Bold Business delivers striking landings pages that provide an empathetic user experience, while also satisfying the meta-variables search engines used to rank your site. By having a full understanding of how your audience experiences and behaves, we can determine their search intent, which falls into three categories:

  • Navigational: a search that has a specific intention or website in mind behind it. The user may not know the exact URL, so the search engine acts as the White Pages.
  • Informational: a search where information itself is the goal and does not require or include transactional or commercial opportunities.
  • Transactional: these queries include completing an online task such as signing up for a Gmail account, purchasing goods from an eCommerce site, or looking up a local business.

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UI: Making a User-Friendly Site

After determining your user’s intent, Bold Business crafts corresponding high-quality content, stunning multimedia (including drone photography and videos), and informational examples or testimonials to fulfill your user’s experience. Our User Interface (UI) designers then handle the look and feel of your site, customizing color palettes, navigational buttons, and help you design robust link building strategies.

The Importance of Link Building

Sites that feature strong, crawlable inbound and internal linking structures demonstrate online popularity and subject authority. Additionally, sites that are linked to by other quality sites earn more weight from search engines, who interpret your domain as highly-trusted, one that can be parsed out of the massive amounts of spam on the web.

Your link neighborhood should be regularly audited to ensure link “freshness” and that both your inbound and internal links send users to relevant, trustworthy information they want to read. Bold Business’ web designers ensure your site’s experience is updated regularly, offers strong task performance and utility, and creates the perception of an easy-to-use, friendly domain that users will want to link back to.

UX: Getting Visitors to Convert

The Bold Business UX designer is dedicated to creating a positive user experience that will encourage sharing, bookmarking, repeat customers or return visitors, and inbound links; all merits of a popular site that signal to search engines your site deserves to be highly ranked. This approach to web design is especially useful when it comes to eCommerce sites and internet marketers. To encourage visitors to convert, your eCommerce site should feature an easy-to-use interface, an efficient checkout process, and means to gauge customer satisfaction such as a live chat service or customer survey option. In addition to demonstrating that you care about your customer’s feedback, surveys and chat dialogues can lead to actionable data and social sharing, thus further accelerating your ranking.

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