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Why Innovative Companies Recognize the Importance of Digital Marketing

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A great marketing strategy is essential to businesses. Consequently, cutting-edge companies are wasting no time in positioning their brands online. Many brands have been slaying it online because they know the importance of digital marketing. For instance, Tesla is the third most mentioned car brand in Twitter, even surpassing classic brands such as Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and Mercedes Benz. Zappos, an e-commerce shoe company, is fast becoming a benchmark of online customer service. Their strategy was so customer-centric that their consumers are enthusiastically singing praises for the brand. Moreover, Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel company, wanted to position their brand as a technology company. Sending this message across was effectively done through a digital marketing campaign.

Here are the numbers to prove why going digital is a logical move. First, the rate of people moving towards the virtual and digital sphere has been steadily increasing. A survey conducted by USC Annenberg finds that 92% of Americans use the internet. This was from 67% in 2000 when the study was first started.

Additionally, the length of stay has also increased. Users spend a staggering 23.6 hours online per week. Consumer behavior online has changed dramatically as well. Eighty-three percent of respondents confirm that they made purchases online. In the year 2000, only 45% of the respondents confirmed making online purchases, and average monthly spending online is marked at $117 per month in 2016. Conversely, traditional purchases in retail stores were reduced to 75%. It is easy to see why physical retail stores are closing shop.

Digital + Social = New Normal

Consumers are turning to the internet for more information on products and services. A Nielsen report for 2015 shows active internet searches increased to 44% from 39% in 2012 and social media postings of product awareness moved from 15% in 2012 to 26% in 2015.

Simply put, a robust digital marketing strategy is a way to bring the brand closer to the market. However, one cannot just plunge into the digital marketing realm without proper planning. Here’s how your business can ace the digital marketing game:

  1. Be clear with your value proposition. Customers’ relationship with brands is determined by the value that they get with the price they pay. While this is generally the case, brands can take the driver seat in highlighting this value in the eyes of the customer. Take the case of Uber. Their value proposition – The Smartest Way To Get Around, succinctly underscores the brand’s key benefit, uber convenience.
  2. Content is king. The online sphere is an awesome space to let your consumers know about your product, your company’s core values, and mission-vision. Create content, articles, videos that are informative, engaging, wholesome and fun. TED Talks is a great example. Their mission to spread ideas has been their driving force in their online presence.
  3. Interact with your customers. Before the advent of the internet and digital technology, companies set up a customer service hotline or create focus group discussions to get feedback on products and services. Nowadays, the consumers have turned the tables around, customers speak and brands listen. Companies with stellar social media presence make use of these platforms to reach out to customers, hear feedback and engage in discussions. Brands even use social media to gather customer behaviors and spending habits to create a more effective marketing strategy. Take a look at Domino’s Pizza and their “Dom The Pizza Bot.”

Navigating the Social Media Waters

There are two ways to navigate the social media territory. One is to create a specialized team internally to focus on the company’s social media and digital marketing efforts. Enterprises and businesses with global reach are investing heavily on internet and social media presence to ensure that the brand can tap on the power of social media. Another route is to tap the expertise of highly-specialized firms to take care of the company’s digital marketing needs. While the business is focusing on strategies to grow, the business can leverage on the expertise of marketing firms to take care of customer interaction and engagement, optimizing brand searches, advertising and generating content that is in line with the company’s branding and core values.

Subsequently, this need for social media presence has generated new positions. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for creatives. Companies, therefore, are in search of writers and bloggers who can write informative and engaging copy to narrate the company’s brand identity. For video editors, web designers, graphic artists, and illustrators who can create compelling visual content for the product or service. Additionally, as businesses receive large amounts of data from social media and the web, the need for specialists to crunch on these numbers are increasing as well. Experts needed in this arena are Digital marketers, SEO Specialist, Business Managers, Data Engineers, and Scientists.

In conclusion, whether the business creates a team internally or engages a marketing firm to take care of the company’s social media efforts, the direction is clear. Social media and digital marketing will continue to create waves and disrupt known business models. Businesses must learn to ride the waves by upswelling trends.

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