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Rise of the Drones, Industries Transformed

Rise of the Drones flying over the city

Now that the rules and regulations on drones are underway, the only thing that developers need to work on is more innovation for these autonomous machines that can fly, roll and swim. The market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) grows really fast, and so is the technology, which continues to improve and evolve as a larger player in people’s lives.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has even experienced this service when he stayed at his club in New Jersey. The U.S. Secret Service deployed a drone at the club to better protect the President.

Many people believe that drones only cater to military uses. However, this notion just grew legs and walked away. Due to the bold change that is shaping the future, different industries have no choice but to transform and adapt themselves.

Through the years, drones have gone from zero to hero because of their advancements and contributions. Today, UAVs could already offer commercial usage like monitoring, filming, exploring, surveying, and even delivering.

According to Mike Winn, the CEO, and Co-Founder of DroneDeploy, “Drone adoption has been growing rapidly – 300,000 drones were registered within the first month after the FAA opened its registration site – and there are simply not enough pilots of manned aircraft to keep up with the demand.”

All of it became possible because of the term ‘Economies of Scale.’ This process is the cost advantage that appears with increased output of a product, which in this case are drones being affordable.

10 Drone Companies in Sectors Facing Disruption

Following are companies that use drones in different industries like defense and delivery. These companies have allowed the drone technology to penetrate into their operations.

A graph showing drone companies by sector.


United Parcel Service or most commonly known as UPS is the biggest package delivery company in the world. It also offers supply chain management solutions.

Aside from delivering stuff on the road, the company has a bold idea of providing services through the skies, which could obviously save a lot of time. In 2016, UPS started testing drones in order to make commercial deliveries. They worked with CyPhy Works, a company that manufactures drones.

Today, the package delivery company presented their residential delivery drone that is going to be launched from an electric van that has a recharging station.

Another company that uses drones in its delivering industry is Flytrex. The Israeli startup has developed a fully functioned drone delivery service. The service is already being used in Iceland.


A lot of people are drawn to the art of photography either for personal use or business-related. But SenseFly, a company that develops and sells aerial drones used for professional application, has taken photography to a whole new level.

Back in 2013, SenseFly stepped into greatness when they got the chance to map and create a 3D rendering model on Matterhorn peak in Switzerland. The company was able to map the infamous mountain in less than 7 hours

Now, SenseFly has received an approval to fly their drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in Switzerland.


It was very clear that drones were first made to help the defense industry, but because of continuous innovation and upgrade, UAVs used for military purposes evolved as well. Animal Dynamics, a startup company in the UK, has developed dragonfly-inspired drones.

Headed by Dr. Adrian Thomas, a Biomechanics Professor, the dragonfly-inspired drone is almost ready for take-off. He was inspired by the intuitive abilities of the natural world in order to enhance the motion of a mechanical device. Now, the company is working with the research arm of the Ministry of Defense.

Clearpath Robotics and Prox Dynamics are two companies that develop drones for defense purposes as well. They cater to different personnel in the US Marines, Australian Army, British Army, and Norway’s Armed Forces.


Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T, and Cox are just some of the most common internet providers in the United States, but nothing beats what BT Group is about to do.

BT is a holding company that owns British Telecommunication. The multinational telecommunications company was reported to have been experimenting with drones that have the capability to provide temporary internet coverage.

In times of calamities like floods or places that will be considered as danger zones or hard-to-reach areas, these drones by BT could be a worthwhile help to people. UAVs could give internet access to places through tethered balloons or drones.


Dubai is a wonderful place that offers innovation, technology, and the future. Emerging from the sands of the UAE, the city is no stranger to drone usage but this time, it is offering a driverless drone taxi.

During a ceremony that was made for Dubai Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the test flight for the autonomous drone taxi came into effect. With this milestone at hand, it is just a matter of time that people will witness drone taxis in the sky. This is in partnership with Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency.


The dog days are over for old farming tools and techniques because the use of drones for agricultural purposes is now becoming a hot commodity. Countries like the UK and Australia are stepping up their game on farm mapping and monitoring.

Different businesses are also using agricultural drones to assess crop health through infrared mapping. From knowing potential harvest to picking produce, companies like Raptor Maps, DroneSeed, and Abundant Robotics have also been relying on drones to achieve these things.


Microsoft is known for its line of operating systems, but because of innovation, the company was forced to step up into greater heights. Now, Microsoft has engaged in the world of drones but is planning to use it in an unconventional way.

The well-known company has made and presented a simulator that is going to help UAV pilots navigate around and somewhat avoid potential dangers. The flight simulator will be used to support drone users.


Before, the overhead shot camera angle is hard to achieve. Filmmakers even need to use a helicopter in order to get that kind of shot. But when developers started to introduce drones for commercial use, the film industry started to use UAVs for shooting scenes.

Aerial MOB, the number one company when it comes to aerial cinematography, has redefined filmmaking with its breathtaking shots. In the movies like La La Land, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Circle, Aerial MOB used drones to get aerial shots that were added to the film contents.

The industry of Media is also onboard with the presence of drone technology. Outlets like Al Jazeera and BBC have started utilizing UAVs to get overhead shots.


One of the attributes that the drone possesses is to enforce great security. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has even experienced this service when he stayed at his club in New Jersey. The U.S. Secret Service deployed a drone at the club to better protect the President.

These type of achievements have prompted both the Cornwall and Devon police to trial drones that are fitted with HD cameras to help look for missing people. Police could also use the drones to monitor traffic dilemmas and even capture street crimes.


The normal routine for people when they see the aftermath of a calamity is to just wait for authorities and hope for the best. Now, drones have the ability to rescue and rebuild a storm-stricken place. And ETH Zurich is one organization that could be a living testimony to that innovation.

ETH Zurich is an engineering, technology, mathematics, science, and management university in Switzerland. The university has partnered with Gramazio Kohler Architects and Raffaello D’Andrea, a roboticist, to program drones to lift and stack polymer bricks.

In a recent calamity, drones have helped rebuild the city of Houston after it was hit by Hurricane Harvey. This gave the drone industry a shining moment in the scene of infrastructure development.

The use of drones for commercial applications has created a bold impact for different companies and their industries. As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) focuses to implement the rules and regulations for drones, it is just a matter of time that the flying device will reach its prime.

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