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Cool New Products Review for 2021 – 12 Innovations You Might Not Know Existed

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  1. Apple AirTag Tracker
    There are a number of Bluetooth trackers on the market, but not many can boast Apple’s Find My Network. The AirTag Tracker can help customers find any device or item with visual and haptic guidance. It’s easy to set up and utilizes Apple’s My Find Networks millions of devices to locate an item. For $29, it’s definitively one of the best gadgets for 2021.
  1. iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Resealer
    No need to keep that drawer of chip clips anymore. This handheld device lets customers quickly reseal snack bags and more that are made of plastic and/or aluminum. Offered in multiple colors and fueled by 2 AA batteries, it is also one of the cool new products consumers are enjoying.
  1. Blunt Metro Wind Resistant Umbrella
    With autumn and winter seasons ahead, most everyone can appreciate a high-quality umbrella. But no one wants one that’s going to fold under pressure. As one of the best gadgets for 2021. This Blunt Metro umbrella won’t disappoint with its ability to resist winds up to 72 mph. It also includes fiberglass rims, water-repellant fabric, and a price tag of only $79.
  1. Ekstar Parliament Smart Wallet
    This bifold smart wallet is another one of the cool new products released this year. It offers RFID coating to prevent identity theft, and an easy-to-use button ejects credit and debit cards automatically. It also comes in stylish leader, has Bluetooth tracking, and holds up to 10 cards. Plus, it’s quite reasonable at a price of $89.
  1. LUFTQI Duo Filterless Air Purifier
    Given the pandemic threat over the year, it’s not surprising some cool new products offer health protection. This small air purifier not only transportable but also significantly reduces exposure to dust, pollen, as well as viral particles. Its ultraviolet LED emissions eliminate the need for filters as well. Consumers can literally clean the air around them on-the-go.
  1. Coldsnap Ice Cream Machines
    Keurig revolutionized the way consumers make coffee in years past. Now Coldsnap is trying to do the same for ice cream, frozen yogurt and more. It’s Keurig-like design allows customers to enjoy their favorite frozen treat by simply inserting pods into the machine. Its patented freezing technology and simple use makes this one of the best gadgets for 2021.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso
    Many cool new products are combining AI with existing products. This is one such product. This smart lipstick lets users design their own shades of lipstick color using an AI-drive smartphone app. Customers can adjust shades based on time of day and occasion. Its release is scheduled in the U.S. in September this year.
  3. Toto’s Wellness Toilet
    Though not perhaps as attractive as the other best gadgets of 2021, Toto’s Wellness Toilet still deserves recognition. This product is capable of analyzing customers’ waste to determine health and wellness. Through an app, the device can then recommend dietary and activity suggestions to improve wellness based on fecal analysis results. This is among other cool new products emerging in the health and wellness IoT area.
  1. Roborock’s S7 Sonic Mopping Robot
    Vibrating at a 50Hz frequency, this vacuum-mop robotics device uses sound waves to clean the home. It both removes dirt and dust and then mops thereafter, making it also one of the year’s cool new products. It even lifts itself afterwards to prevent streaking of the floors. Plus, it operates via voice control using Siri, Alexa, etc.
  1. BebeLucy’s Baby Crib
    For parents who enjoy hi-tech, BebeLucy’s baby crib is one of the best gadgets for 2021 to consider. It’s a smart crib and recliner that uses 5 different motions and motor speeds to soothe infants to sleep. The crib can also detect when a baby is sleeping, monitor heart rate, and track sleep positions. It even has multiple white noise options as well
  1. Gardyn’s Vertical Indoor Growing Garden
    Despite only requiring 2 square feet, Gardyn’s vertical growth system can produce up to 30 plants. Using AI-powered insights, the closed-loop system utilizes both indoor hydroponics and aeroponics. (Read about how indoor agriculture companies are forging a sustainable future in this Bold story.) Plus, it alerts customers when it’s time to water, fertilize and more. Gardyn’s system is thus one of the cool new products for those looking to cultivate a healthier diet organically.
  1. Ampere’s Shower Power
    Another one of the best gadgets of 2021, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for those who sing in the shower. Shower Power is made from recycled ocean plastic, and it is also hydropowered using a hydroelectric generator. Because of this, it offers endless hours of music listening in the shower. Plus, it can even store up to 20 hours of power for use after the shower is over. Its ecologic design and engineering makes it also one of the cool new products of the year.

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