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Canon Drone Is Released at a Whopping Price of $20,000

a photo of a Canon drone with its accompanying high-resolution camera model

Japanese camera maker Canon has been always regarded as the standard in professional photography and film. That is largely because their products are undeniably the best or top of the class in almost every category. So far, they have avoided entering the nascent drone aerial photo/film market and remained firmly entrenched in developing the cameras and lenses that many drones carry. That has all changed with their new Canon drone called, “Drone PD6E 2000-AW-CJI”. It carries the fabulous ME20F-SH camera. The six-rotor Canon drone has been designed for high-end filming and search and rescue missions. A significant selling point is the camera’s amazing 4 million ISO. This feature can create crystal clear images from a significant elevation and in minimal light. In addition, the drone carries a sizeable weight of 10 kilograms, with a two-axis gimbal. The combo offers superior flexibility and heft.

Canon Drone: Best in Its Class, But Has a Whopper of a Price Point

Of course, with a price point of $20,000, this camera isn’t for amateurs. People are comparing it to the DJI modular 600 system that has a price point of only $4,599. Admittedly, the DJI is not the same animal as the Canon drone. And it may do the job in many situations. Yet, Canon has stepped out and staked their turf at the high-end of the photography drone market. With image quality and payload capabilities that establish it as the undisputed leader in quality, Canon has surely made a bold move in the industry.

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