The benefits of content marketing may seem nebulous as tracking its direct impact on your audience, and especially your conversions require finesse and multiple channels before a sale is made. The effectiveness and value of Bold Business’s content marketing more so characterize building a long-term audience for your site, creating a consistent experience, and driving social discovery and sharing.

Bold Business develops content marketing strategies to ensure your best content marketing efforts reap the maximum rewards. These strategies include identifying goals, defining your audience, crafting your brand’s voice and style, researching market trends, determining the best CMS for your marketing strategy, and auditing your existing content.

Bold Business is dedicated to each step of the process including building your editorial calendar, content ideation and research, promotional outreach/PR, rinse and repeat. Optimally, your content will form a cyclical relationship with all channels including email marketing campaigns, unique content creation, high-resolution video marketing, social media management, and webinars.

Types of Content Marketing:

Articles & Blogs

What is the most popular content to my audience and why? Bold Business helps you answer these questions by creating relevant blogs or articles that will set you apart from your competitors. Our team of writers and editors work together with our SEO specialists to design a map of inbound and internal links, ensure that all content follows best SEO practices, and implement your keyword strategy with best user readability scores.

Additionally, Bold Business will help you determine if a content management system (CMS), like WordPress, is right for you. Appropriate plugins are installed to track user behavior, giving us the insights to what content is resonating best and what kind of customer personas you’re attracting.

Product descriptions are also optimized to drive the best return traffic to your site and provide the most value to your audience. Last, customer surveys, Q&As, and social media interactions can all be added value when it comes to understanding your fans and how to retain them.


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A webinar lures in potential customers with the promise of meaningful information about your product or service. High-quality webinars should be visually and contextually appealing, allowing audiences to learn more about your brand than an advertisement could ever convey.
Essentially, hosting a webinar is a way for you to give back to your audiences while also collecting meaningful data on them.

Bold Business offers a wide range of webinar services including:

  • Conception & design: most commonly, webinars share educational information across the web to explain how your product or service works in order to generate leads. Set your webinar apart with a custom invite list, knowledgeable and strong public speaker, and a bulletproof PR plan.
  • Webinar hosting: an important advantage of a webinar is a live open forum, or Q & A session. After the webinar, it should be accessible to the audience as a downloadable video, another feature we offer at Bold Business.
  • Pre and post-marketing: webinars have the ability to reach a greater audience online than most advertisements. Bold Business will incorporate your webinar into your marketing strategy using all channels available to draw engagement, including email blasts, social media shoutouts and hashtags, and influencer marketing. The recorded webinar video can then be emailed out to your users and publicized on your social media or blog.
  • Guest speakers: an engaging public speaker can equal the success of a webinar. We help you choose speakers with gravitas that have an authority on the subject to attract the right audience.
  • Custom landing pages: your fans will want to read about the webinar on your site before they attend or purchase tickets if you choose to throw a paid webinar event.
  • Webinar analytics: to track the success of a webinar, Bold Business composes core analytic reporting of your event. Your Q & A surveys will reveal recurring themes within your marketing campaign and when your audience base is ready for a new webinar event or service.
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