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Facebook Launches “Order Food” for Take Out and Delivery Straight from Pages

Pizza Delivery Guy From Facebook Order Food

Facebook announced a new feature which allows users to order food directly from Facebook pages. The new feature, called “Order Food,” lets users order takeout or delivery directly from restaurants like Papa John’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, and Panera. It also allows the users to order via food delivery services, EatStreet, Olo, and DoorDash.

The ability to access the restaurant’s Facebook Page would also be easier to do, at the same time, this would help the user make a quick decision in ordering from the restaurant.

This is the latest innovation from within Facebook; it helps ensure that users do not need to leave the app to order food. It joins other Facebook features like games, weather info, jobs board, fundraisers, movie listings, marketplace, appointment bookings, and getting quotes.

Facebook disclosed that the food ordering system is currently only in limited testing in the United States since last year. At launch, the facility will be available on iOS, Android, and on the desktop.

Accessing “Order Food”

The Order Food facility is accessible via the “Explore” menu, which lists participating restaurants in the vicinity from where the user can order. The restaurants’ Facebook reviews and ratings are available as well. The user can choose between “pickup” or “delivery” options, and then start an order at a restaurant. If the restaurant offers multiple delivery service options, the user can select which one to use. If the user does not have an account with the delivery service, they can also signup on that service without leaving Facebook.

This is an all-in-one approach which effectively ensures that the user does not have to leave Facebook. It also integrates functions included in other websites like Yelp!, Foursquare and Zomato. In this case, the restaurant will have to include their updated menu on their Facebook Page. At a glance, the user can read friends’ restaurant reviews, as well as the customer experiences of other users.

Back in the Day

Previously, Facebook users would be able to read comments about user experiences from their timeline. Their friends’ posts would show where they dined, some pictures, as well as the overall experience. This is usually written in a light and lively manner. Seldom would you see critical user reviews of restaurants, unlike in Zomato, for instance. The ability to access the restaurant’s Facebook Page would also be easier to do, at the same time, this would help the user make a quick decision in ordering from the restaurant.

Without the “Order Food” facility, users can go to the restaurant page to find the contact numbers, inquire about the food, check what promos they have, and then make an order. They can also inquire about the hours of operation, as well as the availability of items on the menu. This traditional method of doing things has become more interactive. With the “Order Food” facility, the chances are that those restaurants which offer takeout or delivery would have better chances of increasing their sales.

Ease of Use

The facility makes it very simple and very easy for users to order food. It will take only a few taps to order – there is no need to call the restaurant and have someone on the other line list down what they want, which can be prone to human error. This is an automation feature which will have a bold impact on the dining experience of users.

Facebook has clarified that this bold move is not a new revenue stream. The company says it does not charge any fees, or have any share in the sales or profits from the orders placed on its site.

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