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With an ever-advancing digital age upon us, businesses are transforming their operations by adopting the latest technological solutions to improve performance.

The healthcare industry has gone through somewhat of a digital transformation of late, and organizations right across America are streamlining their services by using new technologies.

Here, looks at the digital transformation of the healthcare industry, how it cuts costs, strengthens organizations and improves patient experience.

Experts predict that the digitization of the healthcare market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7 percent up until 2025.

According to a recent Future Market Insights report, advancements in ICT and embedded systems have “given rise to futuristic technology which is significantly transforming and improving services provided by healthcare organizations.”

Digital health platforms such as internet-based cloud solutions, telehealth, mobile health and other wireless technologies used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes provide patients with remote monitoring, connectivity and allows easy access to medical records for healthcare professionals.

This digital transformation is helping to streamline operations by improving “electronic health records (EHR), connected billing, connected healthcare information systems, CRM, ERP, collaboration tools, and remote patient monitoring.”

The most important part of this digital revolution is the interaction organizations have with their patients which decreases the amount of follow-up appointments, cuts costs and provides faster and better information at the touch of a button.

There are many more benefits to switching to digital. Not only does the internal and external service improve, but it allows for application development, big data analytics, smartphone apps, wearable technology and healthcare mobility. It also enables the organization to build a digital bridge between third parties, government agencies, and other healthcare providers.

What’s more, the need for the traditional and expensive back-up and recovery systems are no longer needed, databases are vast and security can be enhanced by using advanced encryption.

It just goes to show that bold ideas like this make a significant difference to the healthcare industry, not just in America but right around the world. It is fair to say that within the next few years the digital transformation of the healthcare industry will make life better and easier for both professionals and patients.

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