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Digital transformation is a goal for most. For others it is just a pipe dream. For some companies, what stops them is the amount of invested apps that they have running. These legacy apps are not that easy to replace, nor is there any incentive to ditch the apps since they are still running fine.

This is not just a seamless integration of legacy application with a secure cloud platform, but also ensures a smooth transition from one platform to another.

One company which works on accelerating digital transformation for San Jose, California based, appOrbit. The three year old startup recently made a bold move by partnering with Google Cloud Platform to enable digital transformation for companies. Their solution revolves around a new runtime environment which can run almost any application in a current-generation server, as well as test and deploy these through DevOps processes.

The appOrbit solution also assures a quick migration of legacy applications, including those using Siebel and Oracle, to run on any cloud and container infrastructure. This is where their partnership with GCP comes into focus. With the partnership, Google would provide a ready cloud hosting solution for the company’s apps.

The appOrbit solution and GCP partnership also assures an environment for building, deploying, testing, and managing applications, including those which are microservices-based, to be movable to any other infrastructure. This means that if the company so wishes, they can test on GCP, prior to running their application in their own company server. All of these appOrbit features are available without any changes to the code.

This is not an application migration solution. Rather, the novel approach, will allow the user to test and run their applications as is and in original code. This frees the app from any machine or OS dependency, which would result in shorter release cycles, improving quality, and savings on cost.

Proven Cloud Technology

Rahu Ravular, Founder

The app is already in use with more than 20 companies which include Ericsson and KPIT Technologies. The company had a successful round of Series A funding last year and was launched in June. The funding round was led by Kleiner Perkins and Costanoa Ventures.

CEO and co-founder Rahul Ravular explained that the company’s aim was to simplify applications management, in whatever environment, including three-tier, microservice, native cloud or legacy enterprise and to run it on any cloud platform. With the GCP partnership, the user applications can be deployed to Google Cloud, and can still be used as a native enterprise server application. This hybrid approach would be much welcome for those enterprises which have a substantial investment in hardware and in the applications.

One advantage of the approach is that the customers can easily move to the cloud without any time spent on refactoring the application for the web or the cloud. In addition, questions of security are answered by Google Cloud’s proven quality and security.  This is not just a seamless integration of legacy application with a secure cloud platform, but also ensures a smooth transition from one platform to another. The effort would be transparent and easily attained without any extra effort on the part of the developers. On top of that, customers can take advantage of Google’s fractional billing system, assuring the availability of the application from anywhere, and at the right price. The resulting savings could help the enterprise in the creation of new net applications or other investments, as they see fit.


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