These trends have led to two major developments when it comes to content marketing…microlearning and video nuggets. Microlearning reflects the brevity with which we learn today. Information is best provided in snippets for rapid-fire learning. Millennials are very adept at this, but even Baby Boomers have come on board as well. Secondly, video nuggets offer similar benefits. Video provides rich content that can communicate brand and product value quickly. Also, combining microlearning and video nuggets can be great solutions for employee training and development. As you can imagine, businesses need professional content marketing and writing skills for these scripts. These trends are only going to advance in the future, especially in video learning areas.

Hiring Quality Content Marketing Professionals

Given the demand for content marketing skills, businesses are seeking professionals who can deliver the content they need. Some companies may choose to hire these services in-house while others will contract professionals outside the company. Whether it’s a freelancer or business services you are looking to hire, some best practices should be considered. This can help avoid many of the common mishaps that some businesses experience when seeking quality content marketing. The following are some key questions you should ask when hiring a content marketing professional or business:

  • Does the published portfolio fit your business area?
  • Are the content samples provided relevant to today’s marketing environment?
  • Does the content reflect your company’s brand, style and values?
  • Does the professional or business have an active social media presence?
  • Is the professional or business seasoned with adequate experience?
  • Are their verbal and in-person social skills engaging and pleasant?

Don’t Get Behind the Curve

From conversational AI bots to scripted video nuggets, writers and businesses proficient in content marketing are increasing in demand. Businesses that effectively seeks out these professionals will be the ones to engage better, motivate and retain customers over time. At the same time, businesses can better engage, develop and retain their own employees through similar internal content marketing efforts. Cravings for information and learning appear insatiable, and for businesses, this means content marketing is a key area where investments need to be made.

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