Video Marketing Services

According to Hubspot, video content is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. By utilizing Bold Business as your video content marketing experts, we can help enhance user’s experience of your website, leading to increased conversions and repeat visitors.

Not only does Video Marketing create brand recall, but it can also boost your SEO. By adding responsive video design to landing pages, it helps improve your company’s SEO value and click-through rates across all devices, ultimately strengthening your brand identity.

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Video Categories

  • Promo and Testimonial Videos: A promo video that delivers personality with a strong call to action and a memorable tagline drives curiosity and adds value to your customer base, helping your company generate buzz and possible conversions.
  • Interviews: Project managers can be interviewed about the vision for an exciting new venture; recruiting or HR can be recorded to showcase workplace culture; your company can even host a virtual interview with industry experts to build brand trust! Well-crafted interview questions unearth genuine dialogue that viewers will engage with and relate to.
  • Product Tutorials/How-To: Retain your audience with fresh insider how-tos that are nuanced and rich with information about your service, product, or organization.
  • Presentations & Product Launches: If you want to distinguish yourself as a thought leader, engaging presentations using strong public speakers ensure a successful product launch or grand unveiling that will ripple across the web.
  • User-generated: Perhaps the most fun, user-generated videos can spread like wildfire.These videos can be hard to master, but if done effectively, they will significantly increase customer retention and loyalty. By creating a unique contest or hashtag, your followers can get creative with your product to show off new ways of using your product.
  • Animation: Perfect for companies that have multi-layered products and services with complex instructions or tools, animated videos enable memorable storytelling to explain your landing pages.

How can Bold Business help with Video Marketing?

Bold Business can help with everything from idea generation to filming, to editing. Our team has been part of hundreds of prior projects involving complex video arrangements and a variety of locations.

  • Motion Graphic Designers: Design and craft motion graphics and editing solutions for our clients while translating concepts and existing information into visually compelling stories. Bold Business’s Motion Graphics Designers collaborate with our writing and editorial staff to achieve the best possible results while working within your specific brand guidelines.
  • Video Editors: Contributes to post-production video editing, media asset archiving, and management. Bold Business’s Video Editors will help conceptualize ideas and assemble media assets into high-quality content that supports various production efforts.
  • Videographers: Conceptualize, shoot, edit, and create videos for Bold Business’s clients at their desired location. Bold Business’s Videographers will work closely with your team to develop and execute the goals set forth in your content marketing strategy.
  • Animators: Bold Business’s Animators work with editorial and production team members to ensure script concepts are visualized clearly and accurately. S/he will execute all visual stages of the production process from storyboard sketches to polished animations.
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