When done effectively, affiliate marketing management can be one of the most useful online marketing solutions in your toolbox. At its core, affiliate marketing characterizes a networking triad between the advertiser, the consumer, and the publisher. The advertiser provides the publisher with creative content, like a Facebook article, advertisement, or blog entry, which includes a link to the advertiser’s product or service. When the consumer clicks on these ads or links on the publisher’s domain, it takes them to the advertiser’s domain, where hopefully, they make a conversion by purchasing the product.

For example, a startup can partner with a more popular e-Commerce business in its niche; the startup promotes the products and services to the audience of the popular website. When successful, the website owners earn an incentive from the traffic the promoted site receives. Simply put, a small website promotes a larger website when they sign-up with the affiliate marketer. The website owner gets paid by the affiliate marketer when traffic is passed from the affiliate to the parent website.

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Affiliate Commissions

As one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your website or blog, affiliate marketing can be ideal, as you only pay a commission for the traffic you get from your affiliates. This ultimately provides an additional revenue stream for your business and can increase brand awareness, thanks to the publisher site’s larger reach.

However, these affiliate programs need to be tracked and managed accordingly to ensure maximum profitability and continuing success. A study has shown that 63% of affiliate marketers focus on less than 20 of their affiliates. If an affiliate is not managed properly, it might fall through the cracks.

Bold Business labors to ensure that your brand is ahead of the pack by providing a continuous flow of promotions and content. We also continuously recruit in order to maintain an artillery of performing affiliates for your business, ultimately providing you with a profitable revenue stream.

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