Bold Business offers comprehensive web analytics services critical to managing your domain’s SEO marketing strategy. By measuring and tracking key performance indicators (KPI), we highlight the successes and failures for the objectives you’ve created through detailed reports stored in your analytics dashboard. Referrals, rankings, links, and more are analyzed to advance your specific goals, whether that means higher traffic acquisition, driving brand awareness, or a stronger conversion rate.

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These reports are constructed utilizing a wide range of web traffic analysis tools including Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Core metrics like impressions, bounce rate, what search queries and keywords are your most lucrative, device usage, or what age demographics your visitors fall into provides vital information on how your website is running and what improvements should be made. Social media analytics are included to further understand your audience and how they behave online. Additional on-page insights include:

  • Call center integrations – Call centers are dependent on KPIs for campaign evaluation. If you have a call center function, you should have the tools which integrate these results with your website performance. Additionally, your call center employees will best serve your customers if they have access to specific sales.
  • Funnel Analytics – Funnel Analytics is a marketing concept that includes people as part of the sales process. It takes into account that the closer a prospect or follower is to the closing (narrow) part of the funnel, the greater the chances are for them to convert.
  • Abandoned carts – It’s paramount to understand why a prospective customer has an abandoned cart item and what chances there they return. This is key for successful re-marketing efforts.
  • A/B testing – By creating different versions of your site and live testing their performance “in the wild” we can determine the most efficient and profitable web design for your customer base.

The insights we glean from this data allow us to assess necessary changes to your UI, UX, and SEO plans. This includes metrics that determine how to retain your current customers, build new leads, and forge beneficial linking neighborhoods. Ultimately, Bold Business offers the combined efforts of maximizing revenue and increasing your domain’s operational efficiency, leaving you free to focus on your customers.

Big Data

The Big Data movement seeks to garner intelligence from large quantities of data and translate it into better business strategies. Big Data is currently assisting NASA to find distant galaxies, streamlining health care patient records, and transforming retail marketing across all media devices. To meet the ever-growing demand for large quantity data analysis, Bold Business provides revolutionary database management services to help you make better-informed decisions and strategic business moves. Big data is understood through 3 core elements:

  • Volume: huge amounts of data are generated and stored from a variety of sources including business transactions, microphones, photographs, sensor streams or machine to machine information, social media, and more.
  • Velocity: the speed which the data is generated and processed to meet the demands of real-time analysis.
  • Variety: the wide spectrum of formats data comes in including structured (numeric, database driven data), and unstructured architecture (text documents, audio, email, video, and financial transactions).

Bold Business meets the challenges of Big Data analysis including data capture, storage, curation, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, and updating. The key, however, is not how much data you can analyze, but what you do with your analysis.

At Bold Business, we guide your business to make the most out of your data collection. By putting actionable steps in place, we can determine the cause of defects and failures in near real-time, boost productivity and minimize waste, detect fraud before it can affect your business, gain major advantages over your competition, or generate whole marketing strategies based on your customer’s buying behavior.

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