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The Great Beast Evolves: Facebook New Product Development Driven by Your Data

Some sort of Facebook concert. New products being launched using user data

Over the last several months, Facebook has faced increasing pressure concerning several issues. For one, privacy concerns have surfaced with both breaches and questionable practices being raised. Likewise, the company has been criticized for propagating disinformation as well as hate speech. And political pressures from some groups suggest Facebook is participating in antitrust behaviors. But despite it all, Facebook expansion keeps forging ahead with the hopes of continuing its dominance. And a big part of its plan is to perpetually introduce new Facebook products that explore new areas for growth. What drives this development? Folks, it should come as no surprise that Facebook new product development is driven by your data.

Facebook recently announced the creation of its New Product Experimentation team. Described as the future of Facebook expansion, the NPE team will operate as its own limited liability corporation. The team, of course, will be tasked with the development of new Facebook products. And it will consist of 5 different pods composed of 10-15 people. Each pod will explore their own project, and depending on its success, may be responsible for Facebook’s next big thing. And in fact, some of these potentially new Facebook products might come as a surprise to you.

Facebook talking about their product development.
Don’t be alarmed that your personal data is driving Facebook’s new product development. Okay, be a little alarmed.

Facebook Expansion Plans – Brave New Territories

Major concerns exist today over the Facebook expansion of its social media outreach. Acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp clearly gave Facebook an advantage in the social media world. But new Facebook products would actually be exploring new apps, podcasts, and services. Specifically, Facebook plans to explore other areas like travel services, workplace services, and media communications. Despite lacking significant experience in these areas, the NPE team has been tasked with developing these new Facebook products.

Some of the new Facebook products could involve apps and services that facilitate travel schedules, itineraries, and destination planning. Others may develop new services related to neighborhood communities or fact-checking various sources of information. And other Facebook expansion areas will likely include an array of business apps and products. Some new Facebook products might involve automated transcription, Facebook email, meeting software, and others.

Facebook developing apps that people seem to want.
What? Did you think Facebook was only just going to sell your personal data to advertisers?

Leveraging Its Strength to Create New Facebook Products

The process by which the NPE team will facilitate Facebook expansion will be through a trial and error type of process. For example, new Facebook products that are created by the NPE team will be released to subsets of Facebook users. Based on performance feedback, the company will determine whether or not to scale the new Facebook product for all users. In essence, this will allow Facebook ideal grounds for product testing that will promote both efficiency and success. This is something other companies clearly lack in comparison to Facebook.

With billions of social connections on its social media platforms, Facebook has tremendous volumes of user data. This will certainly be used by the NPE team to facilitate Facebook expansion efforts into new areas. In fact, some success has already been evident in some of its newest apps. Aux is a social music app that allows sharing and personalization of music preferences. Bump is another app that facilitates matchmaking among students. By applying these efforts to Facebook’s user database, the range of new Facebook products seems limitless.

cartoon of the Facebook logo showing different scenes and people, depicting its data-driven approach in product development
Facebook continues to be relevant as it reinvents itself. Its approach to developing new products is data-driven. So, how will such a move impact its users?

Investing in Perpetual Relevance

While many social media companies have come and gone, Facebook continues to be relevant. This relevance has persisted because of the company’s ability to grow and continually reinvent itself. And part of this involves developing new Facebook products that allow for continued Facebook expansion over time. The NPE team is likely striving to achieve just that once again. Without the requirements of profitability or success, the NPE team has a broad range to express its creativity. In fact, the only requirement is that some lessons are learned along the way. Given these parameters, it is clear that Facebook is once again trying to stay a step ahead of everyone else.

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