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eMerge Americas: Creating Opportunities for Startup Companies in Miami and Beyond

eMerge Americas is a Miami-based event

Since 2014, startup companies in Miami and beyond have increasingly been aware of new and exciting developments. Thanks to eMerge Americas, Miami is quickly becoming a technology hub connecting Latin America to the rest of the world. The annual event in April of each year brings global enterprises, startups and government leaders together to promote innovative solutions. As a result, the potential of startup companies in Miami and Latin America has grown.

Bold Business had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Melissa Medina, President of eMerge Americas, at the 2019 Synapse Summit. During the interview, she discusses eMerge, its history and how it is changing the start-up world not only in Miami but across the Americas.

As a global technology platform, eMerge Americas has expanded tremendously in just a few short years. The 2019 eMerge Americas event will boast over 15,000 attendees and 400 companies from over 40 nations. Startups in Miami, Latin America and elsewhere will have access to global leaders in the process. As a result, eMerge Americas is serving as a catalyst for digital solutions that will transform future industries. At the same time, it is establishing Miami as the place for technological innovation among the Americas.

The Importance of Startup Companies in Miami and Latin America

Youth in Latin America recognize the importance of startup ecosystems and entrepreneurship in relation to their success. A recent World Economic Forum survey of 15 to 29-year-olds in Latin America identified these as critical issues. In fact, this group totals 163 million individuals, which is a quarter of the Latin American population. Their potential impact on future technologies and innovative solutions is notably significant based on sheer numbers alone.

eMerge Americas appreciates the diverse and extensive resources that exist in South Florida. In addition to startup companies in Miami, the area is rich with industry leaders. Likewise, Miami is recognized as an international destination for government and business leaders throughout the world. Understanding this, eMerge Americas has leveraged Miami as a means to connect Latin America to essential resources for future success.

eMerge Americas Annual Event Provides a Perfect Ecosystem for Startups

In a recent conversation with Melissa Medina, President of eMerge Americas, it is clear that values drive the organization’s efforts. A native of South Florida, Melissa has a passion for the area. She also recognizes the potential for startup companies in Miami and in Latin America for the future. These visions are fueled by advances in digital technologies in Latin America specifically.

The values that eMerge Americas highlight as part of their vision are several. These include resilience, accountability, impact, soulfulness, and excellence. With this in mind, eMerge Americas connects entrepreneurs, investors, business executives and government officials in a single locale. This has allowed startups in Miami and Latin America to increasingly showcase (and gain support for) their ideas and solutions. Likewise, the eMerge Americas convention lets key players come together to potentially solve the complex challenges of the future.

The 2019 eMerge Americas Conference – Destined to Make an Impact

This year’s eMerge Americas conference will again be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. And once again, several incredible speakers will be attending, offering startup companies in Miami and beyond unique insights. This year will include industry leaders like musician-producer Imogen Heap, SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott, and Intel’s Global Director Bryce Olson. Likewise, topics will cover subjects involving artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, and cancer-related genomics.

In addition to these sessions, eMerge Americas also offers a 12-hour Hackathon. This venue allows startups the chance to collaborate in solving challenging problems through innovative solutions. Likewise, the eMerge Americas gathering boasts several “speed dating” sessions for startup companies in Miami and from Latin America. In these sessions, the chance to connect with needed resources and identify industry mentors will be enjoyed. The outcomes of these sessions will undoubtedly be impactful for all participants.

eMerge Americas – Continuing to Advance Its Agenda Through Collaboration

While significant connectivity occurs within the eMerge Americas conference, other non-conference activities linking others together are pursued as well. Recently, eMerge Americas partnered with George Washington University to provide research avenues for startup companies in Miami and beyond. Specifically, research in technology, cybersecurity, and policy are key areas of research that might be attractive to startups. Thus, through both its annual conference and these connections, eMerge Americas is making a significant impact. Its ability to create future paths for innovation and solutions will likely prove to be tremendous for the Americas moving forward.

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