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A Comparative Breakdown of ChatGPT, Jasper AI and More

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In May of 2020, just as COVID was gearing up, the language prediction model called GPT-3 was released. This latest development in AI-based language creation represented a major step forward AI content writing. In addition to being more human-like in its texts, GPT-3 models paved the way for greater efficiency and productivity. And it wasn’t long before several AI content writer options began to appear on the market. Today, more than a dozen such tools are available on the market, with some offering free versions. But being so new, many have a hard time discerning which is the best AI tool to write content for specific needs.

(This Bold article was not written by an artificial intelligence.)

Different AI content writer programs provide different benefits and tools. Likewise, some are better than others in specific areas while a few may not be worth your time. But it should be recognized that references and citations are not included with content. All are prone to drawing the wrong conclusion at times. With this in mind, however, the following provides a comparison among some of the more popular AI content writing options today. Depending on specific needs, you’ll be better able to determine the best AI tool to write content accordingly. And you’ll gain a better idea about what these new programs can and cannot do.

Someone using an AI content writer on their phone
Which is the best AI content writer?
  • ChatGPT – In recent weeks, ChatGPT has received a great deal of attention. This AI content writer represents a more robust content creation tool that shows great versatility. Its capacity to write content typical of human conversational form is impressive. And it is adept at summarizing, digesting, and explain vast amounts of information. For the most part, ChatGPT provides content indistinguishable for written human texts. But it has been noted to substantiate falsehoods or draw wrong conclusions. Regardless, with some minor oversight, ChatGPT looks to be the best AI tool to write content for a broad range of needs.
  • Jasper AI – In terms of this AI content writer, Jasper AI primarily deals with written text only. However, it boasts 52 different templates, and has extensive training guides and support resources. Jasper AI is a great AI tool to write content for bios, blogs, Instagram posts, real estate listings and product descriptions. Thus, it is better for shorter content than longer content. It is also among the more expensive AI content writing options at $29 a month. Regardless, its quality of composition is quite good, and by using best tips, the content created is impressive.
  • Smart Copy – For marketers and even for copywriters, Smart Copy is perhaps the best AI tool to write content. Its creations are high in quality and similarly professional and engaging. The program also provides 45 different templates that range from emails to poems. And it is exceptional in writing taglines and ad copy for websites and social media. For copywriters, Smart Copy can enhance productivity by using it as an assistant. Plus, a free version of this AI content writer is available with more advanced versions coming in at $40 a month. Though project organization could be better, Smart Copy is a solid product.
  • Sassbook – This AI content writer is unique in that it also utilizes natural language processing in its content creation. As a result, it actually improves with use, being able to better adopt a particular style over time. Sassbook also has the option to choose along a style scale from conservative to inventive. Overall, its content is high in quality, and the platform is easy to use. But it will have an occasional text contradiction that requires oversight and review. It too is available as a free version with more advanced types as high as $50 a month. For someone with versatile content needs with a variety of styles, Sassbook may be the best AI tool to write content.
  • Rytr – This is another popular AI content writer that many love to use. It provides text prediction and produces plagiarism-free content. It also allows users to choose from 20 different tones and writing styles. Rytr also allows users to expand, append, shorten or rephrase existing text to make it unique. And it includes 30 different templates from which to choose. Rytr’s relevant content and quality is noteworthy, but it also has some limitations. It limits writing to 10,000 characters (4,000 words), which makes it the best ASAI tool for writing content that’s brief. It also can be slow in content generation at times despite being highly responsive and mobile friendly.

    This is the best AI tool for writing content
    The best AI tool for writing content? Right now, it’s the one that doesn’t produce word salad.
  • Simplified – Unlike other AI content writer programs, Simplified is actually better at long-form content. From articles, to blogs, to websites, Simplified can provide copy within seconds. In addition, its user interface is exceptional as is its quality of written materials. Simplified also has an image generator that creates images that aligns with specific texts. The only noted downside of this product is the occasional production of identical materials with identical prompts. But otherwise, Simplified should be considered the best AI tool to write content for those with higher-volume needs.
  • Zyro – For the marketers and bloggers in the crowd, Zyro may be the best AI tool for writing content. Its specialty is in content that is SEO formatted and focuses on branding. But at the same time, it offers very limited amounts of content, which makes it more ideal for website development needs. Overall, the price is right with top tier plans around $4 a month. But as an AI content writer, it is best for those looking to develop attractive website materials.
  • Frase – Of the AI content writer programs mentioned, Fraser is among the more limited. Designed primarily for AI marketing and SEO content, Fraser should be considered more of a content assistant that a content writer. Its best use is for researching and for developing marketing outlines, but anything more certainly requires supervision. That doesn’t mean that it might not be the best AI tool for writing content for some. But as a universal AI content writer, it is notably limited.


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