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The Cortana and Alexa voice assistants have joined forces, allowing users of both platforms to access online services and to call each other free of charge.

Tech giants are targeting new markets, increasing sales and improving technology to cater for an ever changing world.

Yahoo Finance states that Microsoft and Amazon will allow users of their voice assistants to access online shopping, the internet, and call users on both Alexa and Cortana.

According to, the collaboration has been a year in the making and is set to revolutionize the way users interact with the internet and each other.

“The partnership between Microsoft and Amazon will allow Alexa users to access Cortana through Alexa-enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo. Cortana will complement Alexa by allowing users access to Microsoft Outlook,” Yahoo writes.

Windows 10 users and those using Apple or Android devices will also be able to use Alexa to shop on Amazon, and a whole host of other inter-locked perks.

The deal could see an improvement of Cortana and see it venture out of the laptop into other platforms. The collaboration is expected to launch before the end of 2017.

Two phones with Alexa Cortana

We recently revealed how voice recognition software is becoming the new norm, and more and more people are using voice assistants to access the internet.

Google recently announced that it will expand its speech recognition capabilities to support 30 new languages and new locales will be added to their platform to cater for a wider audience.

A recent study by Search Engine Land predicts that by 2020, more than 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice. Google revealed that more than 20% of its searches were conducted by voice last year, and an increasing amount of customers are using their voice services on a daily basis.

According to the Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker, in 2015, 65% of smartphone users in the United States alone were using voice assistants for internet purchases and searches. The report states that voice recognition software could become the norm in the car, at home, on mobile devices, and in public spaces.

As the price of technology and access to the internet falls dramatically, more people are frequently connecting to the internet around the world. Tech giants are targeting new markets, increasing sales and improving technology to cater for an ever changing world.

It takes bold actions by industry leaders globally to ensure that we can all benefit from new technologies, to push the boundaries of innovation and to ensure the word is connected in the best way possible.

As the capabilities of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa improve, and users are able to search and conduct greater tasks by using the electronic devices, the possibilities for this type of technology are endless.

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